How to conquer a man

How to conquer a man

The art of conquer a man it is something that has been practiced throughout the centuries. The form of seduction has changed over the years and the appropriate techniques for a good proposal are much more than up to date.

All the fundamentals that are practiced today have a lot of revelation. Although a lot has changed our way of acting or free will, always there are ways to conquer a man that correspond to a correct shape.

Do not forget that when it comes to seducing or conquering always it has been a practice of men. But we are not going to fool ourselves, now women also want to have their conquests and for this they need to take charge and know in detail how to start that conquest.

Introduce yourself and show yourself how you are

It is the best assessment you can offer to a man who has to meet you. We know that the physique falls within the first qualities that stand out at first glance, but there are many men who evaluate what personality that woman will have.

  • Make that contact happen you have to show that you exist.
  • Smile and introduce yourself, being yourself. We cannot pretend who we are not, because if we want more dates that will show.
  • Act quickly. be confident, that you have security in your words and actions.
  • Your physique doesn't have to be the most important thing, you can't be perfect, but your appearance should be neat and groomed. You have to be presumptuous, with correct hair and makeup, and you can add a perfume that marks your personality.

How to conquer a man

How should your communication be?

Don't lose your smile that is the main source of starting a beautiful friendship. Look him in the eye even if you are ashamed, but it is one of the elements that shows security. The conversation must be communicative. Do not wait to be the protagonist and always talk about your stories, listen to it too.

Listen carefully to everything I say to you, support him in his decisions, give him advice and be open in giving any type of advice that may be useful. Women have many useful tools to be able to offer all our support, and that a man will appreciate.

Avoid arguing over issues that are not important, always have fun and show your enthusiasm for that great moment. You have to always show empathy and fun to activate the good vibration. You cannot continually argue or get angry about small problems, because that will cause you to walk away.

How to conquer a man

Make me miss you

It is not wrong to put your attention in listening to it and offer your interest in that he likes you. But don't give it too much power, make it show that you you also have your own life.

In your appointment you can chat, have fun, meet each other... and no matter how much you want that to last forever, you can end the match suddenly. You can make any excuse, that your interest is still there, but that you also have to attend to other obligations. In this way, he will be left wanting to go back to make another appointment and thus think of you and miss you.

Put a little mystery

This part has to do with not empowering the other person. It must be concluded that you can't give yourself up on first dates and give it all In this way they see that they have everything earned and will lose all interest in the long run.

How to conquer a man

Let me discover how you are little by little. You can offer your best on the first dates so that curiosity catches him, but always save a lot of yourself so that he can discover it calmly. It's like a game, you must create that mystery slowly, that interest be maintained. But don't take it to the extreme either, you have to show that interest and not jump into the pool from the first moment.

Respect that person and give them their time

We all need our space and we can't all of a sudden think about start a serious relationship overnight. Perhaps your intentions are different and you would like to spend a lot of time with him to get to know him and enjoy his company. You shouldn't show so much interest and force a relationship, the more despair is noticed, the more it will move away from you. You have to let that boy also enjoy his life, that he continues to interact with the things he likes and that he spend time with his friends.

You have to be the woman he can trust, which you can turn to as a refuge when you have a problem. Comfort and feeling relaxed with someone is anyone's priority. They like open up with someone who will listen, to be able to tell their insecurities, their fears and to be able to have someone to help them. If all that is maintained, you will be able to have someone by the side that shows his illusion for you.

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