How to reduce sexual desire?

Many men wish they had every time more sex drive throughout your life, but there are others who really want to cut it down.

By having one of the parts of the couple more sexual desire, a tense atmosphere can be created between the two as the desire between them is uneven. The increase in libido of one of the partners may lead to seeking in other people the desire compatible with yours.

One of the solutions involves increasing the sexual desire of the other person. And the other solution involves reducing the sexual level of the other person. However, there will never be two people with the same sexual desire, there will always be differences. The couple can find alternatives or talk to a sexologist to find solutions to their sexual problems instead of dividing. To reduce libido, you can do physical activity, playing soccer or swimming to discharge sexual desires.

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  1.   Leo said

    This article says almost nothing. Only in the last two lines are two "supposed" activities mentioned that would help reduce sexual desire (such as playing soccer or swimming). And I say "supposed" since the article does not offer bibliographic references or websites or any scientific basis to mention these two activities; it only names them as if it were any occurrence. There I put another one for you: looking for figures in the clouds also helps to reduce sexual desire ... there I leave them ...

    1.    victory said

      I agree with what Leo says. I am a woman and I have a very hard time without a partner. When I had it, my desire was higher than what is normally established for a woman, two or three times a night, body not satisfied, uncontrolled emotion, it is not acceptable that people think bullshit like that. the essential thing is to feel whole. how the hell do I get that? - aquarium39-log.

      1.    bastard said

        It worked for me to increase the libido of the other couple, now it is she who is looking for me. The joke is like increasing her libido and it is true that she does not mention a single technique for this.

      2.    andres said

        I would like to know you

      3.    TITAN38 said


  2.   LoadedTolDia said

    True, people seek opinion (it does not help, help is given by a sexologist) and they find this unfortunate.

  3.   Francisco Caracas said

    Thanks for all the information provided, I no longer need to search the web. SOLUTIONS BROTHER OR WHATEVER YOU ARE THAT PHOTO LEAVES A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

  4.   Cinema 69 said

    To lower libido, take contraceptive pills in men low livido.

  5.   Niun Shine said

    Cinema 69
    ... As is that of the pills, I am interested in knowing more, I do not want to cheat on my wife ... I prefer to dedicate myself only to work ...


  6.   Daniel said

    Friends I thought I was the only one I wanted to regulate these impulses, he masturbated me almost three times a day and what I can advise is that I am doing it is to stop pornography for a while since it is harmful like Niun Brillo I do not want to leave myself partner

  7.   sandra said

    I am 43 years old, my husband is 44 years old, I am excited all day, I have a high libido, I don't know why he gives me love, but because I have a lot of extra kilos. I can't feel very mak at being so hot that it can be done

  8.   George said

    What a bad article, apparently they wrote it in 5 minutes.

    I love my wife but she has always had low sexual desire, over the years I have remained faithful but I have suffered a lot because of this, we have already been 10 years and I do not want to continue suffering and since I want to be with her I need to reduce the desire sex to a minimum so that I no longer have to work my impulses all the time, I want to eliminate having sex from my head and be able to think other things in its place. How do I make the thought disappear from my mind?

  9.   Look for God said

    I started to have intercourse with a girl and I have my wife but I realized that I am bad even if my libido goes up to the maximum and I work, I read books and I go for a walk and it does not go away, I just see some buttocks I get home and I am Throwing my wife and my wife is beautiful but she is low in libido and I have to go to the other one who waits for me with open legs is difficult but I looked for God and there I found peace and tranquility and every time I feel that I fall I write an appointment Biblical and I feel better with my wife and she with me luckily if you can if you want to forget about excessive sexual desire

    1.    ashirama said

      Geez, I thought there were few people with that problem. I and tried many things but without a good result. I hope to find some pills to lower my finger, my wife can't stand me and infidelity is not an option.

  10.   Gerardo said

    I am looking for a way to reduce or eliminate sexual desire, I am a 38-year-old man and my libido is too high, and not having a partner that for me is torture, I have tried various methods and nothing, sometimes I despair of being So, I no longer want to masturbate, because that makes me want more. But I will continue looking for a way to eliminate desire.

  11.   Jorge Luis B said

    I know that there are drugs to reduce desire, but I also know that it affects health
    I want a natural alternative
    I am 37 years old and it has caused me problems with my wife I never imagined that there would be cases like this
    today I prefer to limit myself to making mistakes

  12.   adam_68 said

    I agree with all the comments. The article does not have any type of solution, but at least when we read the comments we realize that we are not the only one with the problem, and that gives a bit of comfort.
    The same thing happens to me, married for 10 years, two children, I love my wife, but she wants relationships every 3 or 5 days and I want them daily if not twice a day.
    Infidelity is not an option, so I will investigate what they say about the pills to try to reduce my desire.
    Good luck to everyone with your problem.

  13.   Anonymous said

    I am 35 years old and my wife 33. She has very low sexual desire and I had it very high. I have learned to control it and with the help of God. However, sometimes I touch her without her noticing and asleep and masturbate. It's like a fetish. And she wakes up scared. I no longer want to have that wish. And I am looking to even remove my sexual desire in its entirety. I am sure she will not miss it and we can be happy without doing it.

    1.    Joseph said

      Hello Anonymous. Although there are drugs that can eliminate libido for life, I think it is not recommended, because life takes many turns. In my opinion, the ideal is to find that balance and get as close as possible to the partner's libido.
      I understand that another issue to address is communication. For many people it is taboo to talk about the subject with their partner, they give them something, or pain. And it is not a plan to go begging to have sex case two by three.
      There are drugs against hair loss that lower libido. It is also useful to control what enters through the eyes, trying not to flirt or look at things that increase libido ... It can be difficult, but the more time passes the easier it will be, as with the opposite, the more immoral images are put through the eyes will be more difficult to control passion.
      It happened to me in the military ... So much seeing guys that I thought they put something in the food. My surprise was that I ended up working in the kitchen and I saw for myself that they did not add anything… It was all in the mind.

    2.    Wil Merino ( said

      Even if you do not believe that one marries so as not to burn as the Bible says, sex is part of the marital coexistence, it also helps them to be fully connected to each other, otherwise everything cools down and one ends up separating from each other. your partner and finds better horizons in others than if they give due importance to sex. With this I am not saying that sex is everything in the couple but it is a fundamental element that makes one have a FAMILY.

  14.   Alfonso said

    Take aldactone 50 MG every day that will eliminate testosterone from your body and eliminate sexual desire, in women it is used among other things for acne and lowering pressure

  15.   Jaime Frog said

    I am an elderly person, and my libido has not decreased, and that has been a problem for my wife, it is somewhat uncomfortable, and I have chosen to find a way to lower that level of testosterone, because I love my wife.