Is it good to ask for a couple time?

Reflection on whether to spend time with your partner

It's good ask for time in a relationship? All couples, and especially those who have been together for many years, live at some point in a time of crisis or in which they are somewhat estranged. Sometimes this stage is something transitory that ends up being solved when the parts that make up the couple put something on their part. In others, the couple ends up breaking up definitively and in a few, the man asks the woman for time or vice versa, to think, reflect and many other things that you can all imagine perfectly.

Today and through this article we are going to try to answer the question that gives title to this article, which is none other than that of; Is it good to ask for time with a partner?. In addition, we are also going to review some of the causes that can lead a couple to take time and the possible outcomes that this time in which the couple voluntarily distances themselves can have.

Before we begin we must tell you that, if you are having a bad time with your partner, read slowly and do not get carried away by what you can read here. Think, value it and talk to the pillow if you really need to ask your partner for time, you need to break the relationship or you do not need either one or the other, which is what usually happens in most cases.

Why might a couple need time?

problems with your partner and how to solve them

The truth is that the answer to this question could be a thousand and one reasons since each couple is a world and the reasons why time may be needed within a couple are the most varied.

E.g. wear and tear, constant arguments or totally opposing points of view they can be some of the most repeated reasons why a couple decides to take time out. Most of these reasons occur in couples who have been going for a long time, with hardly any progress, that is, couples who, for example, started dating together in adolescence and have not lived together or have embarked on the adventure of starting a family.

Another of the most common reasons why couples usually take time and put land in between, is when they reach a point where they realize that they are totally different and the magic that despite those differences has been lost. it held them together. Also they different points of view to see life they can lead to a couple at that time.

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Of course, among the reasons that lead a couple to spend time there are also third parties, although in most of these cases there is no time that is worth it and the total breakup is usually the final solution.

As I already told you the reasons or motives that can lead a couple to take time, there are hundreds or rather thousands and will depend a little on each couple.

Is it good to ask for a couple time?

Just as there are thousands of reasons why a couple decides to give or ask for time, there are many different theories why it is good to ask for time. To explain some of them I am going to divide the answer into 3 well differentiated parts.

The first theory says that if a couple takes time, something is wrong, and that it will be more difficult to fix it if there is distance between. In addition, that time can serve for one of the two parts of the couple to realize how well and comfortable it is to live without the other (especially in the case that it made life very difficult or made it bitter every day) , and that of course I could make it possible to never speak of a couple again.

Many others say that time and distance fix everything or almost everything and that it can help a couple to realize the mistakes they have made. The problem is that very few of us know how to recognize mistakes or stop to think that it is being done wrong, so the couple does not become a couple anymore.

Finally the third theory is the one that says that that time and that distance in a couple serves to fix everything and that once it is decided to form a whole again, things work again and be wonderful as at the beginning.

I honestly think we could talk about that the first two theories occur 80% of the time and only 20% of the time do couples get back together and manage to be happy forever. 20%? Maybe I think I have passed because at the moment I know no couple who have taken time and have been happy again. Nor do I know of any couple who have taken time out and got back together.

It goes without saying that these numbers that I have just offered you have been calculated by me and without any basis or prior analysis, I have simply based myself on my own experience and those that I see around me daily. Perhaps these figures seem stupid to you if around you you have seen how many couples who have taken time have managed to solve all their problems.

To answer the question that gives title to this section and to this article, I believe that everyone can draw their conclusions, which are quite clear.

What happens after a time that a partner is asked?

What happens when after a separation you go back to your partner

After a couple gives themselves time, there are only two options, of which we could later make nuances.

The first of those options that the couple return and overcome the problems that led them to ask for time. Then it may be that the return turns into failure or serves so that they realize how happy they are together and everything follows its course until they achieve full and perpetual happiness.

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The second option is a closed door, through which you can no longer go through and that forces those two parts of the couple to have to start from scratch and look for love elsewhere. Unfortunately, I sincerely believe that this is the most repeated option and also the best and most satisfactory for all those couples who decide to take time.

Perhaps there is one more option, but that will surely be a derivation of the first two that we will no longer discuss in this article.

Opinion freely

In many cinema films we see how many couples take time out and never manage to separate completely, resuming the relationship after a few days or weeks to get married and be happy forever. Unfortunately this only happens in movies and in most cases spending time with your partner means putting an end to that relationship.

And is that few couples take time because they are happy and get along too well. Most couples who spend time argue daily, have different points of view or have decided to put an end to that relationship in a less violent way.

Time and distance end up becoming oblivion and the end point for a relationship that, long before asking for a time, was no longer going, but nothing good.

Do you think it is good and positive to spend time with a partner? You can give us your opinion in the space reserved for comments on this post or by making use of any of the social networks in which we are present.

If you are in a relationship immersed in one of these moments, cheer up and do not stop telling us about your experience at the time of ask for time in a relationship.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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  1.   lara said

    She told me that because money was going bad and she couldn't pay for things….
    -I don't know what to do, I'm confused, because you have given me everything, I love you a lot but we have to separate for 2 weeks without any of the two of us seeing each other to make a blur and a new account is the best for both of us, I'm also suffering You can't imagine how bad I am. Without work without being able to shower without being able to eat this in the fucking garbage or worse understand me I want to think about what I want to do with my life, my life is shit and I do not understand it I am collapsing and people My friends are helping me a lot so that I do not collapse. Trtanquila that there is no aunt that I like, do not worry when you receive this I await your answer tqm

    I have to think about this, I help!

  2.   Mar said

    Hello, I am writing to you because the truth is I feel distressed by my situation; My boyfriend 3 weeks ago told me that he was not feeling well, firstly he comes out with the fact that I give more than him in the relationship, and that in that situation he does not feel comfortable, that after 7 months he sees the age difference (it is 7 years older- he 31 and I 24) although we are comfortable and he likes the trust we have created because he recognizes that he is special even more so, he being shy, he is crazy to know that I know him too much, the truth is something beautiful what we are living , or what we were living; I still don't know what to think about all this, then he tells me that he is getting overwhelmed because his problems are all coming together (and I am aware of that) he is out of work, he has a few months left until the benefit that the government gives him runs out Besides, he is taking the examinations to opt for a position and that is what he most wants, he has to study and lately he is not concentrating, and now it is added that his mother has to undergo chemotherapy. The truth is that he is very overwhelmed and he tells me that he wants to pass his burden alone, that he does not want to disturb me because I need concentration because I am also studying, but lately he has been very cold and distant, I told him that I did not understand why I was away like this , if he knows that I am his support and I want the best for him, and he only tells me what he feels and what he thinks right now. We have distanced ourselves a bit and we have seen each other after a week and a half, we were fine, as if nothing had happened, but at that time I was meditating and at that moment I told her to make a decision because I could not continue like this with the uncertainty, because I did not understand him and I told him: you have to know whether or not you want to be with me, and he tells me that "Not Right Now", the truth made me feel bad, I told him that I did not understand his selfishness, to tell me a resounding No of He didn't want to be with me anymore and so I threw in the towel, but that Right Now makes no sense, and he only tells me sad and anguished: You know I love you and how difficult it is to talk to you. I don't understand why you give me so long, if there is so much trust between us why don't you tell me that this is over? He just tells me to give us some time. I do not know what to do, if to continue with the illusion and wait for the stresses to go away as their problems are solved, and in the meantime not lose contact so that they do not get cold, giving support especially for their mother, or now end this relationship. I need help Pleaseee !!!

    1.    fernando said

      I'm going through that situation right now, I don't know what to do, help

    2.    Andrew said

      The same thing is happening to me right now how they solved it I feel terrible I need help

  3.   VICTOR CARDONA said

    Good night.
    I have been with my partner for 2 and a half years and there has always been jealousy on my part imagining things where there are none, my partner always forgave me and things came back and happened then for 1 month we have been fighting, and well I forgive two times on the third, he told me no more than to end the relationship that he did not understand because I was like that, that not always the same but we have been talking and he told me first to finish and then to give him time, and today he told me that he needed time I was very confused that I did not know what to do to give him time
    For me it is very hard because I feel guilty and I think that he has another person but he tells me that it is not just thinking that the relationship was not like that ...
    I'm angry because friends must have a lot of influence and they must be happy
    I don't know what to think, help me

    1.    ana said

      The same thing happened to me with my partner, we love each other a lot and we have had a lot of confidence and apollo but he has many problems and is very bad and he decided that because he wanted to spend his burden alone and not leave me aside and without attention he said that he did not I want to be ... I don't know when this will last and how long will it go if for better or for worse we no longer talk every day as many beces as before, only three beces a week minimum to ask ourselves how we are, how is your daughter and family and apart from my support part. He told me that I wanted to keep going always well because if any conflict happens we have a very bad time ...

  4.   Jahaziel said

    I've been with my girlfriend for 6 months and everything was going very well, until a friend died and ps since that time I no longer put interest to the relationship

    Oh, would it be okay to ask for a time?

    1.    Fernando said

      So your friend dies, and .. surprise, you discover that you are just one more BUTT


    2.    Fernando said


    3.    Fernando said


    4.    yomismo said

      If you have lost a close friend, it is normal for you to lose interest in some things. But I believe that more than anything else you are depressed, something temporary. Think about how you feel for your partner and if you are having a bad time tell them, but try to recover because your friend would not want their death to destroy your relationship. Little by little, start putting the desire, I am one of those who think that love is not only a feeling but also a decision, and if now you are wrong, it is as easy as asking your partner for help, support and understanding, no? Because if you love your partner nothing has to take away your interest forever, even if you are down for a while. Moreover, your partner being your support can strengthen the relationship, and this situation can be good for you and your love, tell him that you are having a bad time and to help you cope, your friend would like it that way (if you really want to your partner and your friend's death is not just an excuse). Love is effort and your partner can help you, just open your heart to him, that time in your case does not make sense if you really love her. Much encouragement! 🙂

  5.   Nicolas said

    Hello Victor, How are you? From what you tell me, you are seeing things that are not happening ... that she has asked you for a while does not mean that she is seeing someone else or that her friends influence their relationship. Have you thought about going to therapy to make yourself see the subject of your unhealthy jealousy? I believe, from my humble opinion, that it would do you good, either to get your girlfriend back or to have another partner and have a good time and not chase you all the time. I hope my opinion serves you. Greetings and continue reading us !!

  6.   guide said

    hello it is the first time that I connect to this forum
    I have a problem about my partner, we've been around for 5 years and he told me he needs time
    Because he is very overwhelmed with work, we buy an apartment and he has anxiety, maybe because of his illness it annoys the relationship

  7.   EDELMIRA said

    I am two months married, I am much older than my husband, to top it off he had an accident and broke his leg fifteen days after we were married. He has two children with his previous partner, a five-year-old and a newborn child, (that is, the child was born exactly 12 days after he married me) since when he married me the previous partner was pregnant, but they were separated ( he was never married to her) for 3 months. Our sexual relationship has been practically nil, because despite being 25 years old, he has suffered from erectile dysfunction for three years (according to him) and it got worse with the accident since they put him in a cast up to the knee, and I even had to bathe him. . He was deeply depressed because he is a very hard-working and active man, and all that has made the situation more difficult. All his actions lead to him loving me, always looking out for me and admiring me a lot. I consider the former couple to have her buried, because I have had knowledge through their relatives that they do not even want me to speak to them, because they were a beast with him. all this has been confused, and even more so the fact that when I get affectionate he tells me, give me time, give me time ... when you see you. You will not put up with me, how affectionate I am going to be with you. Please help !!!!

  8.   edimar pink said

    The truth is that my partner told me to give him a while and I do not know if it is good, but almost that is not the problem, but I think he told me that in order to get away from me because he is going on a trip and I think that She did it so that I don't think about this relationship anymore, well she tells me that she is not going to travel but sometimes I do not believe her more than everything because of the time she asked me….
    Well friends, I just ask you to help me with my doubts, they take care of themselves =))

  9.   Angel Martinez said

    I do not know where to start.

    I don't know where this started, perhaps in our lack of sexual desire, in our laziness, in apathy, or in routine. I never valued any of this, at least not what I deserved.

    I want to take some time, she said.

    I don't know if I think about the consequences of this sentence, I think he only said them because he needed to say them, I never thought he took them so seriously.

    10 years after our first kiss, 9 years after the first I love you sincerely, we are on the verge of oblivion. on the shore of desolation.

    I don't love you anymore, he told me 3 months ago, and from that day on I live a nightmare second by second. Because, you wonder? You ask him: Things are not the same, Thousands of tears are shed on my arms, and my hands. I can not recover under any circumstances, you are cold, and absent.

    I'm getting addicted to you, he says; I love what we do in your apartment, she says; my heart screams, and screams and screams after spying on her computer, her Gmail, and screams so loud that it wakes her up, there is no reasoning, there is no punishment in me beyond: Betrayal !!!

    and yet I cry like a child and listen to their lies, and like medicine I swallow them, bitter, slimy, warm. I want to believe you, I think.

    But why hasn't he arrived? Why doesn't he answer? Why does he turn off his cell phone? Why is he behaving so shitty?

    And the psychologist tells him that it is not ethical to treat the two of us, that he does not believe in a couple's treatment, that I should find my own doctor.

    And she keeps coming late, she still doesn't answer the phone, and she's still cold, cold and lifeless.

    We can give ourselves some time, it sounds like extending an ending that has already marked the beginning. I must leave the house that we formed.

    desolate, forgotten, decomposed, crooked, jealous, stupid, deceived.

    Betrayal and disloyalty, every day, I chew it, I swallow it, once and again. It's the last hours of my 10-year journey, and I feel transparent, weak, my head full of ghosts,

    I would like to die.

    1.    yomismo said

      I would like to be able to console you but I do not have an experience like that, be that as it may be a lot of courage, everything goes ahead and if it has cheated on you maybe one day it will realize what it lost and return to you. And if not, your life will take on another meaning and it will be repaired. You will see, courage !!! 🙂

  10.   baby said

    Hi, I'm very confused and I don't know what to do because I've been around for almost three years.
    And I'm pregnant with my first baby and I don't know if I ask him for time or finish our relationship, I love him with all my heart but there are many things that make me think this way and I don't know if I'm fine, but I prefer that my son / daughter was born in an environment full of love and doubts or pain. I know that he loves me but I don't know what he thinks about, I know that the separation will hurt him a lot but I only have to think about my son from now on. I don't know if I'm fine or just ask God to clarify my thoughts or those of ...

    1.    yomismo said

      Look, if you really love each other as you say it is as simple as talking, clarifying those problems and reaching an agreement to put an end to them, finding a solution together. If he really loves you and you love him, there is the effort for your son. It is one thing for a couple that one mistreats another, there it is clear that separation is the right thing to do. But for different problems, we have to talk and find solutions, if there is still love. Either way. Decide when you are calm, cold, in a moment of lucidity amid so much confusion. A lot of encouragement !!! God bless you!!!:)

  11.   nugget said

    Hi all!!!

    When I started with my partner, he was a sun, he was a wonderful person, he was not the same and he is not the same, and he is not the same. like the person k has become. I asked him for a time because it is no longer that of the person k lokamente I fall in love every time I like things less about him. he says he is going to change but the truth is I'm not very sure about it and in that 1 months we have talked about it Matter already said, I was going to change and I have not done it, I feel very attached to him in a certain way, but I don't know if it would be better to kortar for the sake, the mother is going to change and I want to believe it but this for a while and I 8 kilometers from the nose if it is going to work and its kambia I will not be able to value it or know if it is true.

    1.    yomismo said

      If you really love each other, simply speak it all honestly and without light and shadow. That way things are fixed, for your son you can fix everything. Just put effort, dedication and give in both of things. Talk that this is the important thing and try to find a solution, before throwing it all away. That is the true effort, fighting for your relationship (both of you) for you and for the child, if you love each other and put in effort, you will achieve it. Cheer up! 🙂

    2.    yomismo said

      Be sincere and that's it, and if you cut, keep in touch a little, maybe the prospect of losing you will change, and if not, well, I don't know, maybe it's better to take different paths in a civilized way. Cheer up! 🙂

  12.   GERARDO said


  13.   nicole said

    not for me it is not good to ask for a time because that of the times never comes and makes couples cool….

  14.   womens said

    I have read the article carefully, whether or not to ask the couple for time in a crisis.
    I have been going through a crisis for a week or so, and it was he who in an elegant way (and I think he was not clear about it) asked me for time, since he was overwhelmed, and we always argued and so on.
    In my case, he is very selfish, and I have not been able to change anything during the 4 years that I have been living with him, I do not hope to change him because I believe that nobody can be changed but he can improve.
    One day I picked up my things and decided to leave, in the afternoon, all anguished, I returned, because I do not believe that distance can solve the problems, the problems must be solved with the couple, this is a matter of two, and also if it is solved and It makes him interested, I am sure that it reinforces the couple a lot, and does a lot of good for them.
    So my opinion is that the time in the couple is only for failure, since as the article says, it is a dead time, crises must be overcome together, putting a lot of patience, and a lot of effort to want to get out of it .

  15.   besides said

    I think it is good, I will ask for a little time in my case it was only 7 days and I see that the results are good since I learned to value various gestures on your part and that they became indispensable for my daily life, the truth is that I learned to value it. You have forgotten now I can be more chivalrous and attentive the same on your part the final point is that if you really love each other things do not change even with 6 months of separation 😀 luck really helps

  16.   genesis said

    Hi! I'm really a little worried and I want to know if my partner and I make the best decision.

    We have been together for 9 months, in these 9 months I have made mistakes, I have lied to him but I have never cheated on him with another person.

    He recently told me the truth about something. It was made and it actually hurt a lot.

    But since I know that I have disappointed him several times, I can't even blame him for one single time that he has disappointed me.

    Actually our relationship is now a bit loose, if we love each other, but from 1 to 10 it has dropped a 7 or 8.

    So we decided to give ourselves 1 week of time! to analyze things well.

    We do not have in mind to finish, because if there is love, but if we do not ask for a time of 1 week! will it be good?

    thank you!

  17.   Christian said

    When there is love and a good disposition, any problem is solved. It is easier to understand and forgive.

    When a woman asks for time or "space", it is better to marry her to NASA, since she really wants time to find our replacement, or she already has it and is comparing.

  18.   Isabella said

    Hello, well, I had been with my partner for 10 years - since I was 15 years old - in which we ended and we returned like that successively. Until I got tired of the situation and I asked him for time -we no longer tolerated each other, we fought about everything and nothing- 2 months have passed, that time has helped me to reflect on my situation and I am determined not to return with him, I reconsider and I will react my life. Now I am 25 years old, no wonder I went through beautiful things with him that maybe I will never live with anyone again - he was my first love - but we hurt each other a lot.
    So I consider that taking time is not the best, but it serves to take out the dirty clothes and wash them 🙂

  19.   GIRL SORY said

    hello the weather I think it is oblivion I was with my ex 1 year and 5 months this relationship started something strange he is older than me he takes me with (17 years) I 21 and 38 years but hey age I do not care what The only thing that mattered to me is the love I have for him
    At the beginning we stayed and stayed but I believed something else and the other I believed that we were a boyfriend and he was just one person who was left and that's it until one day we talked and I told him that my feelings were already growing and he told me that he was his Not that at the moment I did not want a girlfriend and nothing, but every time we talked about the issue, he came to convince us that we give ourselves a chance and he fell at my request so that when we took 8 months or something, he told me that he already loved me and that Let's take this slowly, but what happened to us, always with his distrust and insecurity, could and always if «I LOVE YOU BUT IT DAMAGES ME» «I LOVE YOU BUT WE CANNOT CONTINUE» and that gave me a bad feeling and I looked at the head that was playing with me and my vacation came and I went to my country because until that there is a difference, he is Spanish and Latin but hey
    I went on vacation and he called me but one day he called me and I found myself sad because of my return from leaving my family and I told myself that if I was doing it, I did not stay there and towards my life there in my country and I saw that wrong Because I could not do with the person I love and who I love, well that happened
    I returned from my vacation and after three weeks I told myself what I already sensed that everything had changed that he was fine alone and that he did not want to be fighting x that but well, as there is always talking, yes, yes, we fight

    We kept extending this like two more months until he was overwhelmed and I told myself that he did not want to know anything about me that was fatal for me but what he told me I never thought I vote for his poison mouth
    Until three weeks passed, we talked but no we did not see and all change was very strange, he realized that he really loved me and we returned but I told him to give ourselves time
    no when we didn't see each other if there was not much left I realized if it was the same before waiting for his calls wanting to see him but he saw all that strange and he did not see it normal and he imagined bad things until he took my cell phone I know it and he ran into a
    My fault I met another boy x in the middle of the chat but only friend, no bed and nothing like that and that boy sent me a message «I HOPE YOU ARE OK AND I MISS YOU BE CAREFUL KISSES WAPA» that was all
    and he made that into a movie and he was with me for like two more weeks until I told myself what he had done but that to me not
    I settle badly the confidence that I had lost towards me but it got bad x that but I have my conscience clean that I do not fail him from bed or anything like that but he is with his

    Now we have left it to me, it hurts a lot even though I love him and also because we never got bad or fought anything, you were the happy couple and that there is love but he says time we give him I think he is an insecure man and I a woman sure of what I want despite my age
    and he says let's go ahead but I can't stand that the distance but hey I want it and this is the only thing I can pull forward
    I know that he is stubborn and he is going to constubrar to be alone he will not look for me if he loves me but well I will stay with mine and how much I love him and he does not want me to really love him

    My story ends here
    I love you Juan FMS

    1.    stone said

      Like, first you go to a spelling course and then you start writing your story. Or the pain made you lose the sense of correct writing….

    2.    yomismo said

      That guy needs to grow up and soon or he will be left alone. Tell them clearly: if you love a person you love them and if not, you don't. If he behaves like a child it is his problem. Much courage and if you do not want another opportunity will come, anything is possible. 🙂

  20.   Andrea said

    When you ask for a time, it is because you want to know if your partner is inside one ... over time you can see in a more objective way what happens between the two, you learn to see in that time what mistakes we make, but even if we want to , we will never know what happens to the other person, especially if that person is a bit cold and I say it as a personal experience, I have been a couple for 1 year, we have had several problems but we have solved it, we are both very faithful and I love him. Lately for vacations we have been away for 3 months since he lives in another city, the first month of physical distance became an emotional distance ... I sent him to fry monkeys, but then that was solved when we met ... the second month he started work and when we talked, he took a long time to answer, so I started to ignore him, until we saw each other again and all the bad things disappeared, now, in the third month of vacation, I completely ignore him and he does too ... next week I will see him again, although I think this has cooled down so much that ... I no longer want to continue with a person like that ... cold, little played, not very empathetic, not very friendly and the truth of things is that, although I love him with everything my heart, there are things that cannot be tolerated and there are people who simply will not open their hearts to you even if they have been in a relationship for a year ...
    TIME serves to better understand things, but most of the time, although we will never really know how the other person feels the relationship; time is just cowardice by not wanting to end something that just goes from bad to worse. TO FINISH is to leave what has been built, it is to stop walking together and embark on a path alone, which in some cases is a very difficult path, but sometimes you have to put your hand on your heart and we must ask ourselves, do we really want to finish? Do we want to end because this has no solution? What if the problem has a solution? Am I selfish enough to end up without an excuse that really weighs in on me? If the relationship is no longer the same, why do I have to wait for the other person to do something to change it, if I can do it perfectly? and if you look him in the eye and say to yourself «I really love him and there is a solution» it is because YOU should do your best not to finish or ask for a time, instead if you look at it and say " I don't want to risk it anymore »it is because truly you cannot do more and there you have to choose between a time that can heal or kill the relationship or end the relationship that may be forever as it may not ...

  21.   eunice mary said

    I love my boyfriend, but my mother is as if she did not accept it, as now she is out of work, she takes it badly, she punishes me, she speaks badly to my partner, she looks at him with disgust, but he has behaved very well with She has never done anything wrong with her, but she is bad with him, I don't know what to do with this situation, I don't know if I should give time to my relationship with him. Or I don't know, I don't know what I can do !!!!

  22.   NUGGET said

    It is happening to me and it is horrible sometimes I think it is better to end everything because I feel that I come to hate him for being like this and he is also making me get away from him I ask him what he has and he says that nothing is all right but I know that it is not like that, I suppose that if we continue like this, we will finish definitively and currently I prepare for that because I feel that I did everything but nothing works, it will be that the end of all this comes, I only ask God for a lot of strength because I can not force someone to to stay with me if you don't want

    1.    Adriana said

      The same thing happens to me. Whenever I want to talk with him he tells me that he has nothing that nothing happens. I try to be a passive but the point comes that I despair and I do not know if I can continue to endure this situation. I asked him for time but He wants to see me and I told him that it is fine but tomorrow and I accept. But when I read all these cases of relationships that have been broken for the time that are requested ... it gives me fear. I will not ask for time I will accompany him in all This situation of the improvement of the couple.Where we meet and spend the day together is a very special place that asks anything happen between him and me.And if what I want happens but at the same time I fear I will not go back, I will only I will be guided by the situation ...

  23.   dani said

    Hello. My ex-girlfriend and I are military. The fact is that, in the absence of a month to get married (she was going on a mission to Afghanistan), and in the midst of all the paperwork and others, one weekend she limps and loses partying with her colleagues telling me that she was overwhelmed, I needed some time ... well, it was like 10 days giving me long, throwing the rod, passing me, then he called me ... in plan I leave you but I do not let you go. One day I moved to the city where she lives, and what a surprise that I accidentally catch her with another person ... well, it automatically ends because I realized that "I need some time" was a consequence of the appearance of that person .... well, then I try to be friends with the right plan, and I took her word off, I didn't want to know about her,…. and there began the ordeal, as it happened at the Olympics of her, of her calls, emails, messenger ... well she began to spend with me, she told me that she did not love me, insults, to leave me badly with friends in common ... total, after that I was 8 months without knowing about her, I had a terrible time but my pride remained intact, it cost me but I rebuilt my life with another girl who has nothing to do with it ... well, one day she started talking to me on messenger, we just said hello, how are you, the family , work and that's it, no more…. a month ago, he started talking to me on the messenger, the same… how are you, work, your daughter…. and zaass !!! He says "I have to confess something to you" ... don't see my face !!!!!!! imagine…. I'm sorry Dani, I screwed up, I did it wrong, you are a wonderful person, nobody treated me like you, I have thought a lot about you ……. after several conversations I find out the days that his relationship with the person he cheated on me ended…. and pull! now do you remember me ??? Well, it's not going to be, girl…. you screwed up a lot, you liar, bad girlfriend…. and I will not let you get into my relationship…. As much as I have loved and loved you, I have realized that this died when you let me face you "I don't love you" and you didn't give a damn that I fell to my knees crying and wondering what I had done to deserve that from you…. you were cruel !!! now cry what I cried for you hugging your pillow, with the nerves of your gut waiting for my call… ..
    everything comes, if you misbehave, everything is paid ... I have it more than proven ... and she lost what my girlfriend has earned .... then worse for her…. !!!

  24.   lola said

    My case is very complicated the truth. My boyfriend and I maintain a long distance relationship (300km), we usually see each other every 15 days on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) even sometimes, he came two weekends in a row. The problem is that he has anxiety. One day before Easter, I dreamed something horrible and I let him know, I told him to dream that he told me that he no longer loved me. I do not know if from there and because of his problems at work that were causing him anxiety (which he had previously had in other circumstances) because he began to scratch himself from that dream. During Easter we spent 4 days together (I went to a town near his) and everything in my opinion was great. Time passed, he came to see me and he could not control the urge to cry, he told me that he was very bad for work that he could not take it there anymore and that he wanted to leave as soon as possible but that he could not ...... then I managed to make him feel better or so He said. After the weekend, on Thursday of the following week he told me that he had to tell me something that was eating him up inside and it was that he was doubting how he felt about me, but that he did not understand it. In the end, we managed to leave the thing more or less well. The next day he came to see me, this time for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) because we both had Friday off. The first day the thing was a bit strange for the same issue and also with his pills said that they left him too stunned and the truth was all the time as sleepy. On Saturday we went to spend the day there, sometimes he felt serious, he told me that he was getting anxiety, when we got to the house where he stays every time he comes to see me the worst came, he told me again that he felt that It was not the same, that he did not feel the same when he kissed me or when he touched me ... and that he felt terrible because he loves me and that that could not happen. I told him that it must be the anxiety and that I didn't want to believe that what he was telling me was real. When he accompanied me to my house to say goodbye, he told me that he was afraid to kiss me in case he didn't feel the same, so I kissed him and then I asked him and he said yes he did. We both cried a lot ... and well on Sunday we saw each other again, things were better but not entirely, I noticed as if he had realized that he does love me and that he felt that way because of the anxiety. But when talking about it this week (because this happened last weekend) everything is getting worse, he doubts more and more, he says that there are times when he feels he loves me, others when he doesn't, others he misses me, others he doesn't. ... ..and he is thinking in a very negative way as he has nothing that is alone that everything is going wrong ... I have already said that he is being very negative and it scares me to think that he is entering a depression again (because it has already happened by two). He is going to a psychologist, so far he has gone to two sessions and I do not see that it has helped him much. Since that happened on the weekend, we have spoken by phone every day, and every day he has cried, I have always been supporting him, although this situation hurts, I did not plan to leave him alone, but today, just a moment ago, he told me that he needed time, that everything he was thinking was driving him crazy and that he needed to know what he really feels… ..and I told him what he wants. The anxiety and according to how he is, I do not see that it will last for a short time ... and I am seeing that we are going to be weeks, months ... to know how much without knowing about him and the truth that is killing me inside. We have only been dating for 2 months, almost 3, and everything so far has been wonderful, he himself tells me not to feel bad or guilty of his doubts because I have been wonderful and that he does not want to lose me, that he does not want to leave him either, but that he wants some time… .because he is overwhelmed by everything, but I am not overwhelming him, it is he alone with his thoughts that is overwhelming him… well, I don't know what to do… .I would need a lot to talk to people who have passed through this (on either side, being the one who suffers the anxiety or being the person who is there next to him). Thank you.

    1.    yomismo said

      My case is rare, my boyfriend was always by my side (not physically, we are more or less 150 km away) and that, the counts came to see me, he was always on top of me, he even got angry if we couldn't talk, but he had and He has many problems (family, study, friends ... everything) that he does not know what to do with his life, that he does not know what he feels but that he loves me, that he does not want to lose me, we will not talk for a month or so, and we have not been
      less than a month, anyway. I have decided to trust him, because I love him even though he is hurting me. Maybe one day he will leave me, but I will be there until the end because I love him and I want to be with him, I have never had something like this, so perfect and at the same time with so many problems, I love him madly and I think he also loves me. If the thing is like that with you, wait for it. Anxiety can be very bloody but it just needs understanding. Of course, I would keep in touch with you, be it more or less. Even if it is so that at least he knows that you support him in his illness, that he knows that he is not going to lose you, that will calm him down. Courage, love sometimes puts these unfair burdens on our backs, but they make us stronger and if the couple survives it is also stronger. Kisses, hugs and lots of encouragement !!!! 🙂

  25.   José said

    Hi all!

    I have read your post, regarding this issue. And good! I'm also in this dilemma!

    I have never thought about this of the times, since I believe it delays the relationship and dooms it to failure.

    Can you imagine that magic question starting a relationship and having the answer after a while?

    It does not put or is not as I would say.

    I think it is a very cowardly way of not facing the problem and saying openly. I DO NOT LIKE YOU! There is already someone in my life or you do not serve me.

    The truth is that this has plunged me into deep sorrow and disappointment for who I thought would be the one.

    We both put out our quota (me apparently more) but, I never let her have an opinion for me, like she did.

    Although continuous life sounds common: studies, work, health, family, etc.

    As I once read: Sometimes people pass us by

    And it was my turn.

    I just have a deep disappointment.

    Greetings to all and cheers.

  26.   pako said

    Hello, my case is that my girlfriend asked me for time and I told her that if she was not sure what she felt for me, and she told me that she knew what she felt for me that she loved me a lot but that I needed to be alone for a while and Well, I told her that she is fine and a week later she sent me a serenade on the cell phone telling me that she loves me and that it is only a time that I will not worry that she will trust her and almost every day she sends me messages but that as very dry, well she just me Say hello, how are you? And that's why I say that you are very dry. You think that if the time you want is good, please answer me.

  27.   paola said

    Hello, my husband has asked me for some time to be able to clarify some doubts about our relationship, we have 2 children but since they were born, the relationship is no longer like it used to be, all the time they are and we arrived tired from work, we have both changed a lot, now he asks me This because he is tired of the routine and that he no longer loves me as before because of so many discussions that we have had as a result of this, I do not know what to do I told him that it is fine but I am not very afraid that he will not do the same thing again, He is going to his mother's house so I don't know what to think I'm so sad and confused to help me

    1.    Adriana said

      Let 10 days go by without seeing him, just answer them the yamadas in case you want to know about the well-being of your children. On the night of the eleventh day, invite him to a place that has always been to his liking or invite him to a different or erotic or romantic place…. Whatever you feel that he likes since they are husbands you know some of his tastes, you can invite him to an unknown place for both of you and as soon as he feels like before enjoying the moment he will hug you with strength and he will not want to let you go and you will do the love like crazy or caress you or would be more tender and understanding with his wife than you are. Never let him take away the problems because husband and wife never, ever !!!!!!!!!!! They can always sleep angry before closing their eyes make love and it would not matter if they have always fought, please him every night and you will notice the difference.

  28.   laura mile said

    I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and even though we are different in character and personality, I love him too much ... right now he is stressed about this for graduating and he is in internships .. on December he has a lot of pressure and he feels it even from me…. The truth is that I do not feel that I appreciate it because I am not of that type on the contrary and I understood it a lot ... but now he asks me for a while and he tells me that he doubts whether to continue or not .... So I don't feel scared because I don't want the relationship to akb… what should I do ???

  29.   brenda said

    Eske io I have a novel but I feel that it will not work but I want it, muxo and I want to ask you for a time

  30.   sandra said

    Hello, how are you all, because it is happening to me at this moment, we have a good relationship, we had a relationship of 6 years and first of all, he tells me that he needs time, that he wants, that I solve my personal problems, what happens is that I am too much Jealous but pork because I was afraid of losing him any day and then his argument was kc tired of me and the situation …… .yk keri k each person will fix their personal problems to depsues fix those of a couple, epro I think the problems are fixed in couple no? But the worst thing is that I told him that I was going to get away from him forever and that I was going to leave him alone, for me, the time did not work and I said that he did not know that he would not be able to move me away, simply because this was for the relationship. It will improve but it is absurd, right? time is something silly it is as simple as whether or not to want to be with the person there are no early means for love

  31.   RaMzEz said

    Well, I know I'm a boy and I'm just coming of age and sincerely I fell in love with a beautiful girl… .but we have had problems like paraja… .and for now we have decided to give ourselves some time… ..for us…. dog the problem that She has her time (getting together) and I have my time (being apart ...) and I would like to know how long it takes to be apart ... .. ..

  32.   azezinadebishoz said

    I am in a very difficult relationship.
    I have with my boyfriend 2 years 5 months. But we have been getting worse.
    There are blows, he scratches me when I don't pay attention to him when we fight (I behave hypocritical, dry and sarcastic) and he says that he scratches me WHY I BEGIN THAT WAY. and that I deserve it 🙁
    He grabs me hard and I have been hitting him so that he lets me go or he walks away. : Yes, I was not like that ... but he had started with certain similar actions and he was letting them pass. I let everything go by, he just wants to apologize with kisses, or saying "let's forget it." He claims me, I listen to him but when I have to speak he interrupts me (that makes me too angry) and I explode… .we insult each other.

    It's chaos ... and he's very stubborn, he says I'm to blame for everything. I don't know what.
    It is impossible to finish with him, he does not accept it, let alone give us some time because for him it is like definitively ending. I love him because he knows how to be a good boyfriend ... but on the scale, his dark side weighs more. u_u

  33.   Dany said

    My girlfriend asked me for a while I told her that I would not give it to her because it was all or nothing, she told me that then she would continue with me but that I was aware that she was not comfortable, we continued like this for a few weeks but the truth is that her attitude I got tired and told her to take her time that she wanted so much and not to come back if it wasn't because I was sure she loved me, after that night at 4 days I sent her a message and she called me on the cell phone, I saw her and She behaved as if nothing, I even remembered some good moments in our relationship, I invited her out the next day and she was again indifferent to me now I don't know what she wants and I don't know if it's good to look for her again or not. HELP ME PLEASE

  34.   nan said

    Hello, I have gone through that situation that I do not wish it to anyone, for a long time he came with the idea of ​​taking some time. until I gave it to him. I suffered a lot ... for not understanding why that time, since he said he loved me but needed time. time for ?? .... I really came to hate him, because while he asked me for that time he cried, and I did not understand anything.
    Time passed, I hated him more and more. He told me that if he needed something to tell him that he was going to be there and when he needs it, he was not there. So I decided to terminate that relationship. in that time things happened in my life. where they filled the void that was inside, but now that time has passed it was not the way to fill a void. Anyway, he came back and I was thinking of not coming back, seeing him made me realize when I missed him, and he came back, at the beginning of our return together, I did not allow myself to love him as I had loved him. since I was afraid that time would happen again. but you have to leave the past behind, and start from scratch. Until recently I told him that I was afraid that the same thing would happen. But you have to stop thinking about uncertain futures and live in the present. Now I feel again that love that I had for him, and I know that everything in life goes through something, it helps us to grow and learn.
    anyway if they can avoid that time it would be better. since the wounds remain and it is not easy to heal them. or at least it cost me. But it can.

    a lot of strength !!! for those who are going through this difficult situation.

    1.    12345 said

      your post makes all of us who are living the passage of those fateful words feel hopeful "let's take some time"

      thanks for sharing

    2.    Nani said

      How long was that separation ... That will really depend on whether it is worth it or not
      Thank you

    3.    hydy said

      How long was she separated from him? It happens to me if the same thing happens to you and I'm fatal. After 33 months together, the situation bored him because my parents did not give us a loan and we had to go secretly. Dec q mkiere and loves pro that situation bored him and hsta dec q ksar with me we always had him present pro now dic q is afraid. I am 6 years older than him. but I LOVE it so much and I say that I would like to feel the same again, but it asks for time. I expect your answer. -God t bndiga-

  35.   Confused said

    Hello, I really feel terribly confused. I have been in a relationship for two years, we do not live together, but if we see each other every weekend, the relationship began with very confident friends to the point that he knows all the things that you would never think of telling your partner Like I know many things about him, for which we have had several problems due to trust, which we thought were already overcome but one day I passed out for drinks and we ended up treating each other very badly, do not let the relationship end for fear of losing it, we talked and We thought that we would overcome it but for a while now we do not understand each other at all, we argue about everything, we try to talk but we do not reach any agreement, the truth is that it is a problem of both but I do not know how to solve it sometimes I feel suffocated and I would like to disappear or never see him again but I know that I really love him and I don't want the relationship to end badly so I asked him for some time to think, and I have, I think I feel relieved for not having what I comply with the customs of calling him or looking for him, nor do I expect anything from him, but other times the feeling returns and I feel that I love him and I can't live without him, I don't know what to do. I appreciate any advice.

  36.   martin almonacid said

    Look, DANY, the truth is, you no longer look for her, she knows what she really knows for you, if it is love, if she loves you, or because she wants to take that time or because she is not comfortable, but she looks for How many hundred do you realize what you have when you see it more difficult to have it?

  37.   rommy said

    Hello, I am 5 years old, married today, I feel that everything is collapsing because my partner asked me for time, he is confused, he does not know if ours is custom or affection, he says that he loves me but he does not love me that he feels hurt because I felt safe and confident I gave him and did not pay attention that he needed as a husband. Giving us time is a double-edged sword because there is a woman hanging around him and maybe he wants or can be with her at that time, what he wants to give himself and not what to do, I am completely sure I love him and it will cost me a lot to be without him but also I wonder and it is fair for him to take a selfish role and tell him that I do not want time to continue even knowing that he does not feel good that he is not being happy wao that marriage is difficult. We have 2 bbs one of 3 and another of 4 that they love and adore their father and a separation would hit them quite a bit, maybe even more so that I need a therapist but he does not want to attend we know why we have talked about why there have been failures d both parties but the c He gave x bencido and I can't force him to be with me either, I don't know what to do if I pick up my things and go let him go I don't know yet

  38.   kelly torrealba said

    Hello, I have 4 years and 4 months with my partner and we have stupid problems that we do not know how to solve, I ask her for more affection and I think I have pressured her so much to the point that she feels guilty for not giving me what she wants, which she does, but I made her see that it is not so! We have been separated for 22 days and I have thought that the culprit of this is me, I want to get her back but she tells me that she wants to be alone because she feels very bad that she can't be with me like that, what can I do every time I look for her and ask her to come back refuses! She loves me and I love her too. I don't know what to do, despair seizes me. Help me!!!

  39.   carmen said

    I think it's okay what I left there for my mother recently ioo I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months but he asked me for a while and I know why it was because I was very untrustworthy of him for the pure and also he also did once It was wrong with me 1 time but we both love each other but we have given each other some time even though it hurts both of us a lot but so could you advise me?

  40.   carmen said

    and I am afraid of losing him I do not want to separate from him I really love him and I would not like to lose him I accept him over time because I love him that is why I did it for our love I only want to lose any advice that they give me? urgent please

  41.   lizzy said

    I have 1 relationship with my boyfriend of 10 months officially, and a year between coming and going .. the point is that because of my jealousy in these last weeks, he decided that it is better to give us some time, which my therapist tells him, to Unlike him, I do not like that, and he says that it is to think clearly and that I think about my actions and jealousy, I asked for forgiveness, I promised to change for him, he only wants time, I told him to tell me the truth if he did. What would it be like to end, he said no, I would not finish, just want time, to know how much more it takes and make a good decision to improve our relationship, but where do I stay? Where is my pain from not seeing him or to be with him, I need him a lot, I can't stand to calm this anxiety, this is my 3rd day in this his idea, and I feel that I don't know if I can, we have spoken on the phone about things that he had to say to them, and between those talks he tells me What a strange pro that this is necessary to clarify our ideas, I do not know how good this idea is of the time, I accept I am important as a personimmature, I think that I am punishing, I simply LOVE him a world and at this precise moment toi suffering for his absence, according to my therapist says that I only love him that it is not love, and the only thing that is hurt is my ego. He will let me ... tell me what to do? look for it or simply let time do what it has to do .. he says don't forget it .. I couldn't forget it because of this uncertainty it has me wrong ..
    heeeelp me !!!

  42.   jua ramirez said

    The article is very good I think that sometimes relationships are damaged and you think you will not find more solutions if it is not ... I have my girlfriend and at the moment what I did not want to give us time I hope everything is to improve but I think more Well this is a step for the olive grove ... I hope and it is not like that and things improve after this ...

  43.   micaela said

    They need to redefine "time" for some, because in some cases it is a cowardly way to walk away. I asked him .. and in "time" what are you asking me, are you going to be with someone? no no I dont know. you can be with whoever you want. please
    and so one is left making illusions. after 3 days. That time .. IS DEAD TO AMI.

  44.   juan andres said

    I read most of the problems and hmm I had thought to give that time but seeing how everyone talks about taking time is like dead time because when 2 people want each other the solution is to unite but not separate and let time wither the relationship.

    I can say that I like psychology and I am many of the people that when someone has a problem I want to listen to him and help him. So if that was how my relationship started and she was doing it to me but now she leaves me last to tell everyone else and then she says something short to me in this way when I notice her sad I despair because I love her too much and not I like to see her herself, but since she asks me to do it alone, and since I don't know how to help her, I let her think but I'll stay with her without moving away

    In my opinion, if someone has a problem and if you want it, if you ask that you want to be alone, they should do it but not at all because after they think about it and realize that they need you and you are not, the matter for them and they get even more depressed, that is, if there is a room to let him be alone but being sure that when he or she asks you to come, he says everything and at that moment is when you should give him all your support and concentration.

    I tend to be very impulsive and that is my problem when something happens to me that I get jealous or she tells me that she goes out with someone or met a friend, it depresses me a lot and I start to act as an apprehensive with her. My problems are greater when jealousy attacks me. I say that I am not jealous for myself, but there are times that if something happened to me on that day and he tells me that it changes my ways of seeing life, I see it worse.

    sule that I listen to people about their problems and help them solve but

    There is something that I would like her to do, which is that when I get jealous, she controls me, she is the one who can cause it to me how I act with the person she meets and she knows how to calm me down

    But as lately she is leaving me last in everything I do not know if I should give me time to see if she looks for me but I see that it could be harmful in the relationship to do this and I just want to cry and sometimes throw myself down a ravine because I can not bear the worry What does she give me when she meets someone: / If you can help me with some advice on what she can do and I would like to thank you in order to face the problem

    and always do this never say that the other person is the one with the problem and let him solve it just for that is the relationship so that both of you help each other solve the problem only that you must find a way to listen to each other even though the subject becomes boring but It is the only solution that is heard and solutions are proposed, something that I always try to make him say but he does not do his part. That is my advice and if you know how to do so that she can understand it, I would be grateful if you tell me how you can make the couple understand to solve the problem when the subject seems boring for her.

  45.   Virginia said


    I have been a girlfriend for six years and the relationship reached a point where there was a lot of discomfort. I was not happy and neither was he. There was a lot of wear and tear, I suppose due to the number of years shared. There were many changes in both and that also influenced a lot. But the point is that we both still love each other. For this reason, I decided to ask her for time to think well what I want, to be alone and enjoy that time ... I needed a little space. He agreed. We haven't spoken to each other for six days, but he already wrote me two emails. I don't know what to do ... I don't want to delay it much longer, but I'm not sure at all since due to many problems of mine, both personal and work, I have not yet had a quiet moment where I can reflect on the subject.
    I also got along incredibly well with his parents. What I do? I call them? I do not call them? Because my estrangement was with him, not with his parents. I'm afraid of looking bad….

    I really am very lost. Because I love him, he also loves me, but we couldn't go on like that.

    Thanks and I hope help of some kind! Ha ha! Kisses!

  46.   Xavi said

    Wenas, and I had a problem with my partner, I saw her that she had been away from me for a while, she did not say anything affectionate or caressed me or anything. And the other day when I went to buskarla I told her that if she was burned out of the relationship and she answered me that she did, and I asked her if she loved me, and she said yes but not like the beginning, that she did not know if she was caught As at the beginning, she told me that we spent a lot of time together, and she told me that the last month I had returned very gloomy, that when I was getting closer she was moving away, and I proposed to her, look, take a few days without seeing me and seeing If you are better like this and he told me that it is worth it that way he would know that if he misses me it is that he loves me and if he does not post then nothing, but not the condition that we would call each other to know how we are and everything.
    What do you think about this? I think she is tired of me or that I find another
    I need answers

  47.   delfine said

    At the same time if so that he reconsiders the things he does or tries to do when they are alone and that is what his partner does not like

  48.   but by said

    hello my name is alejandra pss my boyfriend i io we have 3 years two months and pss the truth io speak kn he for k io veia k we were both very apathetic well lately and pss he supports me musho in everything but pss I saw low mushas and pss sometimes We are good sometimes bad good for not doing the story so long I talked about him and I told him if I was happy with this relationship and he told me pss yes and I said it is k io I do not feel comfortable and the truth is I already want to be well in everything and pss I want to propose three things
    1) that we win the relationship
    2) give us a time or
    3) finish
    He told me sometimes he was fine and sometimes not and he loved me and pss mushas kosas very beautiful but he told me if I let him think about the things and the next day we talked he told me, k would be for a while and I told him that I was going to respect his decision I was going to be waiting for his answer but he did not tell me for a while just not to hurt me, if he knew that he would end my friend once and for all that he would do it because I would feel more hurt if he only did it to me. I said so as not to hurt myself and I would not have a hope pss k actually I was already dead from the beginning and pss we are just going to kumplir three weeks and I am very knfunfida k I am good thanks for your answer I need a knsejo
    pd no cri I want to press him but pss the truth if I would like him to tell me if he really wants to be with me or not, I do

  49.   eliezer lopez said

    I have only been married for 8 months to my wife and she already asked me for a while, I really am really desperate, I do nothing but think about her day and night, we have been separated for 3 and a half weeks, I came to my parents' house Because she claimed that if I stayed at home it was going to be worse, she was going to treat me badly, she would not take care of me as she should and much less I was going to be able to have sex with her, she was like that for a long time until I decided to leave the house to leaving her alone, currently I feel bad because I am barely 8 months of marriage and I feel that I love her deeply and my mind cannot accept THE TIME THAT SHE IS ASKING ME, she only tells me every time we can talk, do not pressure me eliezer, leave me alone Sometimes he says that he only loves me and that hurts because he no longer says; "MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU";
    Okay, I made a lot of mistakes, I'm a pigeon in this marriage, I have consulted him to seek professional help and he doesn't want to, he just says repeatedly: "GIVE ME TIME TO ORGANIZE", please help me, I don't know what to do and I don't want to get tired of waiting because I love her and need her with me, Thank you… ..

  50.   yakelyn said

    Well the truth after having read this I felt very bad because my partner has asked me for 1 or 2 months of time to reflect and everything says that he no longer loves me for almost 9 months, I accepted the time and thought until now to wait for it all this time because I love him, but after reading I think that 1 month or more is a long time and it will only make us move further away, well now I understand that if three weeks pass and nothing happens I will understand that everything is over even though I This situation hurts more than anything because of the 5-year relationship with a couple and in addition to having a 3-year-old child, please help me and advise me

  51.   estefania said

    Well, my situation is that my partner and I took time to think ... since we have had strong problems due to character and different ways of thinking and acting, every time there was a problem we solved it and we were in an agreement but ago Little did a problem happen in which we fought and the families intervened and no longer agreed with the relationship, we decided to move on but the circumstances affect us, we know that we love each other, but this time it was because we really no longer know if the best thing is to be together. Or not, although it is difficult for us to separate because love is really strong ... what do you recommend? What is the best thing, not to decide if it is good to be with him or to separate definitively? but I can not ..

  52.   Lili said

    Hello, my problem is that topic. I was doing well with my boyfriend ... but for a month he has been working in another city and well, we no longer see each other, now he has greater responsibilities, that is why we have argued, because there is no time for me, although I understand that I have to do many things.
    So before ending badly and continuing to argue, he asked me to "give us some time", I don't know exactly what that means, I want it, but I don't know whether to give him time ... well that would be like waiting for him and it's a bit selfish to hope for a person.
    What I do???

  53.   July said

    Hello, I was reading the article and the comments and I found them very interesting. In each one I saw reflected the history of different people I know and they went through the same situations as well. In my opinion, contrary to what most believe, wasting time in certain situations is fine. Perhaps it is because in my experience it served, and I think that is what it is about, knowing how to analyze the situation and make a decision accordingly. In my case, I have asked for times and they have also asked me. The weather is good when the one who asks for it feels burdened perhaps by a very absorbing partner. In that case you get tired and need a little space for yourself. But if you need it once, you probably need it again and again. Therefore, time is good, but you always have to COMMUNICATE what you feel to the other, and that time enrich both of you trying to think about what went wrong and how to solve it. On the other hand, those times that are taken because one of the two feels bad about life problems in general, I do not think they are positive since they not only distance the couple, but also make that strength that one achieves from the other don't feel it anymore. If one does not allow the other to participate in their achievements as well as their failures, then that is not a couple, because that is about sharing and living together both bad and good experiences. But it must be borne in mind that RESPECT and support in these cases is essential, since we cannot continue adding conflicts to these people who are in crisis, and perhaps sometimes it is better to let time pass for the other person to I can recover so I can be at ease and talk about this once the storm has passed. So I say it depends on the case. Love is this, the twists and turns, affection, support, understanding, respect, exchange, tolerance, communication and forgiveness, among many other things. It is a matter of two to know how to solve them and go through the bad times, we are not alone in the world, we just have to know how to look around.

    I hope it has served,


  54.   andyyy said

    Hello, my situation is as follows: and I'm confused, I don't know what to do or think, I had been with my boyfriend for a year and five months, for this, after two months of dating, he gave me the engagement ring ... we pointed out that one year from that day we would get married ... time passed, and since approximately August I told him that I had already formalized all with the family that formally asked me, he told me in 15 days it would pass and nothing and so ... To see them, he told me that he couldn't, and things he did ... he is a person busy with his work or some occasions, I asked him for more time to be with me and he got upset and did ... one day comes and he tells me that he wants some time Since he has a lot of work and he will not be able to give me the attention that the relationship itself requires, I pracicamnete cut me off, but he told me in April we will return and put a date. I don't know what to think about for this he is 26 years old and I am 28 ... I don't know what is happening ... and even more so when he asks for time when there is already a commitment ,,, what do you think there are possibilities or ultimately there is no way to break this. .

  55.   Maria fer said

    Hello, I am a bit distressed because 2 weeks ago I broke up with my ex partner, we managed to be together 3 years, but we ended up because I got bored that he would break up with me whenever he got angry, he had very immature attitudes which ended up causing me much insecurity and suffering.
    This time is the one we have lasted the longest apart, and he begs me to come back, to be with him, he says he loves me and recognizes that he is immature. I still love it, but I'm afraid to try again.
    What do you advise me?

  56.   richard said

    0la a todod0s¡¡ pss look at me at the moment I feel very bad and a little confused ,,,,,,,,, I am going to adjust 4 months with my girlfriend and in the last week we had several problems and then keria that we would give ourselves A time that is as short as possible just to think about the things that are happening to us and to look at what we are doing so as not to make the situation more serious and both of us ,,, but even though she asked me for this time promising that we will return in one week I don't feel bad and I don't know what to think ,,,,? ¡

  57.   richard said

    And although we both love each other too much and we love each other, it hurts us a lot to give each other this time since we are both too proud, and although sometimes I think that if this time is necessary to rethink the situation I do not stop feeling myself wrong ,,, what do you advise me? ¡? ¡

  58.   ivan said

    I think that if you are confused and you are the one who asks for a time, it is because something is not right within you ... if you are going to give yourself some time, it is best that you be honest with yourself and decide well, make the decisions that you should take and not leave q time heals everything (that does not exist) ... since love is a decision beyond our mistakes or those of our partner. (Love is patient, it is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or proud.5 It is not rude, it is not selfish, it does not get angry easily, it does not hold a grudge. rejoices with the truth. He excuses everything, believes everything, hopes everything, endures everything. "1 Corinthians, New Testament")

  59.   ivan said

    Love is patient, it is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or proud.5 It is not rude, it is not selfish, it does not get angry easily, it does not hold a grudge.6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.7 All things Excuse me, he believes everything, he expects everything, he supports everything.

  60.   paulina said

    Hi! I have a serious problem 1 week ago, my 4-year-old boyfriend, with whom we practically lived together, caught me a history of conversation with a friend who was actually an ex during a time when we were separated… .the thing is, this ex was still telling me He loved me and missed me and I told him the same thing ... almost as forced so that he would not get angry with me, because we were still friends ... my boyfriend thought that I had cheated on him and he ended up with me, he does not want to know anything about me ,, I called him a lot this week to explain that things are not as he thinks ... I want to get him back at the cost of everything, so I myself told him that I would give him some time if he wanted it and he told me that if nothing else ... I repeat that I want to get him back, I love him more than anyone and I have never been unfaithful to him .. please give me some advice, if I leave him alone for a while ??? so that he thinks what else I can do .. because I am always insistent with him when we finish. .please need help to get it back.thanks

  61.   Cinthia said

    Hello, I had a dating relationship, I had a year and two months, many things happened, first it was that my parents did not know, then it was time, the religion asked me to give each other some time.

  62.   melody said

    Well, look at you, I want to comment on my breakup ..

    They were very reqte happy, everything perfect and I do not know, how to live on a honeymoon, it has been a year and a half.
    and I did not begin to notice nose, oddities, that when we discussed, they were more serious discussions, a lot of pasotism between the two and nose, a lot of pride, especially the ...

    And I don't know, far away, boredom, he let me want to sleep more together, because each one of us lives in our houses, of course.

    And I don't know, he began to tell me to everyone that, to walk away and I don't know, he never said to speak and face together, the mistakes that he made while all the discussions, and I don't know that he loves me, I believe or even feel obsession, because it is not clear .

    and once I let myself go like this, so, better so friends, without being told, see the mistakes, and what is better for both of us, and well he asked for time, but he does not leave me, neither in the sun nor in the shade, and no matter how much I explain to him things are not left and to cool down, they have to open up and see the errors, to improve them not that but, they will continue there even if they return and start more coldly, but they will be there, I don't need help to see what to do and I don't ...

    It is quite strange, it closes itself very much, and it is an ominous, then at the same time it reacts and asks me for forgiveness but I don't know ...

    honestly this time I don't know, why I don't think about it ... he, sometimes he's fine and other times I'm jealous, I'm going with each other and I don't know….

    I need help boys and girls kissing

  63.   Calbrigee said

    Good Afternoon
    The truth is that I am very sad and it hurts a lot since I have been through so many beautiful things with my boyfriend and now suddenly after a year he tells me that he needs time to think and maybe to miss me more and love me more but I do not know something he tells me that there is something more than that that he is telling me and the truth is that I am very bad because I feel that it is not sincere, please help me at least one piece of advice.

  64.   Yess said


    Well, what can I tell you, I have been in a relationship for 11 years, the last two were already living as a couple, we began to have strong problems for 6 months, now he comes and tells me that he wants time because he feels very pressured and that he feels that he has lost his identity that he no longer did the same things as before, he does not frequent his family as he would like ...

    He says he no longer teeth the same as before, but he still loves me. He told me to give him three months, but I asked him for only one month to meet again and to help him in his reflection ... I think I already lost him and I grieve horrible ... because I still love him ...

    Another thing is he does not tell me the complete things and that makes me impatient, he says that he does not comment on it because he is afraid of my reaction, now that I see him more coldly, the time was a pretext for not telling me with all the words: Let's finish.

    He is still at home, because I gave him time to find where to move. When he kisses me he doesn't know if he does it because he loves me or out of habit, I know he feels something ... but I don't know if it's just affection or love. We end up making love in every encounter, and it's really good like the first time… I think this part is the one that still keeps us company.

    I emailed him a few minutes ago with a poem and this was all he answered:
    Thanks for the poem, it's very, ... very cute.
    Really thank you

    I will need professional help to get over it, and you know how much it hurts to know that something as dear as the love of your lives has been lost.

    Greetings and good luck to everyone.

  65.   > said

    I've been with my girlfriend for just over a year.

    At 3 months he was unfaithful to me with his ex, I forgive her and the thing is forgotten.
    However, for a month or so, he has not stopped asking me for time, saying that the relationship is not the same ... which is true. We do not maintain intimate relationships, we argue a lot ... and she continually tells me that the relationship is worn out.

    I don't know what to do, because she continually hurts me, but I love her so much ... For her part, I think I'm sure she loves me, although sometimes doubts, jealousy and others assail me ...

    Now we are in a supposed time, and she calls me, she is pending of me, although we do not have many words of affection ... in two weeks we will see each other again and I do not know what to do or how to act ...

  66.   nathalis said

    My opinion is that for me the time should not exist because when your partner asks you for a time is when he feels indecisive about what he has and is not sure if that person really wants to me, my partner asked me for a time and I felt very bad sometimes I wonder why he asked me for a time maybe he does not want me kizas is for me to improve my failures

  67.   Small said

    my story begins here ... two days ago my girlfriend asked me for time and I ... I do not want time ... I know very well that if she asks me for time it is because she really needs it ... and I do too but I do not want to ... even so I have to accept her decision, I don't even know why I'm writing here ... I guess because I'm desperate and it's only been two days ... we have both passed each other, without thinking about what we do right and wrong ... now I can only think of good things for her, Now that I am on the edge of the abyss .. I realize that I have to be more attentive and be more for her…. I do not want this to end here, she is a girl who is really worth it .. she had a very hard childhood and when I met her, her life changed, and I know that I have failed as a friend and partner ... she has values ​​that I will never have and it has taught me a lot to walk through this shitty world .. now I only have eyes for her .. I am desperate and I am not clear .. I have no space in my head to think about whether or not it is worth fighting for she .. I just want to be with her again and be able to show her that I really love her and that I am with her for everything she needs, I simply need to solve my way of thinking… the selfishness that I created and that people's comments stop care ... I knew him being a crazy goat of life ... and so did she ... but where are those moments of madness ... they have been lost ... I need to go back to those times with her ... is what she wants ... and me I also want to… look for solutions now is like asking the devil himself to let me out of his a Margura ... I'm 25 years old and I've been with her for 4 years ... I need her ... She tells me that she doesn't feel like me ... I don't attract her, I need to make her fall in love again like the first day I met her ... I love you ...

  68.   Xavier said

    I have read your comments and I imagine how hard you are going through ... I have been with my girlfriend, Noelia for 2 years and 15 days and the relationship is not working. I am a person who believes a lot in equality in many areas of the couple and in mutual support but she does not correspond to me and does not make an effort to correct her mistakes. For my part, I recognize that as a human being I have made mistakes and I am partly to blame for the current situation of the relationship, but she does not promise to work hard to change aspects of her that hurt me and that I consider very selfish and comfortable.

    She tells me that she loves me but sometimes and it hurts me to say it, it is hard for me to believe her because loving is also demonstrated in facts and I do not deny that she has not had details with me, but a large part of her actions does not correspond to loving a person.

    This weekend I'll talk to her. Breaking will be the last card I will put on the table because I want to be brave and try to solve our problems. Maybe for a while it will help us both to settle our heads about our relationship.

    I wish you all the best!

  69.   Protection said

    Hello, I am a woman married for 20 years with two daughters, my husband had to go away to work, because he was 2 years without work, the coexistence was arguments, reproaches, etc., rather for the children or for financial problems, now my Husband asks me to think about it, when he can come to see us a few days a month, but he tells me that in the two months that he was away that he has not missed me, I love him very much and it hurts so much for everything the psychological damage that

  70.   Protection said

    Hello, I am a woman married for 20 years with two daughters, my husband had to go away to work, because he was 2 years without work, the coexistence was arguments, reproaches, etc., rather for the children or for financial problems, now my Husband asks me to think about it, when he can come to see us a few days a month, but he tells me that in the two months that he was away that he has not missed me, I love him very much and it hurts so much for everything the psychological damage that I caused him, I told my husband that I was very sorry and that I still love him, I would like to know if he really tells me that he is no longer the same because he feels hurt or because he no longer loves me, I do not know 5 The days that he came to see us were very happy for me and we made love, I have doubts and he too, my question is fine that I connect every day on the internet or should I stop doing it

  71.   Andrew said

    Hello (I need help) whoever answers please

    I have been dating for 3 years, I have always been faithful to my girlfriend but she has always lied to me ... things like I go to sleep and she goes to a party, I am at home and she is at a concert, in this way she He has been lying to me a lot, a lot and every time that happens I feel very bad, something in my chest hurts very badly. She says it's because I don't like going to parties or going out or dancing. Nor do I like to go out with her friends to any meeting, but I do like to be with her always, share simple moments such as going to the movies, eating, walking, etc. Our sex life is active. The last time she lied to me was recently, she went to her town, and met a guy with whom she went out, danced, drank and ended up kissing him, this happened on the first day of having met him the next two also happened When I got here I felt that she was lying to me because I found her a message that said (hello heart I had to come call me to see if we left) I felt bad and from that moment I knew that she was lying to me until I took everything out begging her to give me the cell phone to call him and tell him that she is with me and others did not want to touch me in front of her to do it. The question is should I give it another try? She tells me that this is the cap that overflows the bottle. I forgive her. I told her that I forgive her that I want to be with her, but she asks me for a while? Can you believe it? I mean, who should ask her, I don't do it and she does? It should be noted that I did not kiss her I did not like kissing her very much but that is a reason for her to go out and kiss with the guy she met? Being my girlfriend? Help me please I love her and unfortunately I fell in love with her now just when she made that mistake I don't want to leave her because it hurts a lot, it is a very ugly feeling
    It is appreciated that any lady respond also gentlemen thank you

    1.    nadia said

      Hello Andres!! I understand you a lot, I happened to this but it was my boyfriend years ago who went out with a girl and came drunk, it cost me a lot and I forgive him at the time but now with years it becomes difficult to follow a relationship because that is something you must live with Your partner is like a stain that is still there, now I found him a message from a girl with whom I was going to go out but it was all hidden from me, it hurt a lot, so we take some time, sometimes it is better to cut it before not to suffer, think about it It is not easy when you love your partner very much.

  72.   Nazarene said

    I need help

    Hello, I am Nazareno, I am 24 years old and I have a 4-month relationship with a 33-year-old separated woman who has 2 daughters, one 16 years old and the other 9 years old. Well the thing is like this ... Before I knew her, she was a scourge, I was totally abandoned until a friend introduced her to me. Fernanda is her name and from there my life changed completely. First and foremost, she had a rather rough past so much that I mark her until today and everything that lives day to day with me feels that terror that it will repeat itself.
    Her ex screwed up her life so much, she lived it trashing, she never made her feel like a loved woman, she always gave her the image of a cuckold.
    The most horrible thing he did to her was to make her pay the price for not wanting to give her a male hujo after she had already had her two daughters ... the one who screwed up one more time, went and went to bed with another and had it ... . The worst thing is that in the end she did not want to take care of that son ... finally after she finished with her ex, she decides to do something that layers that is the great source by which she wants to extinguish the love we have and leave me the way free ... It is nothing more and nothing less than having surgery on the tubes so that I can not have more children and what happened will not happen again ... a few weeks is where I appear and meet her. This is simple, what hurts the most is that she loves me so much and I know that she still loves me, she knows very well that she will never be able to give me a child because she knows well what it is to have one and she does not want to be an obstacle in my life. that destroys me because my love for her is immense and I cannot forget her for a single second and despite everything I accepted her life and decided to be with her, love her and protect her. The first 2 and almost three months it was rosy but this last month she changed completely for various reasons ... the first mistake we made was to have lived at her house for 2 months just by going to my house from time to time and having done that In such a short time she felt that the relationship was worn out a little ... but that was their fault, she wanted him to always be there for fear that I would meet someone younger than her more beautiful and that I would end up leaving her as her ex and him ran away. mine was for allowing me to live with her the first months ... according to her she told me that that time we spent a bit of time ... another mistake was having met one's family in such a short time that made us see ourselves as a more formal couple as much as if we had been married ... now today her ex spends less and less on the maintenance of her daughters and I am somewhat with a kilombo of accounts that I cannot help her financially therefore she has to kill herself working double shift morning and afternoon cleaning dirt from c Family handles always arrive busted at the end of the day ... her mother had a personality change, her self-esteem was too low, as old age came suddenly and that was a big impact on her. Fernanda who is so attached to her and who is the only one who takes care of her mother when something she did happens to her ... she brought her home and that's where the relationship fell apart ... I didn't even see her anymore, her double work shift, in which she had to take care of her mother and in her two great loves, as she says, her daughters no longer had space for her as much as to meet with her friends as to take a little time with me ... that started to throw me away down every time she felt more distant and she noticed it and what's more I told her what was happening, so once I was at work she sent me a message telling me…. »it doesn't bother me in my life, I It annoys that you don't understand that I need time to think and I don't need to do it, I no longer have time to think about myself I only have time to think about my mother, my daughters and the people who have to clean up the dirt from her house »... .Now if I send him messages it bothers him and if I don't send him it's because I didn't send him.
    Nowadays I am like this, things are like this ... I need several advice please, I want to continue this relationship, she is very important to me and I want to give her all that love as a couple that she never had. Do I keep waiting for her and give her that time she needs or do I painfully have to walk away?

  73.   barbara said

    My boyfriend asked me for time because he says that he is overwhelmed and does not know what he feels about me now since he told him many lies and now he tells me that he is overwhelmed and that he has courage to me, we will be only a week without seeing each other and our relationship was only 2 months I'm fatal

  74.   rockmarine said

    I would like you to help me write a letter for Valentine's Day, because my husband is 400 km away from me and that day we will not be able to be together, thank you

  75.   omega said

    I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years and we have had a fairly distant life but in my opinion full of love, although sometimes I am very suspicious »now when we plan to live together she has asked me for time» the thing is that she lives in a different city from mine and to be with me, she would have to leave her family and her work »she says she needs to think about what to do, but I say it will be good for the relationship» she had promised me and swore more than 1 time that it did not matter that we would be together etc etc, , but now she says that she needs time that she loves me but that she needs time to know what she will do, someone who gives me advice, what should I think about that ,,,, I have not seen her for 3 months and now that I saw her at times she was fine and not for others »and I was thinking of staying with her but she wanted me to leave ,, help»

  76.   HELLO said

    Well, I want to share with you my relationship with my partner, since I met this person I never thought of falling madly in love again with someone where you feel that he is the ideal person to make your life; We have had problems in some where I have caused them, I think at the time out of fear, fear of losing that loved one. And well, now we have given ourselves that time to reflect on every detail and if on the part of the other person in his faith he wishes to be with me, then I will try to contribute and understand if there will be a reconciliation then not to miss this opportunity, and then also to ask him see in an educated way what the mistakes were and later know how to face what could happen in the future, since not all people are the same to judge or criticize what we sometimes feel or say, I feel that it is better sincere for our couple feel comfortable and calmly… ..

  77.   carmen said

    I have been with my boyfriend for a month and all those days, it has been great, but from one day to the next, the change and he tells me he needs a little time, he is confused and k no keria k will this happen ... I need Help me, how should I take this, what Minovio tells me, I don't know how to do it, ok to think, help me please.

  78.   joan said

    Hi everyone…
    I am here for something too, without having to tell you my story because I am exhausted ... I just want to tell you that it is difficult for us especially when we have children, but you have to be calm first of all, value yourself, engage in something productive, (avoid TV) these days I discovered this site, it has helped me despite the situation I hope you too

  79.   eduardo said

    it's my personal opinion
    I think taking time is shit
    If you love or love someone, it does not matter, it is getting you into acid or if it hurts you all over your body or that it hurts you if you really love or they love you, they will want to have her or him, even if you smell bad or you feet suck that's when they really love you even if things go wrong you can't ask for that shit to give yourself some time those are blowjobs
    we all make mistakes and make mistakes
    also a relationship is two
    and if there is a cause and an effect
    Everything we do, everything, no matter how well you see it, you have to look at it and analyze things because everything has repercussions
    It is easy when they are months and even so it hurts to the ass but it is worse when they are years.

  80.   nancy said

    Well my problem is that I asked my boyfriend for some time for

  81.   paola said

    Well then, my case is the following, I have a 7-year marriage and two children, we had constant problems, but everything was solved and that's it, but it got to the point that he no longer wanted to be at home ,, He used to drink and would arrive very late, and I complained to him ,, for doing this…. Well, I did not want to give explanations ,,, and he left me alone with the children ,, he did not care ,,,,, he continued like this and, when he made love to me, he no longer felt it sentimentally, and also claimed him crying because I I felt very sad about this …………………. and I told him to take some time, at first he didn't want to ,, but now ,, he takes it seriously ,, we have been in this for 4 months ,,, he went to work in another city ,,, starting the time on He called me or wrote me, but taking a safe distance ,, but now ,, he no longer calls me ,,,, since he left 5 days ago he does not call me and does not even ask about his children ,, we spoke last week when he came, ,, and he commented to me that there is no one ,, because when he comes he looks for me sexually ,, and I agree thinking that it is affection ,, but no ,, he only wants pleasure ,, and that saddens me… .. 15 days ago ,, I complained to him for some comments on the blackberry that were very compromising for me, but he told me that that was nothing, that simply, he greeted that friend to himself ... the truth is, I believed him, because there was nothing wrong, without However, I threw him out of the house, but he did not leave, it is more I beg myself, so that he would not think that, and he made love to me trembling with passion and a little sad. !!!! and he told me that I did not have to divorce because of that nonsense ,, then ,, again the next day ,,, he wanted to take the time ,, and continue in what he was ……… ..and eight days ago ,, he again I claimed something more silly, which was a photo with some friends and an old woman, and he became delicate and wanted to see me as guilty to such an extent that I apologized to him, because I told him not to consider me guev…. ,, and now ,, nothing …………. He does not call me, nor is he interested in my children, I don't know what to think, he says that in 2 months when he finishes his work we have to tell ourselves but he says that the safest thing is that the balance will tip much more to the separation … .. but the one who has to decide is not me ,, because I love him too much ,, and I have suffered a lot for this ,,, I do not know what to do ,, advise me ,, please

  82.   Jeni said

    Hi, I'm jeni, I've been a girlfriend for 2 years and 4 months with my boyfriend whom I love with all my heart and he also, our big problem is that he always made me jealous and saw things where they don't exist, I've been fighting and agunatando all his jealousy that does not lead to very ugly arguments. From so much discussing this month in reality everything because of the problems that he encountered and there were not many, but not many, I began to notice that he was more distant from me and he did not caress me so much but he was still by my side, we never had three days separated by a fight. Well I got sick of this and I talked to him and I told him that if he would definitely change that it was the last chance or that if he did not change, be honest and let's end the relationship here. He asked me please that we do not finish to give him some time to think that he knows that we can not continue like this and the truth is that this hurt a lot and I am suffering a lot the strange thing too much I do not know anything about him 5 days ago and more or less spoke more For 15 days without seeing each other, I have not called him or my friend, even my head begins to think anything until it is with another person. I would appreciate your opinions

  83.   Mariana said

    Hello, I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years 7 months, he is married as who says I am the apple of discord the first year everything was honey on flakes, unfortunately everything has been wearing away it has become fights and more fights and very damaged tin despite That he had his wife and I cheated on me for almost a year, that is, we were already 3 women in his life and even so, I continue with him, we realize that our relationship is destructive but I feel that if he leaves me I die I feel sad alone And the only thing I do is cry at the request of a month to heal the wounds, what do you think ???

  84.   Mariu said

    Hello, I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years, before everything was rosy ... he was very tender and me too, there were almost never fights ... but some time ago his work began to distance us, I in school then the same ... and it was not long that we saw each other ... and we fought for anything, a few days ago we finished and I went to look for him because I felt VERY bad, and I felt that he no longer cares about having details with me as before, (although he is still very affectionate and everything)… we returned…, but today, I asked him for a time, not a day has passed and I feel terrible…. We both have mistakes, but I feel that I fall more into them, I leave him and I look for him, I ask him for time and I can't stand it anymore, please help me ... he says he will always love me, but I no longer believe him, No I know why ... 🙁

  85.   Diego said

    Hello, well, look, I had thought of doing something like that, it was with a girl who was in love with me, but I realized that when she spoke to me and I got along with her, we only talked one day, it happened about a year and a half before I stopped see her and greet her, therefore she was a very pretty girl, but according to that time she allowed herself to be manipulated by friends who like reggaeton, she had talent on the piano, she sang beautifully, but before finishing high school I had the chance to speak with her 2 times, she was quiet, she was angry, shy but she ended up saying that she felt harassed by me that bothered her and she ended up saying that she has no interest in me, until I agreed with what she told me, I arrived on the last day of school, I leaned against the wall of the hall until she and her friends were scared when they realized that they were spying on me until I had no idea that they came looking for me, I kept looking at that girl in the eyes she also congruently until I understood about all the offense that he told me that he was no longer interested in me, that I am leaving without saying goodbye, I had a pending Facebook request of mine until I had already thought about rejecting me and I felt that it was my fault because I felt that I made her cry, I was also crying from that time because I never had the opportunity that she could forgive me, until I never knew if she was still in love with me or not and it is something very sad but now I don't know whether to wait 3 years for That she can forget everything and that she can be forgiven by her I thank this blog for the opinions of all those who felt rejected by the girls, the truth is I never had a girlfriend I am a serious, shy boy and I am 19 years old greetings to all who are well

  86.   Martinez said

    My boyfriend asked me for some time to think about things & well I actually told him I already have 1 years 3 months with him & this had not happened: / until today I love him & I don't even know what to think

  87.   Jennifer Sanchez said

    Hello, my problem is that I have been married for 7 years, we have a 3-year-old son and 5 years ago our 1st daughter died 3 weeks ago my husband has been very changed I x rravia I told him that I was illuinating with a boy by message to See if he changed his way of being after we were more or less a few days ago I argued with him because he kept writing it on his phone and he told me that it was that he liked how a friend wrote to him who treated him well and I fought with him. I pulled over and arune him and he was furious he left the house and I did not allow it and he asked me for 1 month of time I gave it to him, I came so that my sister and he told me that he changed with me because of my jealousy because I value him a lot because He can't go out alone from time to time when I'm insulting him, aller, I talked to him, I told him that I could give him the daughter he was asking me for, that I was waiting for September to go on trips, that he loved him and everything nice and he didn't answer why would it be because his silence also when he called me I told him to give me another op Ortunidad and he told me to let him think last week he told me that he felt good alone and I asked him if he loved me that if he loved me and he told me that he did not know he was always affectionate with me I do not know why I drive him away with my jealousy what do I do I do not look for him anymore I do not write to him anymore because he is also treating me with an uglier indifference, it will be who really has another I want to die

    1.    deynir said

      Hello Yeniffer, I am also joining this very good forum, it is not 7 years, I still count and I have been with the mother of my daughter for 6 years, but for a year now I have given her the confidence to work, and in that lapso made a friendship very, very much with the owner of the company so much so that they shared time, that is, the owner of the premises encouraged her to go to the gym, jog, get ready, among other things, but hey. Since that year that she has been working, what she did was value herself as a woman and while I was more in love with her because her self-esteem grew, while I gave her everything to keep her happy, but her friend and boss died in March 2011, And she moved away from me and my daughter gave herself more to her work, and that worried me and we didn't even talk, I really started to feel jealous, I abandoned myself. but I still love her very much now today. We are giving each other a while after a fight, of course I went out of my senses, and now we are like that I look for her, we talk and I know she needs it. and she needs me but there are relatives behind her, judging me for that fight, but it doesn't matter my daughter needs me and she knows that I love her…. And so I will continue remember that the heart also gets tired and more if one has made mistakes…. Do not insist so much, obviate it and you will see that even if it is for your son he will call you, so does my daughter's mother. and when I hear her voice waooo .. what a feeling because I fell in love with her even more and she fell in love with her workoo …… almost the same fight to win…

  88.   Ruben said

    The truth is that I do not know how to start my story, but I will try. I am 30 years old and my partner 35 years old, we have been living together for almost 5 years, since August 16 we are separated. It all started the day she lost the In the messenger he had added a contact for a long time until one day that contact spoke to him, as a result of there he did not stop talking to him, he says that he likes talking with that person a lot and things have gotten worse. They even talk on the phone, send messages etc ... And the strongest of all, she went to meet him and they had coffee.

    The case that she tells me that she loves me because of the friction of all these years, the truth is that I am a very good person and I have always behaved well with her and we have never argued, few times. I was living with her and when I saw that she was talking on the phone with her friend and she would not stop laughing, I understood that I did not paint anything there so I told her that I wanted to leave, I told her and she began to cry, the next day I left and also she began to cry. She tells me that she loves me and that she wants to always have me as a good friend.

    I know that at first she is excited about her friend, but time and routine destroy everything just as it has happened to us.She wants to risk a relationship of 5 years to be with a person from another city (Barcelona), me I am from Alicante. Well, she will know what she does. She feels so strong for this person that she is capable of going to Barcelona and leaving everything. Based on what I know, I have given my opinion to her and I think not This possible relationship is going to bear fruit, he is a very busy person who works a lot and he will not have time for her.

    I know that this time that we have given each other is the beginning of the end and I still don't have everything very recent and I don't believe it.

  89.   Ruben said

    I have been with my girlfriend for almost two years, despite the distance we got along very well. At first she was always on top of me, she always came to see me but for a while now I notice how she passes me, even my friends have noticed. When I get angry, she always replies that she loves me very much and that she is still in love but she does not show it with her actions, she becomes defensive, commenting that I imply that she is the bad guy in the relationship. I have asked her for some time to think in the hope that she will change, but she has taken it as I want to leave her. I do not know what to do

    1.    Adriana said

      If you and she already have intimacy, grab her from that part and I don't want it to sound strange to you, but that type of person has to find a solution like this ... because they are always on the defensive and in their privacy you will notice if she is afraid of be loved or feel too much love towards you, to the point that she falls in love too much with you.Ask her that if her fear is to fall in love to the bone with you but do not do it when they are arguing do it when you have her in your arms and you will notice if she gets nervous or if she contradicts herself, fill her with caresses and she will feel all your love.

  90.   Margherita said

    I think that taking time is useless, I have been living with my boyfriend for eight years and on three occasions I have left the house, giving us time to reflect and the truth is that we change for a while and then everything is the same complicated, the relationship is very cold, boring, I feel that my boyfriend is afraid of commitment, I always ask him to be more affectionate, understanding, kind and in the first weeks well and then everything remains the same.

  91.   Margherita said

    I think that taking time is useless, I have been living with my boyfriend for eight years and on three occasions I have left the house, giving us time to reflect and the truth is that we change for a while and then everything is the same complicated, the relationship is very cold, boring, I feel that my boyfriend is afraid of commitment, I always ask him to be more affectionate, understanding, kind and in the first weeks well and then everything remains the same.

    At this moment we are separated; I am living in my mother's house, I have been there for three weeks and it is difficult to adapt to the new life; In this time I feel that it has not been good to fix my relationship as a couple, because communication with my ex is very limited and cutting, I feel that I love him, I love him, and He says the same but we do not show each other anything when we are together ; I feel an immense emptiness in my soul, but I also feel that I must think of myself and do many things that I have pending.

  92.   lilianna said

    hello I want to tell my story I just broke up with my boyfriend, I tell you before starting he always told me that he lacks illusion that he is missing something but I give in to be with me we have had good times but also quite a few fights in which I always insisted to continue .. and now after this time I have depression I feel bad and that was the moment in which he left me .. now he says that he does not call him or anything that gives time to time but in another way he tells me He will never be with me again but he does not know how to identify his feelings. I do not know what to do? I need help please

  93.   maria teresa said

    olz .. well I don't know how to start .. the truth is, I'm very sad…. My lover asked me for a while, the truth is, I don't know what to think about .. he works from Monday to Saturday and only rests on Sundays and since I study, we couldn't see each other .. only on Sundays we saw each other despite only seeing each other once a week. Muxo I started kerer too much, the months passed and we continued the same ... but then we didn't see nisikiera on Sundays because he didn't call me nisikiera I was looking for me as much as possible to see us but nothing ... there were other days in k he entered msn and He told me love, I'll call you longer to see us .. I waited for the said call but nothing did not do it and so it was several weeks without seeing us and when I entered the facebook, you said you have pork, these axi, I love you, I love you, do not bother now I have problems .. and so on, but I say yes to him if you have problems, tell me, here I am here to help you but he did not say anything to me so much and he had me crazy afterwards, download a photo he la k he appears with a girl and in the photo he said 100pre together no one will take us away no I told him nothing and I finished him on facebook I told him that he is better if me to say that I'm still with him if we don't see each other ... he was bitter and he told me that pork ended up on facebook that way it wasn't so we had to speak I told him k Yes, after two days and he told me, I'll call you, I told him now, but = nunka, he called me to see us and talk, we finished and he told me that he would be with me and a lot of things we will come back ... then he tells me I feel bad I don't know What happens to me and if we give ourselves some time ... I told him that you want more time apart from all these weeks, we haven't seen each other, I got bitter muxo and finished with him ... now I'm sad I miss him muxo muxo and I don't know what to do? help me please!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  94.   Leo said

    I just asked my partner for some time ... and it's not because I get tired of her or I don't love her anymore ... it's because we have a lot of problems and we need both of us to re-evaluate our relationship ... a couple of weeks is enough will be very good, we will both realize if our love is greater and each see the mistakes that he made and correct them. more than 2 weeks is already dangerous ... there if you can cool things down.

  95.   laws said

    Hello, I asked my partner for time and it is not because I did not love her or love her, I am going for a week's vacation and I want you to analyze if she loves me or not if in those days she sees that she needs me if she needs me, and just like me of him. And if you want to continue in your life, if when you see me love grows, it strengthens and makes us want to continue and not separate more perfectly, the time works and if when you arrive, you reject me, you move away or get elusive, it was simply that that time understood that you did not He loved me that without me he was still fine, and he prefers to end the relationship, with the pain in my soul I will leave him but this will save me 3.4. or 10 years next to someone who does not love me and that only in a few days he understood it and I will have the opportunity to make my life with another person and not regret it late ... or damage a home ... time is necessary but you also have to know how to ask for it or give it with conditions and making everything clear, time should not be taken as an excuse to leave someone because for that it should be Brave and face reality must be to analyze not with your partner, because if you try to find answers you will not find her because after the fight you miss and forget and you accumulate it is better to think to clear your mind without having to the couple at the do so that he lets you analyze and you let him analyze. their courtship, marriage or relationship as a couple what they have ... above all seeking help is important ... both from therapists, as well as from God who is love and gives peace of heart, forgive no matter how painful it is not to change the person help to improve The two of both, leave the monotony, the routine ... that kills gentlemen kills, oh, to always have in love the young mind, the adventures, the magic, the fantasy, without reaching the ridiculous perhaps for many due to age, but If as young people we liked to invent, recreate, experiment with the couple, why not as adults or adults? See an older person, is generally looking for a younger one? why has new things? but even adults we can't; imagine, experiment and recreate new things? do we lose our memory? We can make ourselves beautiful for them but we cannot also beautify it and renew our desire for the sea, to experiment in a healthy and fun way? Of course, yes, but gentlemen, do not get carried away by customs, routine, shame, does anyone ask for time for what? for something new! clear to rest from the same; of the fights; but together in the same bed they do not speak, they only think and sigh ... with a why? Hopefully ... or solutions that they do not put into practice ... it is if we are as many young people in the XNUMXst century say that we have to run with him, and advance with him, because it is not time to improve too !!! as parents, children, spouses, brothers ect ... God give me the wisdom and knowledge that I need to love, share and enjoy what I have that this life is one and nothing more ...

  96.   gaby said

    I think asking for a time is not so bad !! my boyfriend and I are going through a time of crisis too, but at least I think that crises are to clean up relationships. I think about telling him to take some time, so we analyze things, work on our mistakes, focus on our virtues and stop projecting insecurities on the other. I also do not think that asking for a time of more than 3 weeks is breaking the relationship. everything is relative and each couple will need the time they require! At least for me, 3 weeks is very little if I REALLY want to make positive changes for myself and for the relationship! My intention is not to party, or get myself a lover, or get drunk until dawn! that is of the fools, of the immature! my time is to make the most of it and always keeping my boyfriend in mind and in my heart ...

    it is all I can contribute! take some time, times are not bad if you take advantage of it to improve yourself as a person and improve the relationship!

    1.    yiyis said

      Hello Gaby

      I would like to know how it was in that time and if I improve the relationship with your boyfriend since I did the same as you and I have been reflecting for a week alone and wanting to mature in many things with the desire that we return to be happy ... I miss it A lot but I don't know if he responded to me since the last email I answered him 4 days ago, clarifying things, he didn't answer me, but then I didn't look for him so as not to press him or anything ... but we didn't tell ourselves how long to take then I don't know what to do.


  97.   selene ..... said

    I do not think that a couple should take time ... because the only thing that happens is that the feeling cools down my boyfriend asked me for a while but I decided to finish with him and then he calls me and tells me that we will come back tomorrow I talk with him I hope that everything is solutions ... because I love him apart I don't understand about the time he told me that he was wrong that he was a weon and when I asked him about the time he told me that he was curious because he was afraid because what he feels for me in such a short time is very strong … what should I do

  98.   yunely said

    I have the following question three days ago my boyfriend and I fought and I told him that the relationship was bored I said it because I was very upset but three days later I called him on the phone and he told me that the best thing was to finish I was taken by surprise because I did not expect it but we spoke personally and I managed to convince him that everything I said was not true so I asked him for a chance and he said no until he finally said yes and he told me that he was very upset that he wanted what he wanted. was that we were fine what I want to know is that if I finished and after I spoke with the weak and he told me that if we were well it means that he really wanted to end me or it was a moment of anger, please advise me, thank you….

  99.   LAURISANDOVAL said

    Six months ago I started dating someone, we had an impressive chemistry, we chatted all the time and even went out, and we called each other…. After 3 months we gave ourselves an opportunity to have something more serious ... but he was not very sure about this since the person with whom he was previously left many wounds in his heart ... but little by little I was healing them, he told me ….
    A few days later I found out that he still communicated with her and then he denied me everything and in the end he had to accept it, I did not get angry because he was honest with me and told me everything ... I cannot deny that it hurt a lot but the lie hurts when you you agree and the truth for the moment so q case closed…. last week, we met and he saw something he didn't like on my cell…. The truth is that, in anguish, I erased it but it is more my misfortune that he already had it engraved in his mind ... he told me that he would tell him the truth and I closed on that no and no .... This generated distrust after a well-treated relationship and now he tells me that he wants to think things through but we have not lost communication, only that it is not as constant as before ...... the truth is that this makes me very sad because in him I thought I found love of my life…..

  100.   Ely Torres Iraola said

    I've been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 8 months and I asked him for a while because things haven't been going very well lately ... lack of communication, absence of sex for several months, until 3 days ago I saw on my face that he liked a photo of a half-naked girl..automatically I generated a lack of confidence in him and the love for him was lost .. help please !! I thank you with all my heart if you can answer me

  101.   yanet loya said

    Hello, well, I don't know how to start… Ok, I have approximately 9 years living with my partner. We have a girl of 4 AND a boy of 8. Everything was happy between us. I loved my partner and I say I loved him because now I believe that the relationship c infrio for about 3 years when I started working .. no c things started to cool down the communication is over .. even intimately I no longer feel nothing when we make love ... But no cq do no c If I ask for time or finally end it ... Help me please I'm desperate ... ..

    1.    Introduce your name... said

      You know you have to face your decisions because you already have a family and not only affect yourself and him, but also two innocent beings and you are a family, they must solve it together. things of boyfriends not married, I will tell you something visit psychologists therapists do new things but do not destroy your little ones like that, if you knew what they suffer later but well you will know I recommend that you go to God he will guide you but do it from the heart Greetings

  102.   Maria Pia said

    When they ask you, it is because he has another one out there, and if not, it is because he no longer feels what he felt for you and wants to clear his mind, but if he asks for time, he does not care enough about you to lose yourself in that time requested let me understand in short
    You want to finish but you are in doubt in case the other capital plan does not come out?
    Greetings guys and do not stress if they ask you .. Unfold it without thinking but undefined

    1.    David said


    2.    HELENA said

      I think that taking time is important when one of the two people has feelings towards you and shows it with their actions but is afraid to express them affectively because of the pain they have experienced in the past and not necessarily in love relationships if not the blows that gives life in general.

  103.   David said

    When people hear "ask for a time" they think directly that there is a third party or that the person no longer loves their partner .. with all due respect but that is really stupid and retrograde !!! .. if a person wants to break up with someone , simple ... it ends and that's it! ... I say that the time is very good if it is guided by a specialist .. It depends on why the time is, if it is due to dependency or due to failures in the relationship such as monotony, both are easy to carry. that if, that is not more than 8 days, and both have to be taken with the help of a professional. times in a nutshell are very good. If you know how to ask and you know how to lead in a mature way, it will make people reflect on how they are acting in the relationship (which they do not do while they are together physically). I repeat, people who say things like Maria Pia, or Selene. Because of this type of people who take everything out of «common sense» there are relationships that end well badly

  104.   HAAAAAAAAA said


    You know my 5-year-old girlfriend cheated on me and to get even I did the same (do not do it if you are of conscience because it will make you feel more miserable) she does not know, then we move on but she never returned the confidence that I had in her and it turns out What did she tell me she liked A GIRL AAHAHAHHA and then I saw photos where she kisses one, they know I supported her in everything absolutely in everything and she at times was more or less well but only for seasons now she asked me for time and I am aware that she is a Person who does not suit me but I gave her her time and they know that she is not with whom I want to be but I thought that it could change sadly I know that no, since last Friday she took the time we have not spoken or anything as if we did not exist, I do not know Why does it hurt because I miss her if I know she is not a good person, my world is cloudy but I do not know why because I never deserved it I do not know what to do and what will happen if she talks to me later I have thought and I know I did not I must go back to her if I bu sca after the time she asked, but I'm afraid I'm not strong because I love her I think so and not because she deserves it but because I know how to love people hopefully someone can give me good advice thanks friends

  105.   Alma said

    Taking time with the couple to rethink various aspects of the relationship, from my own experience I suggest that it is not adequate to take that time, if you accept it the relationship is over, the most convenient thing is to take calmly all the situations that arise and return to treat your partner as the first day you met her, show her again the attitudes for which she fell in love with you, that takes time and you have to be very patient, and try to identify if the other person still loves you, If he accepts all those attentions with pleasure again, if he does not accept them he no longer loves you, you will have to rethink again what you want. You cannot be with a person who does not correspond to your affection, it is difficult but you have to accept it.

  106.   martha said

    Hi, I'm Martha, I have 2 years of relationship but my partner works in another state, sometimes it was 3 months and we did not see each other, but when we saw each other it was wonderful our meeting for a while now, he says that we fight, a lot that 60% of the time together We fought him, and he asked me for a while because after making love he says that he felt nothing, and that he is glad to see me but that he does not feel the joy of before, finally he told me that the problem was him and not me, and I beg you to guide me on what to do, or how to face this situation. I love him very much but I'm not sure it's worth it. kisses and blessings

  107.   Kony said

    I am very confused and I have been bad for 2 years and
    1/2 pololeando my boyfriend does not trust me and doubts everything also is jealous what happens is that he cheated on me and asked me for forgiveness and that he had done it because he felt alone I can not stand his insecurity because I have told him in a thousand ways that I trust I was unfaithful to an ex and I don't know if I love my boyfriend I don't know what to do sometimes I think the best thing would be to end up with him if without telling him that he shits help me plisssssssssss

    1.    toño said

      Kony I don't know how old you are, but when you break trust, things are never the same as before, you really need a lot of communication with your sissy to heal that and the two of you hit the key points to restore that trust,

      It turns out that sometimes we water it and we regret it and we say hey I'm sorry I did this and that and the couple "forgives" you and that is enough for you but it should not be like that you should show that you can trust you and most of the people again when they commit an infidelity to us we believe that it is only erased which does not happen in reality

      Look, you must evaluate what is the right thing to do, if he did it first, I think you should value yourself and think that God has a better plan for you, but if you irrigate this canyon because life is a boomerang and when we hurt people. Well, come back you should always think about whether you were wrong to learn from it and not hurt someone else and if it was the two of my friends, then they must see how far it can be overcome if they feel that they do not, then to look for other directions

  108.   dianin said

    Hello, I need help 🙁…

    I am a 27-year-old woman and the 40-year-old has no children and has never been married. He has had many women and I have to be honest and the mistakes have been made by both of them because they are immature, but the one who has caused the problems has been the ... they can be silly but we both enlarge the problems and we feel about everything ... I decided to improve and I have done it, he recognizes it but I don't know what happens but a new problem always comes out and now last they invented a gossip and the anger left me I ended up on the phone I called him to beg him to listen to me that it was a lie and when he realized that it was a lie that gossip two days later he told me to forgive him that he believed me but I was already very hurt because he left me alone with the problem when I need it most ... I am going through a bad time and it is because I want him to feel good not to lose it that if he really loves me not to lose that love I told him that due to so many fights and disagreements that if he wanted to take some days or a time to think What did I want and I take it badly ... I have many open wounds because he left me dumped twice, he told me about marriage and he never mentioned it again I was very excited about that and he has had very discouraging details with me but he recognizes them and there It itself changes but when we are well something else happens ... now that we have not talked to each other I feel very bad I miss him because he is a special man he has never said a bad word or physically mistreated me ... I have said offensive things to him when he makes a mistake towards my ... at the beginning of the relationship because of my insecurity towards him when he muddied it, I ended it every so often and I am very sorry because there I showed him a lot of insecurity and immaturity ... I put aside many important things in my life for him .... We did not say how much time we were going to give each other so I do not know how to act ... I am not looking for him or anything and I am thinking that I should start to bury that love that I feel for him because of so many problems I feel that the relationship has cracked and I do not know if He really wanted something or I was one more in his life but I made it clear that I love him very much and that that time was not to finish him but for him to reflect on what he wanted with me……. I need help because I don't know if it was me who made the mistake when I talked to him about taking time out or if it doesn't really suit me….

  109.   mirian said

    Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for almost a month and he doesn't like jokes and I don't understand it so he gets very angry and we argue a lot and I start to cry because I don't know if it's worth being with a boy who neither wants to study nor lets study and I think it would be better to plead for a while please answer me

  110.   cuckoo said

    Hello everybody! I share my experience: I had a three-year courtship, one day we fought, there was physical aggression on my part towards him, and we stopped seeing each other for a few days. Later we saw each other, we talked, and I told him that I needed time, for things to cool down, not to be with him and hurt him more. That is two years old ... what happened? I have asked him to return, I have told him that I love him and that I would like to return, because that time helped me to appreciate him, to observe my attitudes, and to improve. Their responses range from "I'm confused, I don't know what I feel", to "I want us to be friends" ... we hang out, we go out "like friends", but the truth is sometimes they have gestures or attitudes, or details that are very couple Like giving me kisses on the cheek, taking pictures with my cell phone, things like that, and that confuses me more; I don't know whether to ask him again if he wants to go back, or to go away from him and cut him off forever and rebuild my life ... I don't know what to do anymore, apart from that I feel that we are going in opposite directions, that in these two years of giving ourselves "time" changed so much !! I will infinitely appreciate your advice 🙂

  111.   hands said

    Hello, my boyfriend asked for time, we have been dating for 4 months but he is in the process of divorce, his ex began to bother me on the face and on the phone and he says he wants time until he is legally divorced because he does not want her I hurt me, but the truth is that this process will last many months, and the worst thing is that the time is without seeing or speaking or writing to us, I feel super bad because I love him too much

  112.   BB said

    Sometimes it is good to take time. When it is for real. When a relationship is deteriorated but there is still love. When you are in a dynamic of suffering and reproaches from which you cannot get out. When you feel like you don't see anything. Taking time sincerely and from love is not bad. Two things can happen: that the relationship ends because one or both people want it, or that it regenerates and starts again, renewing and strengthening love. You do not have to be afraid. Both options are better to endure and suffer if the way to remedy is no longer found within the relationship. It serves to realize many things about the other and oneself that could not be seen from the deteriorated dynamics of the relationship.

  113.   Marcela said

    Hello, I met a boy more than 1 month ago, he offered me everything to pay my debts, I met his family, until he said sorry for being so heavy but my instability makes me sick, he offered to take a few days he did not want, then He touched on the subject again and he told me that it was over, until that was why we argued and for almost 4 days that he did not know about him until he received a message saying "hello as you, I hope so, but I see that even with rolls" I called him after 2 days and managed to talk with him he told me "I'm pushed I'm angry because of your rolls" because of what you put in your base (I said: I lived a beautiful dream now returned to reality and the other did what I could not I know what else to do) to which he replied: it is obvious from my rolls if someone tells me that he is unstable and not 100% I told him do you want to be alone or not and you answer me "I do not know if I want to be alone or not, let's leave it there »I asked him but tell me and he tells me if you consider that the relationship should end, see you, I know you have a lot of work, until He has worked for Saturdays and Sundays, non-stop during the week until 4 in the morning, before talking to him I said I just want you to always be honest and tell me if you don't want to be with me ... I will accept it. The truth is that he is 36 years old, I know that he is looking for a woman many times he has told me that he feels stressed and I no longer know what to do, I just sent him a message saying "I am from quiet relationships and your lack of interest shows, So when you want to talk I'll be here, this is not goodbye if I don't love you and you decide when you want to talk ... I know that you are very fond of me for all the help you have offered me, pay me the university visa, buy me merchandise, I even told him that I did not want to take care of myself with contraceptives for later, the hormones do not harm me to have one because I am 33 and he tells me not to do it I take care of myself, even once I was late and he told me that you worry if you are not alone »And began to count the days that the baby could probably be born, well it was just a delay, but I don't understand what he is going through, is he confused? that's why you don't want to completely end the relationship ??? What does he mean, let's leave it there?

  114.   jose said

    hello I want to help me. I have been with a girl for 6 years, we have bought a house and 15 days ago we were more or less well. We discussed 4 days ago and she asked me for time, and she tells me that she loves me but she does not equal at the beginning. I have given everything for her and the world falls on me if someone can help me I would appreciate it

  115.   Andreu said

    My partner has always overwhelmed me and is telling me that she wants me to be at fault, where I am, our relationship is far away, we see each other every 15 days and I feel overwhelmed with so many nonsense about her that I can do.

  116.   duckling said

    and psychologists.? Where does he help?

  117.   leo said

    1. Read this sentence carefully and do what it tells you without ignoring the steps it asks you to follow, because if not you will only get the opposite results of what you ask for. Think of the person you want to be with and say their name to you 3 times. Think about what you want to happen to this person in the next week and repeat it for yourself 6 times. Now think about what you want with that person and say it once. and now say .. Ray of light I invoke you to dig up -name of the person- where he is or with whom he is and make him call me in love and repentant today. Dig up everything that is preventing -his name- from coming to me -our name-. Set aside all those who contribute to us moving away and that he does not think more about other women than only think about me -our name- That he call me and love me. thank you, thank you for your mysterious power that always fulfills what is asked of it. Then you have to post the sentence three times, on three different sites. Lucky

    1.    si said

      I had already heard this prayer and I know it is excellent, thank you Leo for publishing it, greetings from the Mexico CD. A hug, Ciao!

  118.   Felipe said

    Greetings all.

    I have read most of the comments and I am going to comment on mine.

    I lasted 15 years in a dating relationship with a girl (I 29 She 28), as you can imagine we live any number of situations, joys, anger, etc, she ended up in October 2011 from one moment to another saying supposedly that I did not She wanted to have a child and that she was afraid that I would find another girl younger than me and abandon her, because we had planned to get married in February 2012. After she finished I looked for her repeatedly so that we could talk and she was totally strong and It lasts like CHUCKY and he told me "FORGIVE ME" "I DON'T WANT TO HURT HIM" but he didn't give me the reason why he told me that and I didn't understand why he was never honest with me but he always told me that. The first days, weeks, months were horrible (to whom it has hardly happened to be very brave) I fell into many depressions, I cried too much and I think I shed more than 10 liters of tears, I lost 11 kilos in 45 days, but I started to give an account of everything and I was confirming what I suspected and that she never told me and still has not said it due to lack of sincerity with herself.
    An ex-coworker and she (my ex is still immature in personality) shared a lot of time together for her work and the friend likes to meet a man online, it turns out that she got one for my EX and she fell down and the friend pedaled her so much that the relationship between her and I was deteriorating because of that, twice I caught calls and messages from her to him. After the termination I realized by herself where she was telling the guy that they had been dating for 2 and a half years, I mean, making out for all that time and many other things I have noticed, we did not speak again since the month of February. we say hello, time lives in a different city from hers and makes her travel or she travels because she feels like it but he never visits her, besides that the guy has a wife and a daughter and keeps her tangled that he's alone for her.
    The only thing I tell you is the following:
    Women are very astute beings and now I understand so many things that she told me including the GIVE US A TIME, when a person tells you that it is because they have another person and that is where the relationship came to you, the only thing they do is end everything and hurt your partner.
    The relationship with her family continues very well on my part, I have noticed and seen that she walks like a lost dog, at dances, discos and doing everything without control, waking up with her friends and others, until now she has not reappeared and I don't know if it will.
    Between the two of them there was never disrespect or hitting or anything like that. I think you have to give time and look to see who lost or won, for now I am 2% to 85% calm because they were very hard moments which you imagine any number of things in your head. You just have to ask God to help you and give you courage, that after 90 or 3 months things improve and it does not affect you so much, because a betrayal is never overcome and it is not forgotten either.
    At the moment I am alone and indulging myself and going out wherever.

    Greetings and whatever we keep talking to each other.

  119.   ivan said

    Hello… it's the first time that I came here and I was reading a little… I feel the need to tell my story…. 3 weeks ago my girlfriend broke up with me, obviously I'm very bad… it wasn't because of infidelity problems or anything like that… I just He said that the same was not happening to him ... now I tell you how our relationship was ... it is not arrogance or anything but we were enviable ... we got along super well we loved each other completely ... we were always together in each other's hard moments ... there was a lot of magic and chemistry ... and all natural ... we started this year and she got fully into college which did not make me drama ... (I'm finishing high school I'm 22 years old) never ... and we didn't have much time to enjoy. if we saw each other It was to sleep together ... for the times of each one ... the truth is that everything hurts for 4 years that we have known each other and 2 years and 8 months we left ... it is hard for me to believe too much ... I am very much into thinking about what I live ... since these We finished 3 weeks ... he did not write to me and neither did I ... I feel the need to run away or to look for her but I just stay where I am standing ... because I don't want to hit a wall ... I LOVE her with all my soul ... our relationship was very intense and before I finished I saw her strange ... and we always focused on talking ... she to me She said she didn't know what was wrong with her ... and when we cut up she started crying badly telling me that I gave her everything or I was always with her ... but sometimes she doesn't feel like being with me and that she didn't want it to be everything when she just wants ... which I rescued that it was honest to me and we did not let much time pass ... I also started crying, the sky fell above me ... and now I am here in front of the monitor with immense pain ... with that little girl that we have some of that one day get up, come and tell me that I was wrong that I was crazy ... but I also think that it will not be like that ... she is a huge girl ... and she is too worth it ... well that is my story ... summarized

  120.   Felipe said

    Ivan, calm that this is very hard, I think it is the hardest thing that has happened to me in my life, you are just starting and I am going for 7 months and it still affects me, but for my concept your thing is that she has another man, according to o What do you write.

  121.   Lalo said

    Hello, you know, now I have a problem because we have fought so much with my girlfriend and she is a very explosive person and many times in those annoyances with me I go to throw personal insults at me and I always forgive them, but it takes about a week that we we gave a grab and the insults came back and what I did was ask him for a while but guess what? She got very upset and there were more insults and she told me that another day she started to publish that she did not have a boyfriend and I was very angry and since then I have been very dismissed from her and I do not know whether to continue with her or not, I know her. I love a lot but with everything and that love that I feel x she does not know whether to forgive her or not? And apart from that she went to a place to dance and she didn't tell me why we were fighting but even though we are fighting I don't do those things and that was something that disappointed me a lot, apart from being a very jealous and possessive woman, I really love her a lot but I no longer have the desire to fight for this relationship, I hope someone can give me good advice and give an idea of ​​what I can do because I have a bigger embedded one because I love her so much that I don't want to hurt her By leaving her, if you understand me, I am a person with good feelings and the feelings of that person can hurt me a lot. Not so long ago, it was everything for me.

  122.   military service said

    Hello, I am eight years old with my boyfriend and he has asked me to take some time, he does not feel well, he wants that time to find out if he really loves me or not, he needs three months I know that time will be to forget me and I feel bad very bad because I do love him and I love him a lot and it hurts me that at this point he wants a while he says he loves me but I don't know please help me I feel bad I begged him not to let me stay that we would try but I no longer I feel the same I feel that he is not helping me and I am the one who is taking the worst part, help me I do not want to lose what I do

  123.   Felipe said

    Mili, I tell you that your boyfriend no longer loves you or has someone else, from experience, open up from there, it is extremely hard and difficult to accept but what else is done. just give time to time, the first 3 months are the hardest, but go ahead, no one knows what you have until you lose it.

  124.   I ss said

    Hi! Well, you see, I am going to be 2 years old with my boyfriend and lately we have fought too much, he is very jealous and gets angry at any nonsense and the bad thing is not that, it is that every time he gets angry and I try to clarify things and make him understand that he is not he is right to be angry, he does not understand! he gets angry! do not accept my apologies! and ignore me! He is very proud and so am I, so what I do is ignore him and not beg him (I hate to beg) so when he sees me angry he gets angry and tells me - it's that you get angry about anything - I don't know if he does it to annoy me or in He really does not realize everything he does wrong ... yesterday we had an argument and I was thinking of asking him for a time but just when I was going to tell him he told me -we have to give us some time- I honestly believe that he does not know what What do you want because first you tell me to finish and then you ask me for a while. I said yes, and today I told my friends what happened and they told me that he is probably confused, that when the boys ask for a time it is because they are confused and it is because of another girl, I do not know if it is that, how do you see? Ultimately, everything about me bothered him, my clothes, my laughs, my jokes, my way of being, when I called him on the phone, even when I told him I loved him ... he behaved indifferently! I don't know what to do, will the weather be good or will it end the relationship?

  125.   Felipe said


    Ask for time = I don't love you, I have another or another

  126.   Jose said

    Hello, I am going to tell you my story, and I hope someone knows how to guide me, because I am desperate! There is no therapy, no friends, or anything that can erase the thought of wanting to end up with my partner.
    I started a relationship with my current girlfriend almost 3 and a half years ago; I always had a feeling that something was missing; Despite this, I love her, she is the most special person in my life, I feel that I want to take care of her, and be with her forever, we have gone through thousands of things together, many happy, others not so much.
    A year ago, that feeling (which I always felt intermittently) became much stronger, my chest began to ache from so much accumulated anguish.
    Until that moment I was not able to tell him anything about what was happening to me, but the pain was too much, one day, I just started crying out of despair.
    She did not see it coming, this left her very bad; I asked him for a few days to think, (I don't feel that it has helped me much personally), to which he agreed, although I felt that it made him suffer a lot.
    After that, and with help more or less I have piloted it; the point is that I keep on intermittently thinking about finishing, and the truth has me worried and very anguished.
    I know that the fact that my mother and some of my friends did not throw good vibes at the beginning of my relationship affected me for the moment.
    And the fact that I lead a pretty hectic life for my liking, and that I see it practically only for a while every night, affects me too.
    Time, and the natural wear and tear of the relationship is another factor, in addition to the fact that we are going to live together that is in my head.
    But I love her, I feel that there has to be a way out of this, I have to open up to talking about these issues with her, but how hard it is!
    The truth is that love and happiness, the fact that they live together in a stable way, is the greatest challenge of my life, there is nothing that compares to it; problems in the study, at work, are ephemeral things next to this.
    I know that there are many going through the same thing, (I hope it was not like that), my regards to all of them, I hope we can find happiness in the end.

  127.   Felipe said

    Jose but you didn't say anything, what is wrong with you, what is the cause of your anguish.

    1.    Jose said

      Hello Felipe, the cause of my anguish is that feeling that I always felt intermittently that we are missing something; We get along great, we get along very well in everything, but I still lack something else; it's like having a stone in your shoe. The problem is that the ideas for the future together, began to get more and more serious and the stone in the shoe began to bother more and more often and in a more painful way. In addition, the factors of work and study are added, which are topics that stress your head.
      But I have no doubts about my feelings for her.

      1.    a friendo said

        Old man, become a man. It makes me want to give you a pin in the face!
        Leave the insecurities and grow up. If they love each other, there is no doubt. "Work factors". And who does not work in this world.
        A hug, my dear old man.

  128.   Gloria said

    Hello…. I am going through a situation and I am very distressed ... I have been with my partner for more than a year .. we spend a lot of time together and more now that I am on vacation ... when we are not chatting .. we are talking or else together…. Both he and I like to spend a lot of time together ... lately we have had some fights over nonsense and last Monday another happened ... he told me that everything was becoming a monotonous courtship in which only the astío and the frequent fights before meaningless issues and that I thought that the cause is the absorption that we have with each other and that translates into a short time alone each one ... .. I thought about the same thing, ... .. and I understood that I was asking for time so I told him he was right and I haven't spoken to him again…. Now I don't know if what I did was wrong or good… or what to do…. please help!

  129.   ruben said

    Well, my name is Ruben. I was with my girlfriend two years ago. At the beginning, it was a lot of fun to be with her, but a year ago we started fighting for kisses. She said that she did not kiss me in front of people and I told her that she was ashamed of me, and that problem continued until a week ago and she left me. soul

  130.   Karen said

    Hello. The truth is that I feel very depressed because I feel that my relationship is ending and the truth is, I love him too much. we lived in my house for almost 4 years. Now he left and we were looking for something for both of us, and suddenly he changed his mind and told me that he needed to do things just to be able to offer me something, he told me that he feels very pressured by me, and that he is only going to looking for where to go but for the moment it will be without me, the truth is that I do not know what to think, I feel a lot of suspicion for example we were always together and now this weekend he told me that he was going to go with a friend to morelia to clear up and not call him or send messages because that makes him push himself. that he would call me as soon as he returned.

  131.   zuleidy said

    Last night my boyfriend asked me for time because he is very jealous and I have several classmates from the university but in spite of everything I always tell him what he needs to know, but yesterday I was sharing with a classmate from the university and I called him and told him up I told him where I was we were going to go out that day and he told me ok that he was picking me up then when he went up the stairs he saw me sharing with my partner my partner knew I had a boyfriend and he did not interest me as a man I introduced him and We talked for a few minutes, we said goodbye and my boyfriend and I left then I saw his face and asked him if that seemed wrong and he said that after a while he told me that he did not like that at all that I know that he is very jealous etc, ... then he told me that it is better that it is better for me to leave that he wanted to share only with his friends and he asked me for some time at first I did not want because I know that he loves me as I love him then later I decided to leave and He sent me to my house then I sent him a message telling him that I had already arrived at my house and IHe said ok after exchanging several text messages he told me that it is better to leave the relationship that he does not feel ready to have a serious relationship there he told me that he feels disenchanted with the relationship that he is very distrustful and that he just wanted to be alone like that It is better to send him several messages and nothing then he was calling me and I returned and told him that it is okay that I will give him his time and that I will not send him a message or call him but I told him that he would think about everything we have lived through and that I just wanted him to When he was ready, he would send me a message or a call quoting me in a place so that we can put the points clear and I accept he said yes and please do not send him a message or call him to think better. It was a formal relationship, he knew his family and also mine, we had many plans to get married, we had children, we thought a lot about having a future with me, we shared like 2 normal boyfriends, we loved each other and now I don't know if when we meet again it will be to finish definitely ... help me x favor? what can i do

  132.   nicole said

    My step, I was unfaithful to my boyfriend, I really did not want to, but it is easy to convince me, and well, that was 7 months ago, he forgave me and we continued well, but in March he already felt tired ... and I just cried and Everything went wrong, I had even thought of asking him for a time, but I didn't want to hurt him ... and well, on May 12 he came forward and asked me for a time, at that moment we were talking, and we started to argue (I don't know why, we were both irritable) and a week passed and we came back, but every time I remember him I cry again, because that was his decision for him, not for us, well we came back and we are still together, but sometimes his treatment is strange ... of course not I knew what to do to my friend and I want to stop being a problem for him ... and in fact I want to commit suicide, because I don't see any meaning in life, and I really love him, but it makes me feel miserable every time he treats me like what ' he stayed ', during the year that we have been, he told me that his ex had been his first love and that it was difficult to forget her, butthat he will not go back to her ... and I think I will finish. because it is better to be alone than in bad company

  133.   Lara said

    Hello everyone… I have been reading some comments and none have said that a time could be the best. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 8 months. Since 3 or 4 months we have had solvable, small bundles, but in 4 months they have been coming together and aaaaaah ... I asked for a time. I don't know if it will be for the best (I hope, with all my soul, that it will), I love him with my life, but this last month has been terrible. I, silly, wanting to deceive myself, said that everything was fine ... that fighting or duscuting 2 times a week is normal, now I don't know if it's normal, what I do know is that it's not doing me any good. Anyway, he got super sad with the weather and everything, he swears I want to finish, but I tell you ... the end is not that; I want him to miss me, I want to miss him and I don't know, create feelings in the weeks (maybe months) in which we don't see each other, the idea is to rethink everything, wonder and want to improve. Times aren't just a subtle way to end a relationship, look further: times work, guys. I thought they were useless, but today, as I see myself in the situation, I feel and believe that it is the right thing to do ... I just want him to improve everything that is bad and I also improve, I don't want to end up hating him ... although I doubt it. I really love him! So I decided about the time before wearing the relationship and making it start to rot .. NO! So if your partners ask you for time, don't be so tragic and don't think the worst, if there is affection and love, time could be the best ... and if it ends, what can (we) do? This is life, relationships come and go, you meet more people and everything. If it didn't work out, it's because of something, and you think that maybe that "something" could be even better. I know that when one finishes everything looks lost and blah blah, but it is because the person was not for one and that's it, otherwise they would continue together ... is it understood? In any case, it is not like that, but according to what I have seen and experienced, this is more or less how it works. Greetings from Chile and encouragement ...

  134.   nandibus said

    Hello. After 2 years with my partner, I saw that little by little seeing her was becoming a routine. We saw each other on Saturdays (some full) and others late-nights. We have already several trips together and the truth is that we have enjoyed .It will be about 4 months ago I asked her to give us some time, because every time we spoke there were slight discussions and we were with contradictory ideas.A month after I asked for time, she would send me an SMS and I would respond the same as me I was interested in her because of how her life was going. She told me that the summer was having a great time and she sends me photos with her friends. From time to time, when we talk, I tell her to meet for a drink (and tell her my intention to try to resume the relationship) but I do not see in her that she shows much interest in meeting. Is it too early to meet and talk? Is she showing me that she does not want to meet because she knows that I am going to talk about the relationship? Is it better if she does not want to stay talk on the phone and take off the thorny that I have go? Thanks in advance for your help / opinion.

    1.    MAKER said

      Friend, sincerely you are well employed, you intend to leave the other person for when you feel like coming back, and that she is waiting for you with open arms. Relationship problems are fixed together and if you ask to separate to reconsider it seems very good, but asking him to be waiting for you is selfish. You have left her, temporary or non-temporary, she can do whatever she wants and perhaps now she is the one who does not want to return.

  135.   MAKER said

    Hello everyone, asking for time seems somewhat selfish to me, we are asking the other person to wait for us, caring little the other person will suffer, without understanding anything and waiting, perhaps an eternal wait, because the other person will never return. They also asked me once for a time, and my answer was: you have all the time in the world, now, when your time is up and you have clarified your ideas and your decision is to return, do not count on sure that I will be waiting for you, Maybe yes, or maybe my life will change. After a few days he told me that he wanted to be with me, that he did not want to lose me I honestly do not think we have the right to play with a person's feelings, you are with them or you are not, and if you ask for a time, do not ask that the other person be waiting for you there indefinitely, it seems very selfish to me. Greetings to all and respect and make you respect.

  136.   Mandible said

    Hello. At no time do I demand that she be waiting for me. And I know that I risk it when I take the step. I am very clear that there is the possibility of no return on her part. But she suffers just as she sees / believes that Time is a breakdown in the relationship, you also see that being the two of them the couple is not moving forward and is cheating each other, and that each person is a world and those who solve it by talking to each other and other people who should take a a separation to really see what they feel and suffer when they do not have the support / listening of their partner.

  137.   milkweed to do said

    I'm with a boy for about 5 months, the first 2 months were the most perfect for C:. but then I started receiving messages from the internet D: accusing him of an infringement: S! They said that he was dating his ex, I tried to get away from him and I could not achieve it, and my mother opposed and flatly opposed my relationship. well stop receiving those messages, without knowing who really sent them! after 3 months he received a message D: there were 3 exactly, accusing him. They told me that he still dates his ex-girlfriend, so I talked to the girl's sister, and she denied everything. So the question is, who really sends those messages? ... already tired of all this, I decided to ask my boyfriend for some time, until I speak personally with his ex and the identity of "the person with the cursed messages" comes to light and well I accept him, but I have to see him daily because we study in the same place, not in the same room but, if in the same place then, he forces me to tell him if I want him, he wants me to return with him to any place because he says he loves me and needs me: I don't know if I sincerely believe him: /!
    Well, and do you think it's right for me to accept another guy's invitation to go out? while I am in this situation? uu help meeeeeeeeeee: C

  138.   CAROLINA said


    1.    PRICILLA said


  139.   reports said

    Hello, well, I have almost 6 months with my boyfriend and the first 3 months were incredible, it seems as if it was never going to end, although in the first month I found out that I was looking for an apartment because he was still living with his ex, which for me was difficult to overcome. That he had hidden it from me, however, he moved heaven, sea and earth so that I would trust him again and if he put everything on his part to make everything work well, I see him as a focused and very respectful boy but from the 3rd month and a half in Later things began to change for me and my insecurity ended 2 times the first was their decision and the 2nd was their decision, however days later he looked for me, telling me that he wanted to return really, those days were difficult for both of us when returning, everything continued very well but we did not stop being different and consequently we had differences differences that later became fights but those fights were increasingly exhausting to such a degree that we began to argue r daily and seeing who could do more damage until we both talked the next day we did not argue it was a good day not perfect because it was still very recent but we did not discuss something that for both was a good step however the next day there was no dialogue no there was interaction and we agreed that we were both losing the sad faces they came back at that moment I no longer knew what to do and at that moment I decided to finish it was very difficult at the time because that same day moments later I said that if I was sure of the decision . He thought he would not have the courage. When I started to affirm it, I cover my mouth and I said don't say it… we have to give us some time to think things over… BUT NOW I'M UNCONSERTED SINCE IN THAT TIME THAT WILL HAPPEN BOTH OR WHAT CAN I DO?

    greetings and thanks

  140.   MAXIMO said

    Hello, this started about a month ago, she asked me for some time, but disguising it by saying that she has to study to enter the faculty and that we remain as friends, if we were as good as possible and she is very distracted, and I accepted it that "time" and I do not feel fear, it is not anguish and I can relax doing activities, but I cannot be without it! I hope you understand my problem, I am young and I know that it can happen to anyone.

  141.   bibby c said

    vergaa true:; (but when mistrust abuanda that doing better to take time for me is the best thing I ended up asking my partner time. x many problems that we have had and I think that it is the best aunk n kiseraaa x inside xq I know that time can happen many things ..! *

  142.   mexi said

    Hi how are things! I don't know what to do, I don't know what to think anymore, I had been with my boyfriend for two years, we had very nice moments, he decided to go out with a girl who barely asked him to be her friend, he accepted and like going out with her, I did. I invited her out but I already had plans with her, she sent me messages, telling me that all the time it was for her, and things like that, after they both liked each other, and she ended up with me (for Celll) then she regrets for having told me all that, well It was a lie… we talked and he asked me for a while… what should I do? I love him very much but I remember and it gives me courage that I want to send him to fly, yudenme..xoxo

  143.   Rita said

    After 6 years of marriage of which 4 were chaos for me because I did not receive any attention from my husband, he treated me as if I were a household utensil, because I was unfaithful to my husband and him. He discovered it and forgave me, we decided to move on there are two girls involved, the problem is that I no longer love him, he is doing everything on his part but I not only do not love him but I do not even want him to touch me and I have been pretending to be happy because I think given the circumstances it shouldn't be me who will end the relationship if not him but I can't take it anymore and today I will ask for some time, I hope that when we separate one of two things will happen, I learn to be alone and I can take the decision of divorce or that I realize that my happiness is by his side and I fall in love again. : S I don't even know what else to do, I'm so confused.

  144.   Pig said

    Hi, my boyfriend "gave" me some time last week. I say it gave me because even though it was he who made the determination to take it for both of us, he did it more for me than for him. It hurt me a lot to accept this separation that is intended to be "temporary" but accept. It was as a result of various discussions and fights due to my jealousy and insecurities among other things. I cannot deny that I take things to the limit… I am not taking this as a punishment, but as the consequence of my actions during the last months. He had already given me several opportunities to correct him and I did not.
    Speaking of time, we established that the purpose of taking it is that we both spend time alone to reflect on how each one has acted within the relationship, what we expect from her and each other and on the problems we have had and what it is necessary to solve if we want to be together.
    Personally I go through many emotional conflicts, a year and a half ago I lost my sister in an accident and this event brought a series of good and bad changes in my person, within which I never gave myself time to face the situation, because when It happened I already had this relationship, and far from seeing my partner as a support, I latched on to him as if he were a life-board ... for the same reason I became excessively possessive. Regardless of the above, I have always had a difficult character, I am jealous and this has caused me problems in different relationships, but I have never suffered as now from a separation. I had to find myself this way to begin to value my partner.
    I'm having a hard time, honestly if I feel sad; however I try to rationalize this time, fixing in my mind the real purpose for which we are taking it. It is not for lack of love I am sure of it and it is not for the whim of a fight. It is because we both believe that before continuing "the journey" together we must stop to "load supplies" ... nobody likes to stop on a "deserted and unknown island" to do so ... but it is necessary if we want to reach the end of the journey, right? This analogy raises a bit of how we both feel about time.
    We do not agree on a deadline, the time to get back together we believe that it will come when we least think about it, I sincerely hope that it does not last too long, but I know that I must focus on overcoming my own fears and insecurities, work on trust and communication as a couple, and learn to separate my anger or other problems in my relationship, not use him as a "punching bag."
    Something that has helped me these days has been spending time with my family and in prayer, as well as my work. Not all people have to rely on the same things, but you can pay attention to your own interests to develop in different aspects that are also part of your being. When I least expect it, I think I will feel that I have control of my life in my hands again and I will not hesitate to look for it to recover it, I sincerely hope that it is not too late by then. Wish me luck!

  145.   Benji said

    My case is the following ... I have been in love for 4 years and suddenly my girlfriend sends me a text message telling me that she loves her for a while ... She is stressed a little tired, anyway, I told her, but we didn't speak in person, she told me please no I told her but do you doubt our love ?? .. and she told me pork you enlarge the situation understand me !! I don't want to accept and give it time, I don't know what to do.

  146.   EricGC said

    Hello, I will tell you. I am 22 years old, I have been married for 2 years and my wife asked me for time for 1 month she told me that she did not know what she felt x my ox herself, the thing is that I can continue with her for me, time does not exist and I think that If she wants to go then let her do it but there is something in me that does not let me be without her we do not have children we rent a house where we have everything but she says she is leaving and leaves me everything to think for a moment that moment is a month. She has given me a chance and I promised to change I am doing it but every day I think that she does not want to continue fighting x to fix things between the two of us I want to fight but I feel very hurt and the truth is I do not think I can only do it if I find someone that makes me forget her since she does not want to be with me anymore

  147.   Caissa said

    I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years. In general it has been a very beautiful, sincere, open relationship, we supported and looked after each other. A month ago I started working and entered thesis work, in addition to other subjects at the university. I tend to get very exhausted and have done some things like fall asleep when he was trying to vent about a problem he had. He does not feel financially supported by me even though I only have a month working. When he asked me for time, he said it as if it was something that could be seen coming, he asked for it by hugging me and everything, he said that I needed to organize myself and re-evaluate our relationship, but very methodical. I was not expecting it so much. I explained to him the next day why I did not agree with that and I gave him the option that if he did not answer me it would be because he was going to take his time anyway. And he didn't answer me. He didn't even comment on what I explained to him. I have been very sad because that has joined me, which causes me insecurity, my new job, which also causes me insecurity and my thesis, that I am well behind. Should I begin to assimilate that this is a mild breakup or should I remain open to the possibility that he really still wants to be with me?

  148.   Cecilia said

    Good!!! I have been dating a boy for three months, he is 35 and I am 19, he lives in the United States and I in Argentina. In recent weeks I am not feeling well myself, with him I do feel comfortable and well, but as a result of the fact that I do not feel good with myself sometimes he blamed him for everything that happens to him and he only consoles me and he asks me for forgiveness and I don't like him at all, I feel bad with him, in a week he has his birthday and I feel like I need some time to think about myself and what is happening to me but it distresses me to just think about it and even more to do it before his birthday. What do they say?? Help!

  149.   yoselyn said

    I have been with my partner for 8 years we have overcome crisis together, the question is that I recently discovered that he had gone out with a girl and I left his house since we were living together, then I came back, the question is that he asked me at first I'm sorry, he told me that it was just an adventure and that he himself had decided to end that parallel relationship he had, the truth is that we went out and were together again, after a new discussion that not a week had passed since the first problem, I had told him that we were going to give each other one more opportunity since I am clear that in relationships either of us can have an affair at any time later this week after not seeing us he tells me he wants some time I ask him if he loves me and He says he doesn't know later in the morning he sends me a text saying that he loves me but he doesn't know whether to continue the relationship I'm super confused, I'm going to get away from him but it really hurts my soul because I'm one of them who thinks soa time is requested that is the end

  150.   Nat said

    I have tried to read everyone and the experience is the same, when a person doubts the feelings it is better to leave him alone, if not send him through a tube, I believe that everything is a lie, although the fights end a relationship these fights They are not invented, they are for something, that somehow does not afflict us, it makes us despair and we do not know how to face them, of course there are cellopathic people (this is already a psychiatric issue), but also, that if I love you, I do not love you is a total immaturity and that is also playing with the feelings of the other, sometimes we do not want to realize it, it is difficult for us to be honest, to tell the truth, but they know that although it sounds stupid, when a woman gives her body she really suffers too much, it is that it becomes dependent on the other, and does not want to realize that it has been used (do), because the one who loves you awaits you, that is why it is difficult for us to realize that the other does not love us, and as he made us an absurd promise, We believe that he will keep his word, which is fal SW. If someone tells you to give them some time, cut it off, don't feel guilty sometimes we blame ourselves and wonder what we did wrong, FALSE, that person is an immature (ra) who is playing with us. Having a sexual relationship before… marks you, that's why we are overwhelmed, If that person came into your life with lies, his or her own lies will overwhelm him or her, as long as you have not married, please cut it!

  151.   Marie said

    Well; my husband and I separated days ago. I am barely 6 weeks pregnant. I have 18 years. My husband is a veteran and he has his psychological conditions. Several days ago I had a sonogram and it was beautiful; He was there and well before the sonogram he didn't want to know more about me after seeing that fetus and listening to its heartbeat ps cm that I touched it. He told me to give him time to think things over and get organized. The bad thing here is that he lives in his parents' house, where I lived with him, and bno they don't like me nd bn. So they get into td a lot. But beyond that; I know I made my mistakes as well as him because sometimes we argue over silly things and end up saying offensive things to each other without realizing it. Finally today it was decided to speak to me on the phone. He has come to see me these days but had not wanted to talk about it. He tells me if I think I am the only one who is suffering from this, only because we suffer in different ways (which rspondi does not because I know that it is not like that, that is, we suffer from this), if I do not think that he like me I wanted to raise this son together (which I said to know because that is the same thing that we had always dreamed of and finally it was given to us) and that it gave him a while and did not afflict him (I know that that will only cause him to move away) and so he to be able to think things over (ask if he thinks that over time after this conversation because we could get back together and he told me that he hoped that it would improve) I am afraid that it is not like that: '(Or that I spend a lot of time and want to be alone even though I know that just like I am hurt by this and I know that if I give him his space he can analyze it more calmly. He calls me and asks me how I am and if I took my prenatals and if I ate and that is good ... I accepted my faults and asked for forgiveness many times and I told him to be aware of a forgiveness that does not fix td. I told him that if I had the opportunity, I would give my 100% so that this marriage would be fixed and I would work for it to be better. He has already been through a lot; once his son was taken from him, he is divorced and ps that is why he is like that and what he feels is closed. Also dq was in Iraq and has certain psychological conditions (q for nd they move me away from him because I love him as he is). So I don't know what to do. I am afraid of taking his time and his space and that only this is over: '(We had talked about divorce to what he had told me that yes and today he told me that despite the fact that he did not do it (that was discussed in anger days ago back today we speak more calmly). He never had the opportunity to be there to see his baby children and this for him is a new opportunity to be there and raise this baby together and spend all that beautiful. I would like some advice or something to motivate me. It does not make me good or my baby to be in this depression and waiting to see what happens. I have a lot of faith in God that we will get back together but what if it is decided that this is not going to work? : '(I couldn't bear it. I need some advice really! I love him and I want this marriage back. When leaving the sonogram days ago ps he hugged me and told me that he loved me and that he would give him time and it was not until today that even he has come to see me these days ps until today it was that we spoke on the subject on the subject to reach a conclusion What could we do and that's what we were left with. Space and time to think things through. He looks for me and calls me to know how this td and how I feel alone when I do not improve it ps this better with me.

  152.   Mrs. Richard said

    A must read: Me and my family have been in poverty for about five years and my husband left us six years ago and he was very rich he was with another woman who did not even have a child for him and abandoned me with my 4 children so one day my son said his friend saw an ad for a man saying he can help someone to his ex back then my son used his friend's phone to email the man then he cheated on him for what the man said will help us I said it was a joke so he told us what to do, so we did it 4 days later I got a job from a very pretty me and my family lived very well after 2 months my husband arrived home on your knees I begged you but now we are together again so I am saying now, if you have any of this problem [1] you have a problem with your ex [2] you want to be rich without joining the enlighten [3] you want to have a baby [4] you are having spiritual problem [5] who has cancer, blind, etc. we will send you an email now at,

  153.   Yessy said

    NOTE: I am currently going through a situation similar to those offered in this forum. My partner and I have a relationship of almost 3 years. Not long ago, he had asked me for time and my response was to take all the time in the world. Given the answer I offered him, at that moment he gave up on the idea. However, because he is from another country, he went on a trip and took his time at any cost. I have not heard from him for 10 days and tomorrow he will return from his trip. Obviously and after analyzing my situation in its proper perspective, although I love him, he can go to hell. Self-love is better than crumbs or fragmented. I am suffering and it will not be easy, of course not, but that will not be more to put my heart at risk and in contradictions.

  154.   ximena said

    The first and main thing in the couple when the two ask for time or one may be that I do not love you anymore or there is someone else but if that person loves you a lot and tells you that he wants some time xk there is something that he does not think of She is correct and thinks that this love is over is xk is confused there are people in the couple, one is more in love with the other and when he asks for time and things are fixed, there are people who are not always going to do kmo the first time You stop doing sweet and affectionate xk you are afraid that the same thing will happen to you again that is happening to me and I ask if I come back again I will not do the same as before there are things that can not be returned to time back but if you love your partner fights for her but couples become two if one does not want anything else it is better to say I do not love you k is cheating xk habese you can regret and lose everything and there are you give how much of what you lost and did not know how to value it

  155.   Carla said

    Hello, how are you? Well, my story I don't know how to drink it or what you are doing. I've been with my boyfriend for 8 years, but he doesn't have a stable job, he works in a warehouse and that one of the parents doesn't have financial stability and I don't see that he wants to do something. , I have been telling him for a long time to get a job to look for a future for us, but I have not noticed any change, he does not want to study any course to improve his resume and I realize that and now that I told him I told him that he does not do anything about this (our relationship), he told me that if he cares that I cannot say that because whatever I ask him he does and that is not true because he has not done it and now I am at a point I don't know what to do in my life, I asked him for time and now I don't know how to continue, how to know if I am the right thing or if he can change and continue or if we are going to improve how bad it is to be in this situation

  156.   mayli rosmery lopez huamaccto said

    hi i'm mayloooooooooooo

  157.   Rodrigo said

    4 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend, she had time getting angry with some and taking it out on me until I get fed up and explode unfortunately I ended my relationship with her 6 years old, after a few days obviously already calm I wanted to return with her but she asked me Some time until now, because as I say, 4 months have passed and the times we have spoken, he tells me that he takes more time that he still loves me that there is no one else but that he still does not forgive me completely
    Time to have finished
    Good desperate boyfriend: / I got into her face and read conversations in which she kissed with a guy and I complained that we fought some time later she told me it was just a stumble and currently
    The situation remains the same, he keeps telling me that he loves me but that she is not ready yet, there are times that I believe him that he still loves me but there are days when I do not believe it, but with the fact of when we see each other and the way in which I
    Embrace those times I feel all the love she has for me but I really do not understand what to expect, she is going to a psychologist for different problems and she has clung to him a lot.
    Psychologist He said that he did not recommend returning immediately but I am really desperate, what do you think?

  158.   yuli said


  159.   antonia said

    hello a couple of days ago my boyfriend asked me for time he needs to be alone without anyone to leave things like that I needed to think everything everything we were up to the last day well everything happy and I don't know what happened from one minute to another I need to know what happens because I react So I understood and left him alone, I had a bad time for a few days now better less crying, because men do that, we had everything plans and he told me I love you very much

  160.   Aaron said

    My girlfriend told me to give us some time because of the arguments and mistrust and I see that she no longer loves me because I am aware that I have my mistakes and those mistakes are my lack of time to give her and my stress and I finish more than 5 times and now I took the step because I am I create a hindrance for her. I pray so much I get tired and now I am sad

  161.   Susana said

    Good afternoon, I don't know what to do, I got together with my boyfriend and he doesn't want to take me with his friends, and he's separated from his wife for fifteen years due to her infidelity. A daughter stayed with her and she does not want her to live with her, she is a very selfish person, she does not care what I feel, I have an 11-year-old son from my first marriage, I want to make a life with my partner but he does not talk about the future with We call my attention because he is a serious, hard-working person and very responsible with his food income but it puzzles me that he has all his file all his documentation under lock and key and his Cars in the garage under lock and key I do not understand if it is so good because he is So he hides when I ask him, he answers me with humiliations and he is doing very well in his work and right now I am going through a difficult time in my business but I see his egoism a friend saw him with another woman but he says that it is not true that because I don't take a picture of him to check but they talk to him on the phone and he pretends to be mysterious, he doesn't let go of his cell phone even to go to the bathroom. This is very exhausting, I don't love him but I'm suffering a lot because this is somewhat uncertain. Everything is a mystery. or according to everything he has to win it by hand, one is very strict as General I do not know we do not walk almost I have 1 and a half years and we have gone out about 2 times when I work in a business that I have he does not go when he rests please help me ???

  162.   kiseki said

    Hi, the truth is, I don't know what to do, I've been with my boyfriend for more than a year, but as we are in different classrooms, I met a boy, I do work groups with this boy and we get along well, it's a good laugh, and the thing is that one day on the stairs he kissed me and I was stunned, usually when someone tries to kiss me I turn his face and say from a to z, but I do not know why I stayed like that, I did not hit him or anything I continued the kiss but I pushed him, because I have a boyfriend and he adores me a lot but the routine already makes me bored, I felt bad about that kiss, on top of that this boy asks me to walk knowing that I have a boyfriend, and I told him no and no, We fought and we avoided each other in the living room but ahhh since my kiss woke up something in me, now I see him very attractive before I did not care, I started to like him and so is this roll that I asked my boyfriend for time, I do not take it Well I don't know what to do I adore my boyfriend but sometimes I get tired of his attitude, he's not a bad boy, he knows my family, he's a good one Your student, but his attitude sometimes seems gay, I can't do many things with him because of that, instead this new boy is like a bad boy, and he makes me feel new things, it's like he brings out a dangerus woman in me, Even though he has a girlfriend, I know he would leave her for me, I'm tied up! Help!

  163.   Aron said

    Good morning, I think that asking for time is something necessary especially if you need to forget a person….
    For 6 months there was a person whom I loved very much, I had never loved anyone with that intensity. She had gone through a breakup and because this heart wound I knew, no matter that I was still there trying to conquer her, the best I did not do well or she simply continued to love her ex and could not continue or start a new relationship because of that. He asked me for time, he told me that he needed to clarify his feelings, at that moment I did not believe in time, he thought that it was only going to destroy what little we had. Anyway, I was devastated, I felt used, I was deluded a lot and sentimentally I was dead. In that course I met a beautiful person, a person who had always dreamed of, with beautiful qualities, someone who for the first time was showing me that love was worth it if it exists. I started dating her, I gave her my first kiss because I wanted someone special. Time passed and if I felt comfortable with that person but I realized that I was still thinking about the person who had hurt me, it still had importance in my life and I was not being fair to the new girl I met, I clarified that she It was what he wanted that he wanted to be with her that only took up a while to be able to forget someone and thus be able to love her completely and not half as he was doing. Obviously, she got angry and said to get her hopes up and dsps leave her. I only asked him for that time to clarify my feelings, forget someone who had hurt me and completely love this person. 3 months passed, and I already felt that my heart had healed that there was only her and not the one who had hurt me, I made the decision to look for her to tell her that I was ready to love her as she deserved, and she told me that if I He wanted to kiss me, hug me, grabbed my hand and told me to show him. So I told her that if she was going to show her with actions, 3 days went by she had met someone at a wedding the boy fell in love with her and invited her to go out, they went out and it happens that I look at them together embraced, that It made me very ugly because I asked her for that time, not because I was bad, but to love her well, I made it clear to her a thousand times that if I wanted her, she only took time to forget. I went to her house to try to convince her to let me show that if I love her as she said and her mother came out, she told me that she was already meeting someone else and that I was to blame for letting time pass, I clarified that time I used it for me to know to forget to be able to love her well. Anyway, she never told me that she was meeting someone else, she didn't even give me her face, she told me everything by msg. What I don't understand is why tell me that he loves me, why kiss me, why hug me, if in 3 days he was going to tell me that he couldn't give me that opportunity? I was honest with the time I asked, I assured her that it was she with whom I wanted to be alone that I needed to forget someone and thus be able to love her well. I feel that it was partly my fault but I feel so good that she finally delighted me by telling me that she wanted me to show her that I loved her and so that later I would find out on the other hand that they are meeting someone else. The truth was I felt hurt I did not think that he would do that to me. If you love a person, you will give them that opportunity.

  164.   catalina said

    Good afternoon, I have been married for 20 years and I have two children with my husband repeatedly, my husband has been unfaithful to me and he has tried to be, too, I forgave him because I loved him, but about 15 days ago I received a call from a woman telling me that my husband He had said that he was separating from me and wanted to have a relationship with her for this we already had problems because sometimes he would arrive home late and when he complained he would get very upset or if he called him because he was calling him anyway, as a result of that call I told him to leave and that we would separate but he told me to give ourselves some time he needs to know why he is like this with me because sometimes he treats me badly he went to his mother's house but I feel terrible I do not more than thinking about that and I think that the time is a lie that in the end we will separate but sometimes he has come to my house and looks for me to have privacy and we have even had it but after that I feel bad and good now I said not to come anymoreNow I'm thinking about ending the relationship once and for all I'm tired, what if I wait and in the end he tells me that we are not going to return and again I have to suffer, not the truth, it hurts me a lot to make this decision but I don't know what to do, help me for favor

  165.   jesus david cota said

    Good afternoon, my name is Jesus, I am 29 years old, I am homosexual, and apparently I finished with my partner, his name is Jose, he is 56 years old. I will quickly summarize the case and I will really appreciate your comments that will make me reflect more and accept things.

    The relationship between the two of us can be said that it was always all happy and rosy, few and rare times we got to have an argument, but the bad thing about this relationship is that he is very affectionate, cuddly, kind, respectful etc, and I almost the opposite, he always had to be begging me for everything, be it a kiss, go to bed, etc. but even with that, we were always happy since we always asked ourselves that and that was the answer of both. Months ago he began to comment that he was very hanged financially and that we were busy doing something about it, as a solution he told me that he would rent the house where we lived since it belongs to him, because of my mistrust that he only wanted to get me out of the house, etc. I refused until the day came and I rented it, I objected, I forced my way into the house a few hours later the renters arrive and they take me out of my courage I slap him he does not tell me anything I ask him for my clothes he gives them to me now the days the material things that I had bought. Within minutes the regret was so great that I began to call, text, etc. In one of many attempts he answers me in the conversation he tells me that he takes time to think things through and that if he had not eliminated my face, changed my cell number, etc., it is because he loves me but he still does not know what to say, obviously I have speculated things and I have not been able to be empaz already 21 days have passed and he is still absent I have only had 5 calls within 15 days from there to date and nothing.

    I still feel strong hope, but what do you think? and also thanking what happened because that way I opened my eyes and I have realized how much I love him and what he means to me ...

    thanks urge comments

  166.   Clarisse said

    I feel very bad about my family situation and other problems of mine, I would like to ask my boyfriend for a time but I cannot because his birthday is coming and our 1st anniversary 🙁 He is very sensitive and I think he will want to get away from my help, please

  167.   Anonymous said

    Hi! I hope you can help me. I had a "boyfriend" I say in quotation marks because in reality he was not, I asked him for time just for him to completely get away from me.
    She was sick of receiving "crumbs of love" and only talking to me when she needed it, for her personal benefit.
    He says he does not have you all the time to me, but it is a lie, rather it is a lack of interest: '(because he is never interested in how I felt.
    I only hope that in that "time" he is definitely away from me, because I no longer love him and I feel ugly, but the disappointment hurt me a lot, but I feel calm because I did do things well and I told him all this that I wrote head on,.
    I hope that the "time" that I asked him will definitely take him away from me.

  168.   Anonymous said

    Hello, how are you? I am very desperate and anxious. Because of my mistakes and coldness when finishing for minimal things, now my partner of 8 years we have finished. I asked her forgiveness with all my heart and she told me that she needed time. He told me that he loves me and that he wants us to be the same friends as before and let it flow. He's very sharp with me and that affects me. I feel like for our number of years we should work it out as a couple. I feel discouraged and at work I have decreased my productivity, I have taken on the challenge of conquering her again but I relapse into despair from time to time and tell her how much I miss her. We talk every day, she doesn't want to lose communication with me, but I feel like she's very cold to me. I made mistakes for lack of affection but I promised to change. I only hope that this anxiety passes and that we can endure seeing each other on weekends for two weeks that we have been distant. When we see each other, our love comes out, but through messages it is quite cold. Please someone to advise me. Thanks

  169.   Rachael said

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    1.    Samantha varela said

      Rachael, what country are you from and how much did it cost you ???

  170.   sergio said

    Good morning!!!
    My situation is as follows: my girlfriend asked me for some time since she told me that she did not know if she loved me and because she felt that the relationship fell into a circle of monotony, among others because she felt that things were not progressing and we discussed frequently. When he tells me that, he tells me that he will miss it and that we can continue talking to each other sometimes but then this is the moment that I don't know what to do, the truth is I imagine many things and I am losing hope.

  171.   dr ukaka said

    If you want your ex back to touch that is a good spell caster Dr. ukaka in super

  172.   Rosmery mamani said

    My name is Rosmery .. I really don't know what to do .. I lived 6 years with my husband and I have two children. which 6 months ago I discovered that he was unfaithful to me with another .. I decided to leave and get away from him .. But when I did I suffered a lot and also my children are used to their father. So my husband and I talked and we decided to try it .. Of course he promised that he would not do the same again .. It was for the good of our children .. We did it but I could not always have the doubt, I no longer trusted a lot in it. There are moments that I think that she continues with the other. So we started to discuss everything and nothing .. He asked me for time and I already tired I told him that we will separate no more .. I have been away from him for a month and a half .. He has closeness to my children I do not I leave them because I feel guilty and I don't want my children to suffer anymore .. But the problem is also that my parents don't want to see him .. They don't want me to talk or have contact with him .. I don't know what to do because I don't I want my children to suffer more traumas, I want to leave my parents' house .. But I also start to think that with work how will I be able to be with them .. at least they help me to see them .. The truth I want my children to see their father so that he can freely enter his room and play with them for a while. But my parents don't want to and they always tell me that they kicked me out of their house along with my children if I see him or try to return with him ... I really don't know what to do ...

  173.   alexx said

    In my opinion it is fine, but if you are in a bad situation, your partner who is by your side can give you a hand, not that you tell him I need some time it is like you lose something and you want to separate yourself from everyone. , but hey, that's the way things are in life, you have to overcome it, life is difficult and well, you have to advance with the person you have next to you. That is what I think in love.
    Love is understanding feelings, however there are many more things like the decisions you make and the mistakes you make and so on.

  174.   Marta said

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year and just yesterday I asked for time, and he says that it is not because he does not love me or anything like that but that he wants time because he has family problems and wants to solve them and he says that when everything is fix it he will go to look for me but he says that if he loves me, but my concern is that because he asks me for time, help me

  175.   francesca said

    Hello I want to tell my story. I am 19 and 20 years old and I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years ago 3 days ago on whatsapp he was so cutting and heavy with me that I broke up with him but while I was writing he just wanted me to think and reflect and see this as a time he said that I saw it coming that we had problems and that I had made him feel bad about his physical appearance a few days ago and that I couldn't get it out of his head. Saying this I deleted what I was writing because I felt that he had accepted it too well. A couple of minutes later he told me that he would go get his things from the apartment where we both lived when I was gone. I later told him that I was amazed at how well he had taken it and he said you finished me, it doesn't matter, I don't want to talk now. After this I delete myself from all social networks and just today he talks to me asking me how I am (I want to make it very clear that I did not tell him anything, or I gave him all his space) I said fine and he too and he said ah I thought you would be wrong or something and well in short he told me that he had not fallen out of love that he did not want to see me because it hurt, that he still loved me but that he realized that we had many problems, that he was confused, that the last weeks we did not We talked a lot living together and that he was still hurt by what I said about his physique. I told him to wait a week or two and talk again and he said yes. but then he ends his message with “nothing is said if one day we decide to give ourselves a chance, hopefully it will be in such and such a way and we have to let time say things can go by months or weeks one never knows the only thing I want to say now is never change and I wish you the best ”As it gave me hope but then it was like a goodbye HELP I don't know what I should do !!!

  176.   karen said

    Well, I give my opinion that it is good to take time to regulate what you have bad pork, my boyfriend asked me for some time and now with pork I'm going to understand it now

  177.   louise said

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  178.   Michelle Martinez Hernandez said

    My boyfriend asked me for time 2 weeks ago because he feels very pressured by the school and he wants to dedicate me full time to me and for homework and that is very difficult for him, because I am someone very special to him and he needed me to give him some time so that he finishes his studies and can give me a favorable future.
    He said he did not want to lose any contact with me but now he does not speak to me and I do not know what will happen. 🙁

  179.   sherry said

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  180.   blue Heart said

    Good morning to everybody. I have been with my partner for 2 years, we met when I was going through very bad times as a family and 8 months after meeting him my mother died. I also want to say that we have certain ages, we are no longer children or adolescents. He helped me a lot, he was by my side, he supported me, I fell into depression, I didn't want to go to the doctor, I started going recently. There are no third parties. It must also be said that he has his things too, I am not the only one. He told me that he trusts that we will do well, that it is all related to my mother's death. He asked me for a break, so that we can both improve our things individually, he told me that he does not want to leave. The two of us go to the psychologist separately. So my psychologist decided to take a 2-month break, without talking to us, seeing us, and for me to block him from social networks. We saw each other, we talked, he started to cry, he told me that it is not easy for him either, that he loves me, that he is confident that everything will go well, I told him that I am going to block him, so that he knows it and that he does not take it for granted. surprise. He told me that it is not necessary that he will not give problems, I love him very much, I realized everything I did wrong, I recognized it, I do not want to lose him, I am sure we can solve it, but of course it is a matter of two not only mine . The point is that after 2 weeks off, a friend of mine told me that I delete all the photos with me from social networks, I remove that she has a relationship, and that I add some girls. This makes me think, at first I thought it was so that he would not see me, to leave things behind and reflect, but now that I have been told that he has other girls on the list I think that it is to be able to meet other people. I still have on my pages that I have a relationship and I did not remove any photos, but of course people are not the same. I'm worried there is still time for him to call me and I don't know what will happen.
    What do you think of this? The fact that I have removed all the photos and the relationship status is a bad thing?
    Will there be a future together after this break? Thank you

  181.   Manual said

    Good morning,
    It's been a month since my partner told me you have to take time, you don't think so, I said it because if we always talked about solving problems and she says yes because I want to think things through, and the truth is I miss him a lot and I would like to solve the problems things and that they return as before but she does not want to and she told me not to insist too much because I am obsessed with her which is not true if I insist it is because I really love him and I do not want to lose her but no and now I do not speak it also because since that he told me obsessed no longer made me hit rock bottom but I really wanted to talk and solve things .... !!!!!!!!!!!

  182.   August said

    Let's be real and straightforward without censorship. Asking for time in a relationship is equivalent to one of the parties suffering a discomfort or problem (necessarily not within the relationship), sadly I have seen many cases in which this is synonymous with the fact that there is another third person in the picture and then The little dignity I prefer to think that that component of the relationship has left, prefers to ask for time, a disguised way of saying we cut off the relationship and I see no way.
    I imagine they do this either for self-sufficiency by saying "I never cheated on my partner" and they come and give themselves their space. What happens next? The party that made the proposal leaves with his new lover while the other is mired in sadness and intrigue by that request, there are also cases in which the second party rediscovers his life as a single and decides to close the door and leave that person out. of their life. In any case, if there really is love involved, the right and ideal thing would be to talk about it and fight together to heal all existing problems, and not fall for these kinds of cheap excuses.

  183.   SERGIO SIERRA said


  184.   Kileycha Herrera said

    Well, I'm on a 15-day vacation and the second week he told me to give ourselves some time, I asked him why, and he told me that he did not know that he did not want to be with someone for now, he also told me that it was not On the other hand, that he loves me a lot, and that when we go back to classes that if I wanted us to continue, or that he told me when to continue, and he makes me fix it, I tell him one of these days because I don't think I can be without you. I didn't tell him anything, just to take the time he needed but that I won't be there when he needs me, he tells me that he already knows I'm going to finish it but the thing is, I don't know what to do because I really love him. But I don't know whether to continue when we enter or to end it forever

  185.   Anaah said

    Look, I've had two days with which my girlfriend has given me time, I'm suffering too much. My girlfriend is 18 and I have been in a relationship for almost 19 months and I don't know if she really needs to think she likes someone else. Today I screwed up I sent him an audio that I am suffering is the worst. What should I do??. My parents do not know that I am with her but they see me badly and I always make excuses for myself. I leave her the time and that she talk to me whenever she wants ??. I'm lost. If someone can help me stop suffering or whatever, it would be greatly appreciated. And I am afraid that he will tell me that he loves me and then later he will ask me again

  186.   Ubaldo said

    Good afternoon I am going through a situation so my wife asked me for a time after 7 years living together I do not know how to take it I never saw this past all that I have achieved all my goals my work she and my children are my engine that make me fight each day I feel that it is my life to breathe and when she told me that I could not believe it my chest cramped I feel like I am short of air I told her for a while she tells me if I really love my wife and I do not know if that time she asks to fix our Relationship or she will always give us the best for her but I'm confused, I don't know what to do, please, I need help!

  187.   ana said

    The same thing happened to me with my partner, we love each other a lot and we have had a lot of confidence and apollo but he has many problems and is very bad and decided to leave him for a while that because he wanted to spend his burden alone and not leave me aside and without attention He said that so I don't want to be there and then end up badly ... I don't know how long this will last and even where it will go if for better or for worse we no longer speak as many beces every day as before because I have been beces after this decision that we have been tight or he He has released every nonsense of jealousy, which he has not been like ... and we spoke about it and he told me that what he wanted was to get along with me and not have conflicts anymore because we had a bad time and I told him that if we were to communicate, it was going to be very little , .. and now if we have spoken, it has only been three times per week at least to ask ourselves how we are, how is your daughter and family and apart from support from me. And for now nothing conflict because we are not like that and we have always got on well and we love each other a lot and I am afraid that this will burn because of his decision I do not know and when he calls me I notice it as annoying or indirect with a little zeal And I did talk to him with no jealousy or anything to annoy him or overwhelm him, I just try not to end up in conflict and crush him and hopefully this ends well and we can be together again I love him very much and I am very sorry that this is destroyed 🙁.

  188.   Carlos Lesmes said

    Hello, my girlfriend and I asked each other for a while but we have always been very happy, we do not have fights or anything like that but she felt very stressed and is very indecisive, we gave each other some time until December 24 Do you think you know about that time we could return?

  189.   iris said

    Hello, well I start, I have been with my partner for 5 years, 4 of celebration and 1 together, we are in a flat with life already done, he is the typical one not to upload that photo, do not be so nice, at first io was a I am a little distrustful of my past for a while towards here I am beginning to be where I work, and I see more support there than at home, at the minimum we are arguing, she does not accept criticism, she immediately becomes defensive, she says that I feel cold with him and that maybe I have better company there at work, I suffer from anxiety and the truth since we are like this I notice myself with more lack of air and also with little desire to do anything sexual, he loves me and I love him but not I know if it is to love him or to have appreciation for him, I'm thinking of giving him some time even though we live in the same house but I don't know what to do ... I grated a lot and long ago I doubted the two of us, the relationship but I feel like I'm hooked on him ... would you do

  190.   álex said

    Well, it seems to me that asking for a time depends on many factors and I agree, most of the time, asking for a time is practically a step towards separation. But there are exceptional cases as mentioned in the article.

    I asked for a time and not because I have conflicts with my partner. When there is conflict, we talk about it and look for the solution and try not to make that mistake again. This has allowed us to improve trust and communication.

    I really asked for time, because I realized that I am beginning to create an emotional dependency. Although I already spoke with my partner about the subject and created mechanisms to avoid falling into it, I feel that it has not been possible since I feel that I want to control everything in the relationship. At that point I realized that I had to get away and improve on my own, because I couldn't hold him down, when I know he has many occupations. Plus it was about time I faced my own emotional issues instead of putting a burden on him. Because I want him to be my company, not my psychologist, not the person I depend on.

    I hope I belong to that 20% of your percentage, and that when I return everything goes well. I am aware that asking for time can cool the relationship no matter how much love there is. The distance is not good, anything can happen.

  191.   White said

    Hello, the truth is that I do not know how to start this a few months ago, my boyfriend asked me for time, he told me that it was because of what I did not give him time, I tried to explain and solve that problem and I gave more time
    Now he has many problems and he told me that he wanted to be alone I did not understand why he wanted to support him because I did not like to see him badly and he insisted too much for him to give me some explanation but he got angry about everything and told me that he no longer wanted to continue with This he needed to be alone because you don't know what to do with his life, yesterday I left him a voice message and I don't know if he heard it, he left me for wsp and I no longer have any communication with him. or let him calm down and wait for his reply
    I need help