How to combine white pants?

Man with white pants

Of a time to this part, white pants are no longer a fashionTherefore, the demand that existed a few years ago for this garment has dropped considerably, which also makes it difficult to find this type if our current intention is to buy a pair of pants of this color. And like everything that is in short supply, the price of white pants has increased.

The white color is a neutral color which makes it much easier to combine with other colors, but the color combination depends on the type of trousers in question of darts, jeans / jeans, chinos, the style we want to present and although not least the skin tone.

If we look for white pants, we can find various shades of white, some pulling towards a very light blue, others pulling towards an off-white white, so we must take into account the shade of the pants that we want to look for if we are going to buy it, or if we already have it, we must be very clear the exact tonality, if it comes from blue, light pink, green or broken bone, a white that has become fashionable especially in wedding suits.

White color jeans / jeans have always been the best selling pants, for your comfort when it comes to wearing them throughout the day. White pleated pants are usually seen especially in the summer season where older people choose to use this type of pants with a shirt or with a polo shirt. We also find white chinos, which like jeans never go out of style and every man wants to want to be well dressed and should have some in his wardrobe in fashion.

Matching belt with white pants

Regarding use of the belt Some pants are perfectly fine with a dark brown belt but at other times the combination can be obnoxious, so it is best to test with and without the belt. What we cannot do is wear pants that do not fit well to our waist and wear them showing the undergarment, no matter how branded it may be.

Combine white pants with shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets

White pants with blue shirt

The biggest problem we find when combining white pants, we find it in the upper part of our body. As I mentioned above, white is a neutral color that absolutely works with almost any color, just like black pants. But if we want to go well together, we can not use any shirt or t-shirt of the color that is To combine with our brand new white pants, whether they are jeans / jeans or chinos.

We are going to take into account four main colors with which the final result is more than satisfactory. I'm talking about the color black, gray, white and brown, although we cannot leave aside the orange / pink colors and the classic navy blue. Above I have commented that the color of the skin is important when we want to combine white pants, since if the skin is darker, the orange / pink colors perfectly combine the color of the skin with the white pants.

The combination of white pants with a white shirt unless we are going to a party in Ibiza or to an Ibizan party, very popular in recent years, can be a bit striking if not we combine it with a black or American linen jacket of the same color, according to the month of the year in which we are.

As to type of garment that best combines with white pantsIt all depends on the place we go to frequent. It is not the same to attend a wedding or important celebration, than to go out on a night out. In the case of attending a wedding, the best thing to do to avoid breaking the unwritten dress code is to wear a long-sleeved shirt with an orange / pink color, without being too garish, or a black shirt. Of course, always plain shirts without any type of drawing, whether they are stripes or squares, despite the fact that the vertical lines stylize the figure that if that is what we want to do, for this it is best to use a black shirt.

If the reason for wearing white pants is to party or go for a walk, simply we can use a polo shirt or collarless shirts With any of the colors that I mentioned above or if the weather is not good, we can use a neckless sweater to which we can pick up the sleeves if the ambient temperature is high.

Combine white pants with the right footwear

Footwear for white pants

In the first place we must bear in mind that if we are not going to attend an Ibizan party, in which the clothing must be white, we must avoid combining white pants at all times with shoes of the same color, since sometimes it can seem as if our footwear is an extension of the pants.

The ideal colors to combine with our footwear are practically the same as in the upper part of the pants, dark colors especially, but leaving out the orange / pink colorsas they do not contrast with skin tone, which is the main reason to use them on the upper body.

The nautical ones in navy blue or brown colors, they are the ideal footwear to combine with white pants, always without socks. A combination that looks great if we have brown boat shoes is to use a navy blue polo shirt. If, on the other hand, we have blue nautical shoes, the brown color does not look good on the upper part of the body, but a dark gray.

Another type of footwear that also combines well with white pants, whether they are jeans / jeans or chinos, are the navy blue sneakers with white laces for a more youthful and casual outfit. Flip-flops, in any of their modalities, are completely ruled out to combine with this type of pants.

If we only have dark-colored shoes, we can use them if we go to an event that requires a certain etiquette such as a wedding or important celebration, as long as they are not white or bright colors. Black and brown colors are the most typical in this type of combination, which also requires that we use darker colors at the top, such as for example. a navy blue, black, or dark brown shirt.

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  1.   adrian said

    what's up….

    I have a question..

    what I hope is that I buy a white tubed and wrinkled pants ...

    and the truth is that I do not have suitable footwear for eze pants

    What do you recommend to wear shoes?

    or another question is….

    ez I bought it to wear it for the new year, ezta alright?

    1.    bryam said

      some white sneakers with laces of the same color k the shirt

    2.    Eze said

      I wrote your mother's shell well

  2.   Nicolas said

    Hi Adrian how are you? This more than good a white pants for New Years. Many countries and traditions wear white to ring in the new year. If you have flip flops or sandals (as in the photo), they are perfect with this style of pants. If you do not dare to have your toes in the air, then look for a white shoe or a contrasting color that you have in the shirt or shirt that you wear on top. Look for some summer footwear to give a better style.
    Good luck! and then tell us what you have worn.

  3.   luciano said

    Hello, I tell you that I have white pants and as Adrian I'm going to wear them in the new year, I have white sneakers, but I don't know what to wear on top, I don't know whether to wear something short or long sleeves and what color ! Thank you!!!!

  4.   Nicolas said

    Hi luciano. Look, from what I see you are in a warm climate, so I recommend that you wear a shirt, sweater or shirt but with short sleeves. With regard to colors, any color is valid to combine with white, that will depend on the colors you use regularly. I would choose colors like red, pink, orange or light blue, but that will depend on you. But you can combine it with black and for the most daring, white.

    Greetings and Happy New Year!

  5.   matias said

    good! I have white sneakers, white pants, and I chose two shirts, of those that have inscriptions in Italian, one is electric blue and the other light gray, I don't know which one, I'm dark and plump, what do you advise me ???

  6.   Federico said

    Good. I had thought of buying white pants for a birthday and I wanted to combine it with: the top part I wanted to wear a grated pink shirt with white short sleeves and white sneakers on my feet. Is the combination good?


    I have a meeting and I wanted to wear white pants, with a shirt in blue lines, a blue jacket, and a black shoe, the great detail is the color of the socks that could be excellent

  8.   Nicolas said

    Hi Fer, how are you? The truth is that you will look very good and sober dressed that way for a meeting. I would change the black shoes for white ones, you will be better dressed and in that case, the stockings should be white. In case you do not have, the socks using black shoes and white pants should be black, but you must take into account that the pants are not very transparent or the black of the stockings becomes transparent. If they show through, then go for white.

    Hope this can help you. Then tell us what you chose. Greetings and continue reading

  9.   mauro race said

    Hello, my question is the following: I have a 15 from a friend and I'm going to wear white pants with white shoes and a black T-shirt with a very good gold print …… .My question is I should wear a shirt or a T-shirt ? and what color of shirt?

  10.   Romeo said

    hi, i have a question i have a white jeans and i would like to combine it with a striped mangalar shirt. To go out at night. What color of shirt and shoes would you recommend?

  11.   guiye said

    helloaa… .I have a white chiripa jeans and I want to combine it with a pair of pink sneakers being a man, will it look good ??? up a black shirt !!!

  12.   Curro said

    the white jean is already out of fashion (OUT)

  13.   elvin said

    Nicolas, how are you? I'll tell you about the rep. I'm just asking you to buy some white jeas zara, a long-sleeved pink shirt with white light stripes and they suggested I put some black shoes next to the strap. Do you tell me this combination is good or do you recommend me? Thank you

  14.   Sergio said

    Hi! white pants are very flattering, especially if you are tall. I usually combine it with an electric blue Venca polo shirt, but at night I like it better with a gray or dark blue shirt.

  15.   ANTONIO said

    Someone can tell me that I can wear white dress pants with black stripes, please, I have no idea about wearing it.

  16.   Kevin said

    Hello! .. it is nice to be able to share .. the inconveniences with you the experts, thank you for your attention. My question is .. buy white pants, I want to combine them with a black or red shirt, both are V neck, but I don't have shoes for white pants .. I only wear tennis shoes, I don't like sneakers, what color of tennis or what style do you recommend me? Thanks for everything..

  17.   eze said

    Hello, a question, I have a wedding in a room but I do not like to wear a suit, people will rather go with elegant sport, in short my idea was a white jean (Levis) a rather dark pink shirt a camel-scented suede belt and shoes of the same color and material as the accessory, you will tell me if it is a good choice. I may also wear a complementary hat with the camel color of the shoes and the belt.

  18.   Thomas said

    Hello, I have white pants and white sneakers
    but I want to wear it with shirts, what colors do you recommend?
    shirts as well as hot pink etc

  19.   Nicolas said

    Hi Thomas, how are you? Well, having white pants and sneakers, the combination is super easy. If you want to wear a pink shirt, you can; You can also choose a shirt color tea, orange or why not black. Everything will depend on the look you want to give, the event you will attend and your personality. But keep in mind that having white pants and sneakers, the color of your shirt can be any. Then tell us what you have used and how you have combined it.

    Keep reading Men with Style !!!

    1.    CRISTIAN said


  20.   Joaquin said

    Hello how are you?? People, I have a white jean and some creamy nautical .. I want to combine it with a shirt or shirt but I don't know the color .. Another thing, I don't know if I use a belt or not .. Finally, the shirt, inside or outside the jean? Thank you very much stylish men, your advice is super useful !!

  21.   Nicolas said

    Hi Joaquin!!! As for your question, the colors for both the shirt or T-shirt can also be various, from earth colors, orange or light blue tones, you can also look for a pattern. As for the belt, you should have a white one or one that matches your shoes or the color of the garment you wear above. And in case of wearing a shirt or sweater, I would wear it outside the pants, but that will depend on the way you always dress or the event you attend.
    I hope I've helped!!! Keep reading Men with Style !!!

  22.   The Situation said

    Hello .. I'm going to dress for the new year with white jean. White sneakers, white short-sleeved v-neck polo shirt, pink plaid shirt (I'm going to wear it open), a white watch, black sunglasses and a black strap with the buckle that shines ... well, that combination is fine. do not recommend ... please answer

  23.   Gibran said

    Hello, well 1st greetings the page has been a success (at least in my case), I have looked for combinations and styles and they have gotten me out of trouble, now, my question, I want to dress in a formal way; for these Christmas dates , I have a white shirt with vertical lilac stripes, I plan to combine them with a black pants, or mustard or a jean, black shoes, for the new year, I want to risk with a white pants, and a degraded shirt like the previous sleeve Long, shoes I have not decided yet if white or black, will it be okay? And if they have other ideas they are also well received, the truth is I am looking for looks for these dates and why not, for styles in the future, thanks and greetings, keep it up !!! = D

  24.   Caesar Salad said

    Hello, I wanted to know if the combination that I plan to use for the new year is right ... some white shoes (dress) 1 white pants with 1 black polo shirt and a pink bleyser. = like what the boys of the habanera brass band wear ... but I'm not decided yet if it will be fine because bleysers are mostly used with white polo shirts to make the clothes stand out, but as long as it is 1 dark pants, but in this case the pants are white like the shoes. it will be OK ???? or what color of polo shirt can the bleyser be or not? Please answer me. Thanks in advance

  25.   Emanuel said

    Hello, I have a birthday of 15 and I plan to wear white sneakers, white pants, pink shirt, but I have a black jacket, does it look good? or what would they recommend me! Thank you so much

    1.    Clementine said

      if it's SPECTACULAR

  26.   roberto said

    hello, cordial greeting

    I bought a white jeans, I combine it with long-sleeved blue striped shirts or with a black shirt cos white stripes, besides using it with polo shirts of different colors, is it correct to use this combination? I also ask what kind of shoes should I wear with shirts and with a sweater, I usually use it with beige shoes and a strap of the same color, is it correct?

  27.   Roger said

    Hello, Well I bought a tight white straight pants, but I do not know what type of shoes to use, I do not mean the color but the shape of the shoe, do they go with converse or moccasins or square toe shoes? It is for a party of XV Years and I want to see Elegant. Please help me…!!!!!! (:

  28.   daniel said

    Hello, stylish men, I have white pants, a black T-shirt, and white sneakers, but I wanted to ask you what haircut can I wear? And also if I can use tape and what color?
    Thank you stylish men.

  29.   facundo said

    Hello everyone, I loved the page, it is very good, I congratulate you! My question is that I have a wedding and I'm going to wear white jeans, white sneakers and I don't know what to combine it with? I had thought to wear a black T-shirt or a black, gray, pink shirt that would suit me.

  30.   Alexis said

    Hello Facundo, if you plan to wear a shirt on top, the most appropriate would be a color opposite to white pants and white shoes, the color of the shirt or shirt you plan to use depends a lot on your complexion, if you are brunette, white , dark, etc., particularly I wear a 3/4 shirt, it looks more mmmm Fashon, let's put it like that, if you need more help. , successes (Y)

  31.   jose castle said

    hello I need someone to tell me how to combine a 3/4 shirt, white, with a flannel underneath and what color do I have to use the flannel that I wear below ... thanks in advance

  32.   eduardo said

    Hello, I would like to know if you see a white pants with a black shirt and black casual shoes, it is to go out to a club, thanks for your help

  33.   Facundo said

    Hello, I have a white jean, and a white shirt with red stripes, I wanted to know if I would stick some red sneakers with white, with white sneakers ..

    From already thank you very much!

  34.   eugenio said

    I have a black corrugated pants, some white tennis shoes without laces rather with sneakers…? My question is do I use white or black Korean and what kind of sweeter helps it is for December on the 24th I would say… thank you

  35.   Matias2011 said

    Hello everybody; I am 12 years old and I want to combine black leather sneakers, white jeans and a light blue shirt with white lines forming squares. Would it look good?… Thank you.

  36.   Junior said

    Hello, I have white pants and a light green V-neck polo shirt with white lines, it looks good but I don't know what footwear to wear, although I am very much into wearing sneakers.

  37.   jesus said

    Hey look, I have a white jeans pants and a black casual jacket, but I don't want to wear under your beach or t-shirt ... and shoes I was thinking about some white tennis shoes. Come on, they recommend

  38.   alex said

    Hi, I have white pants, white shoes with black belts, and I don't know what to wear on top, what color of short shirt or polo shirt, what color, I don't want it for tomorrow, San Balentinn

  39.   Mateo said

    hello I have white shoes and formal white jean .. what would be the right color for the jacket, shirt and vest?

  40.   Samuel said

    Hello, well, I have a smoke white pants and one of you are white shoes, I would like to know what color of shirt or what style would suit you well, I want to dress elegant. Thank you

    1.    Clementine said

      First wash the pants so that they are white and the shirt can be passion red

  41.   Very interesting said

    Hello, well, do you know that I have tight jeans in a medium light blue or white color, the color is not distinguished very well and a denim jacket of the same color, with what color of sneakers can I mix them? !!

    Thank you very much I hope you help me =)

  42.   Very good said

    And with what can you mix that blue or white denim jacket, I mean, what color of shirt or shirt ?! that more elegant! I hope you help me thank you very much 🙂

    1.    Clementine said

      A t-shirt??? It could be with fluo green shoes

  43.   DANIEL said

    Hello, I want to know if it combines well a white pants, with a turquoise shirt, white jacket and black shoes? From already thank you very much

    1.    Clementine said

      Daniel that is SCARY!

  44.   danny said

    eu is my reception and I want to wear white jeans, a lilac shirt, and a black jacket da ????

    1.    Clementine said

      Danny, you are going to be chebere but I would combine it with a fluo pink scarf, cheers

  45.   andres said

    hello a pants with a white pants with brown shoes and a pink shirt comvina

    1.    Clementine said

      Andres, it's HORRIBLE, you should wear a fluo green shirt to be hot and some yellow duckling shoes, greetings

  46.   Miguel said

    Hello, I have a light mustard jacket, can I combine it with white pants? and what color shirt should I wear? and tie?

  47.   A said


  48.   Alejandro said

    I am thinking of buying a white jeans but I don't know what to combine with ... I need it for a non-formal party but I have no idea how to combine: S

  49.   eduardo said

    I have a white jeans and a black leather jacket.
    shirt matches him »if I go to a club

  50.   jonathan said

    My white pants and my pink sneakers, what color shirt can I wear?

  51.   camilo said

    I have a question I have a white jean and the shoes I bought them black with gray stripes I would like to know which jacket I can with vinar and under the jacket I want a diver with a hood I would like you to give me advice to be able to combine that Thank you very much for your attention

  52.   Abner Elias Rodriguez Alvarez said

    I have a question that would look good with white pants, I have white and blue shoes and I have two shirts, one square blue with white and the other gray with white, both are short sleeves
    I need an answer, please help me ...

  53.   ithiel said

    Hi! how's it going? I have white pants and I would like to wear them for December 24! help me please!!!
    I do not know if those white pants would be for that date ...