80s clothing

Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail'

The clothes of the 80s are in fashion. And not just clothes. We are currently surrounded on all sides by tributes and references to the aesthetics of the 1980s. Music, cinema, series, video clips ... everyone seems to agree in their nostalgia for those years, even those who were not yet born.

Although there is a tendency to think that the clothes of the 80s were all in a certain way, the more you go into the time, the clearer it is than in reality there were countless styles. Although they all had a couple of things in common: originality and daring.

TV dictates fashion

At the beginning of the 1980s, practically every household already had a television.. His influence on society is enormous at all levels, dictating much of the fashion in the 80s through music videos and television series.

MTV generation

Bon Jovi in ​​the 80s

In 1981 the pioneering chain MTV (Music Television) was born. Television is the perfect medium for music stars to wear their best clothes. Music videos and fashion begin to grow hand in hand.

Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran and Bruce Springsteen They are just some of the artists who inspire young people when it comes to shaping their looks.

Hip hop deserves a special mention. Youth fashion finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the artists of this refreshing musical genre. And that has continued to happen ever since.

The Run DMC and the Beastie Boys are among the most prominent formations. The Run DMCs wore Fedora hats, windbreakers, gold chains, and slip-on Adidas sneakers. For their part, the Beastie Boys popularized a style that mixed rock, punk and New York streetwear.

Stylish series

'Miami Corruption' costumes

The series 'Corruption in Miami' or 'Miami Vice' (1984-1990) created a trend with its elegant but casual looks. Don Johnson became a style icon with his light-colored suits with the jacket rolled up and a T-shirt instead of a shirt..

'Dinastia' was another of the American television series that marked the clothes of the 80s. At a time when money began to rule over everything, viewers wanted to look like their rich and powerful characters.


Yuppies in 'American Psycho'

Yuppies are born on the New York Stock Exchange. Acronym for young urban professional, his goal is wealth and professional success. The yuppy style is characterized by a very careful clothing.

They consider brand suits essential to project the image of a successful man. A few suits for which abundant fabric was used, resulting in blazers and pants much wider than the current ones. They wore suspenders, a close shave, their hair combed, and they did not part with their bulky cell phones.

'Wall Street' (Oliver Stone, 1987), 'American Psycho' (Mary Harron, 2000) and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' (Martin Scorsese, 2013) are some of the movies in which Hollywood has faithfully shown how yuppies dressed.


Tracksuits from the 80s in 'This is England 86'

The obsession with sportswear was born in the 80s. And it is that it is about the decade of the series 'Fame' (1982-1987), 'Flashdance' (Adrian Lyne, 1983) and the aerobics videos of the actress Jane Fonda. The designers of the 80s immediately included in their collections the fever for the cult of the body that had been unleashed in the society of the time.

Tracksuits with bright fabrics and eye-catching prints are on the rampageas well as sports shoes. But the taste for comfortable clothing goes beyond sportswear, permeating all kinds of garments. Streetwear also gains flexibility and its fabrics separate from the skin to provide greater freedom of movement. They are the famous sportswear.

Since then, the sportswear industry has only grown. Not surprisingly, sportswear, as well as comfortable clothing in general, are considered to be among the greatest legacies of that decade.

Urban tribes

Punks from the 80s in 'Suburbia'

Punks, skinheads, rockabilly, goths ... Urban tribes had a great influence on the clothes of the 80s, which is why they cannot be left out.

Punks wear studded bracelets and belts, ripped jeans or plaid pants, and military boots. They often complete their looks with crests, tattoos, and piercings. Skinheads, for their part, are characterized by wearing polos, cardigans, jeans and military boots.

A less harsh image was the one projected by rockabilly. This urban tribe wears leather jackets, jeans, and high-heeled, long-toed boots. For its part, goths don garments inspired by victorian mourning clothing and novels that take place at that time, such as 'Dracula', by Bram Stoker.

80s clothes on the catwalks

The catwalks are full of references to 80s clothing. Robert Geller, Gucci and E. Tautz are just some of the firms that have opted for shoulder pads and loose clothing for some time now.

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