How to eliminate a hangover?

It is quite likely that, during the weekend or because not in an after hour after work you go to a party and have a few other drinks and that the next morning you will suffer from hangover.

La hangover (or curda as others call it) is the result of a mild inflammation of the brain followed by a state of dehydration. Hangover symptoms are quite annoying and can manifest as follows:

  • Red eyes
  • Possible flatulence
  • Headache, which is caused by: dehydration of the meninges, dilation of blood vessels, decreased glucose.
  • Intense thirst, which originates as a response of the body to dehydration caused by alcohol.
  • Abdominal and muscle pain, which translates into a feeling of weakness.
  • In some cases diarrhea, caused by excessive alcohol intake that causes the villi of the small intestine to be lost, which prevents all the processed liquids from being absorbed.
  • In extreme cases, seizures and even coma can occur.

To avoid a hangover, the best advice I can give you is not to consume excess alcohol. If you do, try to drink excess liquids (water or juices) before and after drinking alcohol. It is highly recommended to drink approximately the same amount of alcohol consumed in water before going to bed to sleep, the next day the hangover will be substantially less, you will not wake up with a dry mouth and you will not have that feeling of constant thirst.

The food eaten before drinking also influences how alcohol affects the body, and the best would be a light meal rich in carbohydrates, an empty stomach assimilates alcohol 4 times faster than one that is entertained with a gentle digestion.

Now, if none of this works for you then try these natural recipes:

  • Prepare juice with: 3 tomatoes, a chopped peeled cucumber, ¼ onion, minced and a tablespoon of olive oil. This juice must be blended and drunk immediately.
  • Split a lemon and rub each of the halves on both armpits.
  • Before going to sleep, after you came home from the party, drinking orange juice with a tablespoon of sugar can help.
  • Eating two bananas can also help you feel better.
  • Blend: lettuce, kiwi and grapefruit ... and drink it quickly (as much as you can, because it should not taste very good).
  • Eat tangerines, melon, or strawberries

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  1.   samuel said

    very good suggestions ..
    and very good blog for the man of the present

  2.   Cristina said

    Hello, I have heard of a new product that removes a hangover and lowers blood alcohol level. It is seen that it is made from natural extracts. So I think it can be healthy. The problem is that I can't remember the name.
    Does anyone know? And I don't mean Ibuprofen !!!!

  3.   Juan said

    I'm laughing backwards. Hope some of this works for me

  4.   Esteban said

    I had a party last night and took a lot of dsp I ate bills when I got home I went to sleep,
    My mom picks me up screaming and I see that the whole floor is blown up,
    I never realized what bomite nor do I remember
    Now my head hurts and I have gans to bomitar I want to avoid the hangover
    now I'm going to discuss some of those tips

  5.   mass said

    no ps the net today I had a party with my friends the net ps the net I felt very married the net and ps… .. my head hurt a lot and as it was the first time I drank, my ksa arrived and I lay down to sleep and when I woke up my head hurt a lot and I felt married !!! How can I lower my hangover faster?

  6.   romis said

    hahahaha I'm still very drunk or will it be the hangover ???
    And I don't even know what I did I want to stop drinking like this to get even ash ash I don't know what to do and here I'm in the inter ... I just want to stop taking aaaaaaaaaaaasssssssshhhhhhhh

  7.   Cristhian said

    interesting ah ... I'll keep it in mind ... I'll leave the ingredients ready to be processed sometime ... ..Very good article .... !!

  8.   raul aviles said

    smoke marijuana, just a little bit and kita the hangover

  9.   Iñaki said

    Now, after having eaten, I am suffering the ravages of a good hangover. Yesterday I spent with the cubatas.

  10.   veronica said

    I'm going to take it into account because last weekend I went to work drunk, I recommend that you continue drinking the next day hahaha.

  11.   rafatf said

    Hello, I have more than proven, that the best way to eliminate a hangover is to drink a lot of water the next day ... seriously ... the hangover is caused by dehydration of the body ... so the fastest thing is to drink water.

  12.   Sergio said

    I had been drinking for two days and today I feel terrible, and what recovers me is a very hot plate of aperitif with lemon, after buying a liter of coconut flavored serum of the serum, approximately 100 ml are used. To combine with a beer and clamato, the rest I take during the day, the most important thing is to rest, watch a movie, sleep, etc., if this does not work, buy a glass of alcohol and lying down, put alcohol on the navel until it is absorbed

  13.   Rilia said

    With a very hot MARUCHAN and adding lemon and onion, this is proven.