The most common mistakes that prevent you from lowering your belly: are you committing any of these deadly sins?


We have all wondered how to lose belly, especially after the summer excesses. When we are on vacation, we eat more than necessary and indulge in many indulgences that we do not fall for the rest of the year.

What's more, sometimes we can Diet to lose weight after the summer period or Christmas, when we have also incurred in excesses, and we have not managed to do so. This is because we make mistakes without realizing it. For all this, we are going to talk to you about how to lower your belly and those mistakes that prevent us from doing it.

We abuse processed foods

Vegetable dish

Vegetables will fill you up and help you avoid processed foods

It is one of the most common mistakes when we want to lower the belly. Today's pace of life is dizzying. We work long hours, we have to make long journeys to the company where we do it and we have little rest time. Because of all this, many days we cannot stop to cook and we replace healthy food with processed food.

But this one is much less healthy than the first. It contains abundant refined carbohydrates and, above all, lots of added sugars. In turn, this implies that these types of meals are much more caloric than those prepared by us.

Because of this, not only do they prevent us from lowering our belly, but they can also cause us diseases. For example, processed foods increase blood sugar levels and, with that, accelerate the production of insulin in our body. The consequence can be the development of dangerous diseases such as diabetes.

Likewise, abdominal fat is, in and of itself, just as bad for your health. It gives rise to an excess of this substance in the liver as it is also present in the bloodstream. As a consequence, it can lead to cardiovascular problems very serious.

For all this, we want to give you an idea for your meals if you lack time to cook. You can take some processed food, but, above all, include in your diet a lot of vegetables. Some can even be eaten raw and they will help you satiate without having to resort to harmful foods for your health.

We don't control what we drink

measuring the belly

Soft drinks also prevent us from lowering our belly

When we consider how to lower the belly, we usually focus on reducing the amount of food we eat. But it is very common that let's forget to take care of what we drink. Of course, we are talking about that beer or that wine that we like so much at aperitif time. Also of those weekend outings in which we commit a little excess.

However, perhaps you are abstemious and you see that you are not able to lower your abdominal perimeter either. It is a very common mistake to believe that not drinking alcohol is enough to lose weight. However, industrial soft drinks are as caloric or more than alcoholic beverages. And we don't usually pay attention to them. For example, one of the first cans containing 330 milligrams has a value of approximately 140 calories and even more.

In fact, something even more curious happens to us. It is proven that those who take refreshments and, too They also fail to reduce their belly. Why is this happening? According to experts, when we ingest these types of drinks, we are careless because we know they contain less caloric value and we take advantage to eat more. For all this, in terms of how to lower the belly, it is essential to have a good control of what we drink.

We follow a low-fat diet


Nuts provide you with healthy fats and, in addition, they have satiating power

At first, it may seem like a contradiction that a low-fat diet prevents us from losing weight. But it also happens because we tend to replace them with carbohydrates. And fats are not as bad as we were told, at least certain types of them. For example, the monosaturated fatty acids found in nuts, avocado or olive oil.

In addition, they have another advantage that is multiplied in the case of the former: they have a high satiating value that prevents us from eating a lot. Therefore, thanks to them we can have a healthy diet without going hungry and, in moderation, they are highly recommended in our meals. Furthermore, it has been shown that Nuts have numerous beneficial properties for our health, even for cardiovascular.

We don't exercise enough

Physical exercise

Abdominals are good for lowering the belly

Many people who are wondering how to lower their belly are ready to eat less, but forget about sports. And this is as important as diet (or even more) when it comes to losing weight. Here we also find ourselves with the obstacle of lack of time. However, we can all make the effort to dedicate half an hour daily to physical exercise. In addition, it does not need to be very intense, it only has to demand the necessary effort to have a good caloric expenditure.

But maybe when you read this you think that you do them and still you can't lose weight. In such a case, the problem may lie in the kind of sport you do. Anyone is good for health and even for losing weight. But it has been shown that, for this last purpose, those who combine gentle exercises with others of greater intensity are more effective. On the other hand, activities such as constant jogging, even for a longer time, are less useful for losing weight.

We don't take care of our state of mind


A good mood helps us lose weight

You will also be able to think about what the mood has to do with lowering the belly. However, it is related. In fact, a recent study indicated that depressed people tend to have more abdominal obesity. We are going to explain why.

A symptom associated with depression is apathy. That is, the lack of desire to do things. And this means that it costs much more effort to engage in physical exercise. Besides, eating habits are neglected. People who are in this situation eat compulsively or, on the contrary, spend time without eating and then, at a given time, take more than the recommended amount. Therefore, it is equally necessary that we take care of our mental health at all times. But even more so if we want to lose weight.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the most common mistakes we make when we consider how to lose belly. However, there are others that, equally, prevent us from losing weight. For example, not taking enough protein o eliminate meals like breakfast, something that causes us to eat more later. But also eat few foods rich in vitamin C, which manages to reduce our stress levels and, with it, helps us eat less. Be aware of these mistakes and avoid them. You will see how you lower your belly more easily.

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