Valentine's Day plans and gifts

Valentine's Day

The day of Valentine's Day! and there are doubts about what we should give to our partner. There are many people who prefer to spend this day together without any gifts. However, the vast majority want to surprise their partner by giving him some detail that he can remember over time. Although Valentine's Day has many detractors and a few other defenders, we are going to dedicate this article to suggesting ideas about plans and gifts for this date.

If you have no idea what plan or gift to make to your partner, this is your post.

Defenders and detractors of Valentine's Day

The argument used by the main detractors of this day is that love can be celebrated every day. It does not take a particular day to show what the couple loves. However, each one celebrates and shows love as they prefer. This day can be a perfect excuse to make some plan outside of the daily routine and spend a pleasant time with your partner. Many people take advantage of this day to indulge themselves.

The problem with this is that, year after year, you have to be thinking about what the plan or gift to do. Whatever our plan or gift idea, it must be original, to serve as an escape from the routine. It can be perfectly a detail that marks a beautiful memory.

Another interesting aspect is that you don't need a partner to enjoy Valentine's Day. You can also surprise a family member or a friend for whom you have great appreciation.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

The first thing we must know is what tastes or hobbies this person has. Based on this, we can better hit the gift or detail. For example, if our partner loves gastronomy, we can delight you with a good cocktail or wine, or make you enjoy a gastronomic route. You can buy a sweet or a dessert made by ourselves.

Next, we are going to give some gift proposals for Valentine's Day depending on the tastes that the person you want to surprise may have:

Romantic dinner with live music

Romantic dinner valentine

If your partner is a music lover, a perfect gift would be a restaurant reservation with live music. In this environment you can enjoy with the company of a good dinner in an ideal environment. To increase the surprise, you can start with the gift of an album or merchandising article of your favorite music group. When the evening ends in the restaurant, you will surprise him with the ticket to the concert of the group you've always dreamed of or the most powerful festival of the season.

nature tourism

Tree house

If your partner loves nature, the ideal would be to give him something related to it. Would you like to spend a night in a tree house? It sure is a magical experience. If your partner is a nature lover, they will love this experience. Now you can rent tree houses for a night of rural tourism. If you add a good dinner by candlelight to this, the gift will speak for itself.

For athletes

Training in pairs

If you and your partner love sports, there is nothing like starting with a private training. This is where your partner will teach you how to get the most out of your physical form. To do this, we must first inform ourselves about it. This training task is the one that has the most relevance, since it must involve a time prior to Valentine's Day. When the training session is over, we will give you a kit with all the accessories for the gym.

After the surprise that he will take with the kit, you will surprise him even more with a reservation in a Spa for couples. This is the time to reveal another even more eye-catching gift. While you are in the Spa session, totally relaxed, you can tell him that you have tickets for an exception event. This event can be a game of soccer, basketball, Formula 1, motorcycling, tennis, cycling, etc. This will depend on the tastes of the couple.

Sex toys


Valentine's Day is also quite a passionate day. If you want to enjoy Valentine's Day, you can try sex toys. These toys are used to play with the couple and enjoy with the five senses.

Valentine's Day is a good day to test the erotic effect that pheromones have. With these toys you can create a more intimate atmosphere through incense sticks. These bars help to combine fragrances that serve to promote passion thanks to pheromones. Even if you don't see them and you don't smell them These pheromones will get you in tune.

Another game may be to use something that stimulates the eyes. Although the spiciest lingerie won't last long on you, it's one of the best details to start stimulating your partner. You can also opt for a more romantic version in which you remember all the songs that have marked the best moments.

For the gastronomic

Gastronomic Valentine's gift

For those who love gastronomy, use this for Valentine's Day. The first thing is to start with an organized intimate evening in which you will become the head chef. It is here where you can organize different dishes that your partner has as favorites and you prepare them with care and care. You can use candles, wine glasses, background music and some flowers to increase the details of the table.

Once this environment is created, you can enjoy gastronomy at home. After tasting the desserts you can show him his long-awaited gift: a cooking course or workshop with one of the most prestigious chefs of the moment. In addition, you can give him all the necessary accessories so that you can attend your classes. This detail can be somewhat expensive but it is not a whim, but a promotion of their creativity and training. With this gift you will never forget it.

I hope that with these tips you can come up with a plan or buy a great gift for Valentine's Day.

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