Pocket watches

Pocket watches

There are many people who think that pocket watches They have gone out of style and are no longer used. However, it is an object that has never gone unnoticed in society. It lasts over time above the fashions and brings great personality to the person who wears it. Pocket watches are those that when opened arouse the curiosity of the people around.

In this article we are going to discuss all the aspects you need to know about pocket watches and we will analyze some models for you. Would you like to know more about it?

Fashion & Pocket Watches

Types of pocket watches

Society is used to rushing everywhere. Not only because of work or obligations, but because of fashions. Fashions are changing at a speed in which we do not have time to adapt. There are objects, clothes and other gadgets that become fashionable for a while and then people forget about them. They are those that remain at the top of sales for a few weeks and are quickly replaced by new ones that arrive quickly and forcefully.

This is so continuous for a great majority of objects. However, this is not the case with pocket watches. This is because such immediate and fast fashion should not be confused with the concepts of going stylish. Also, much less should be confused with go classy or be classy. Pocket watches give their wearer great style, personality and elegance. It is an object that is capable of overcoming the fashions of the moment and the false needs to be on a par with others.

When you have a pocket watch, you are unique and special among the rest of the people. It is no longer just to be different (since if you wear the watch only to impress, you will be the same as the rest) but to show your essence. It is well known that it is more complicated to have to look at the time on a pocket watch than a handheld one. However, when people reach into their pocket to take out their smartphone and check the time, you will be consulting it on your pocket watch with much more style and elegance.

Originality and style

Pocket watch for men

The first pocket watch was manufactured by Peter Henlein in 1500. This is a locksmith who specialized in the construction of these types of watches to increase their sales.

There are fashion objects and accessories that provide authenticity to the wearer. But it is still a fleeting authenticity. Pocket watches, even if they are new, are capable of maintaining the magic and charm of the first watch created.

In today's world, where technology prevails everywhere, a pocket watch is more widespread than you think. And it is reserved for all those people who we could consider "transgressors." We understand it as someone who acquires objects simply and simply because he likes the object and not because it is fashionable as many others do.

When a person is guided by his own taste and not by fashion, stands out among the rest for being someone with greater style and originality.

Who is the pocket watch made for?

Antique and original clocks

At first, many people reject it when they see it because of its limited usefulness or difficulty in providing you with the service they offer: looking at the time. However, when pocket watches fall into the hands of the owners, it is as if they chose it. The feeling of having one is quite pleasant and many people begin to use it regularly.

This type of watch is not to be carried anywhere. For example, it is not for use at the beach or pool. Some will ask why. Well, the answer is more than obvious: just like we don't take a suit or tie to the pool, a pocket watch has its moment too.

It is perfect for those who understand the clock as a time machine. In other words, pocket watches are capable of transporting you to other times when they were considered a jewel. The aesthetics of the current ones continue to maintain the standards of authenticity in all its details. The shape of the sphere is the same, the graphics of the numbers and their long chains, the lid with the same old mechanism, etc.

Is it affordable for everyone?

Pocket watch prices

It is a question that comes up to more than one when you start reading about the elegance of a pocket watch. Well, it happens with them as with many other things. It depends entirely on the type of watch we are looking for. If we are talking about pocket watches considered as collector's item we will go at unaffordable prices. Something similar happens with sports watches.

Fortunately, there are companies that have a wide variety of high-quality pocket watches with more than acceptable prices. We can find a large assortment of pocket watches on the market at quite competitive prices. Also, these watches they do not neglect quality or elegance.

You may be wondering where to buy your pocket watch. There are infinite stores both online and physical where you can do them. For example, there is a Roman Numeral Scale Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain at a very affordable price and does not lose quality. It is perfect to start in this world.

On the other hand, we can also find pocket watches that promote series such as One Piece. Although this type of watch is less widespread and it is more difficult to find them, we can buy articles of great quality and good price to maintain originality and style that has our personality.

There are also a variety of these types of watches. It is called nurse watch. It is a variety with the shorter chain and to hook in the pocket of the nurse uniform t-shirt.

With this information you can get the pocket watch that best suits your style and budget.

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