5 rules for combining a tie, shirt and suit

Suit with tie

You can't imagine how important it is wear a tie with a shirt until you get into the situation, and it is that choosing a combination that works in harmony between a tie, a shirt and a suit, for many of us implies a great challenge. And it is not that difficult, you just have to follow a few fundamental rules to hit 100%.

5 fundamental rules that we must follow

When combining tie with shirt and suit there are a number of fundamental rules that must be followed and that we detail below:

First, choose the suit

You do not have to start the house with the roof, and I tell you this, because many times, we pass through a store and a tie catches our attention, and what do we do? We buy it! Error if we do not know what we are going to combine it with, do not fall into the temptation to buy it.

First choose the suit, imagine it is dark gray, take it out of the closet and put it on the bed, then choose the shirt and put it under your jacket. If you don't like the combination, choose another shirt in another color and try a different color. For example, if you choose a light blue shirt with this suit, the appropriate tie will be one in navy blue or maroon red.

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Salways printed shirt, with plain tie.

If, for example, your suit is patterned with stripes or squares, don't forget to always wear a plain shirt and tie, in a single color.

Large print with small print.

If you choose, for example, a suit in a single color, such as dark blue or black, opt for a shirt with fine stripes in blue or white that give an original touch to the combination. With this, do not forget to wear a tie in a single color or if you opt for a patterned tie, that this is for example with stripes wider than those of the shirt. Always follow this rule of small print with large print and vice versa.

The importance of harmony and contrast.

The combination of colors is found in seeking the harmony of the garments looking for the middle point. Usually the contrasts create harmony and colors that are balanced soothe the opposites. If you have one clear skin, shirts in blue and light blue colors will suit you better, on the contrary if you have one rosier skin, the greens will suit you better. For all those who have the darker complexion, you can choose a wider range of colors.

Budget is important

Fifth, control what you spend. If you don't have a lot of budget, buy key colors and leave out the prints and bright colors, suits in basic colors such as black, gray or blue will help you in your day to day, they are a good wardrobe background and very easy to combine with different shades of shirts and ties.

Remember that as a general rule, the best combinations are:

  1. With patterned shirts, solid color ties.
  2. With plain shirts, single-colored or patterned ties.

Basic tie combinations

blue suits spring 2016 (1)

  • Una black tie It is ideal with a black suit and with a white shirt, yes, do not combine it with a black shirt.
  • Una white, ivory or off-white tie, it will stand out very little if you put a white shirt on it.
  • Una pink tie It is perfect with a white or light blue shirt and a gray suit.
  • Una Red tie Combines with a white, blue and light blue shirt.
  • Una orange tie It looks great with an orange, white or blue shirt.
  • Una blue tie it harmonizes with a blue shirt with the same or lighter tones, and also with a white shirt.
  • Una green tie it will stand out with white, black or green shirts with lighter tones.

Did you keep these rules in mind when combining a tie?

How to wear a gray suit

It is not always easy choose a combination of shirt, suit and tie, resulting in a harmonious finish.

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We will see below examples to combine tie and shirt with gray suits:

The light blue shirt and a cheerful colored tie

gray suit, light blue shirt

The first thing is to choose the gray suit. It could be, for example, an elegant gray suit, in dark tones, made of a material similar to flannel. We will put it on the bed and then we will choose the shirt. We will combine shirts, superimposing them on the suit, until we find one that is to our liking. A good example can be a light blue shirt.

It's time the tie, what is the best option for a dark gray suit and a light blue shirt? There are different tie alternatives: pink and orange are lively and cheerful, and will match very well. Wine red or navy blue may also be a good option.

Combination of prints and plain: white shirt

white shirt with gray suit

A checked or striped suit will go well with a plain white shirt. Let's take the example that we have chosen a gray suit in large squares. For this suit, a shirt in a single color would be the best option, or at most in small, almost imperceptible squares. For example, a white shirt.

With regard to the tie, it is the same as with the shirt. As the suit is plaid, the tie should be of a single color type; for example, an elegant shade of red.

Black shirt

black shirt with gray suit

Another very elegant option for a gray suit is the black shirt, although it will be a more interesting choice. for formal situations and business meetings.

This shirt goes well with different shades of gray, but it will stand out more in the case of a light gray suit.

Red shirt

gray suit with red shirt

It is the most daring combination. There are several shades of red, from a vibrant and very attractive one, to a dark and burnt red. Also It is a good option to combine with different materials of the shirt.

Navy blue suit
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  1.   AAJJ said

    An article in which it is advised to wear a black tie with a black suit outside of ceremonial scope (death) lacks all rigor and seriousness.

    1.    Have class said

      Hi AAJJ, it doesn't have to be this way and extremism is never good. A good black suit with a white shirt or in another light color and a fine tie, is perfect for a special occasion, you just have to see the trends for this coming Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 and you will see that it is so 🙂
      Thank you very much for commenting!

      1.    Dylan sanchez said

        I only have a black suit at night, and I have a sales show for the university, which requires a formal presentation, would it be okay to wear a white shirt without wearing the jacket, or is it very necessary ?, and in either case What tie do you recommend? Thanks and regards

  2.   Clever Narcotics said

    and a bow tie? do the same color rules apply?
    ps: I match the black suit, white shirt and black tie; more elegant impossible (same golden globes or oscar awards)

    1.    Have class said

      Hi Clever! Indeed the same rule applies to bow ties 🙂 Thank you very much for commenting !! :)))

  3.   Javier said

    I have very dark skin, what colors in shirts do you advise me to wear, I would not like to always have to wear a white shirt, and another doubt a blue jacket, in any shade, it is recommended for a boy as dark as me or always should opt for the safest thing like a gray suit. Thanks.

    1.    Have class said

      Hi Javier! Light shirts will always suit you better. They do not have to be white, you can choose from many shades such as yellow, blue, pink, etc…. As for suits, you can dare with color, although a gray one will always suit you better 🙂 Thanks for reading us !!

  4.   Towers said

    Thank you ! The item you've been waiting for. It will be really helpfull.

    1.    Have class said

      Thanks!!!! 🙂

  5.   dielectricjventas@hotmail.com said

    Friends how are you, I have a wedding in a few days I bought a gray suit and the vdd I would like to combine it with a liza purple tie but I do not know with what shirt.
    I hope you can help me

    1.    Have class said

      For this type of combination, choose a white or light shirt since what will attract the most attention will be the tie and this must be the protagonist! 🙂

  6.   Luciano Orellana Caldera said

    Some artists wear a black shirt and black tie. I have also seen them a strong light blue shirt with a white tie, a black suit. It's okay? Thank you.

    1.    Have class said

      Sure it's okay! it all depends on tastes and situations 🙂

  7.   Leonardo Velazquez said

    Hi, how are you? I need to combine a gray suit with a black shirt, I just don't know what color the tie would fit, it's for a graduation, I hope you can help me, thank you.

    1.    Have class said

      A gray tie, perfect!

  8.   Pau Pastor Lopez said

    I like!

    1.    Have class said

      Thank you!

  9.   RVt said

    With a black suit, what colors of tie and shirt could be combined (other than the mythical white shirt with black tie?

    1.    Have class said

      With a black suit, you can wear a pink tie, it looks perfect 🙂

  10.   jhonatan castle said

    Very good Article Thank you !!! 😀

    1.    Have class said

      Thank you!

  11.   Sergio Ramirez said

    Hello, I wanted to know if purple shirt in stone blue suit and white skin is a bad idea, if it is a good idea (which apparently is not the case) with what tie I could combine? Thanks

    1.    Have class said

      Hi! It is not a very good idea, the ideal would be to combine with a tie in pale pink or ivory white 🙂

  12.   Manu varela said

    Hello, I have a black suit and my skin is brown, I would like to wear a purple striped tie with small dark green lines. I like this one as it goes with the color of my glasses (dark green).
    What has me undecided is the color of the shirt. I thought maybe a plain shirt with some light green but I'm not sure.
    I would greatly appreciate a recommendation, greetings.

    1.    Have class said

      Try a beige or off-white shirt 🙂

  13.   abraham said

    With what shirt do I combine black pants and a beish jacket

    1.    Guest said

      Black or white shirt, and the shoes should be more or less the tone of the jacket, otherwise it will seem that you dressed well until you reached the jacket and put on the first one you saw. Luck and)

      1.    Have class said

        : )

    2.    Cesar Velázques said

      I can think of a black or white shirt, and the shoes must be more or less the tone of the jacket, otherwise it will seem that you dressed well ... until you got to the jacket, and you put on the first one you saw. Lucky!

      1.    Have class said

        Yes yes indeed !!

  14.   Lainer said

    Hello, I have a whole white suit, and I do not know with what shirt and tie to combine it for the night

    1.    Cesar Velázques said

      All my life I have wanted a white suit to combine with a black, or gray, or sky blue shirt.

  15.   Luis said

    hello… I need to know which shirt and tie to combine if what I want to wear is black pants with a gray jacket… it's for a wedding… thank you

    1.    Have class said

      Shirt in pastel tones and a purple or green tie 🙂

      1.    Luis said

        ah ok, and what color shoes would be ideal ???

  16.   alexis said

    What shirt and tie can I have if I am Caucasian in a slim fit black bite-size suit?

    1.    Have class said

      Shirt in light colors and striking tie 🙂

  17.   Omar MG said

    Hello, could you recommend a combination, I have a navy blue suit and I want to wear it with a white shirt, what color of tie is advisable? I am of light brown tees or that another color of shirt would look good with this suit, thank you very much in advance!

    1.    Have class said

      A dark tie in blue tones will be perfect 🙂

  18.   Jose Garcia said

    I have white pants and a light gray jacket, what shirt can I put on him and a shoe?

  19.   Have class said

    Not bad at all 🙂

  20.   kriz said

    Hello, I have a wedding in a month and the truth is I am not very fond of wearing a tie, I like it but it is not my favorite, in short I plan to wear a royal blue bow tie with a gray tie, what color suit would be better?

  21.   Manolo said

    What would be better to wear a gray suit: with a white shirt and a black tie, a white shirt and a purple tie? or what options sound better?

  22.   Carlos Hernandez said

    They are going to make my daughter's fifteenth years and I don't know what to wear her dress is going to be red and I was thinking of a beige suit, a black shirt and a black and red tie, you can give me some advice.

  23.   Jose said

    hello, on saturday i have a party i bought a black suit and i have a gold tie ... what color of shirt can i wear that is not black or pink?

  24.   Jose said

    Hello. On Saturday I have a party and I bought a black suit ... and a gold tie ... what color shirt can I wear that is neither black nor pink ... please ... I'm dark

  25.   rene bejarano said

    Hi, I have a green chorsss and some crocodile buttons. I want to use it with a rubber jacket, tie or shirt, would you recommend me.

  26.   MANUEL said

    HELLO GOOD NIGHT, I am about to present my law degree thesis, I liked a black suit, I would appreciate it if you help me to combine with another color that is not white, thank you, your answer.

  27.   CSR83 said

    Hello, I'm 29 years old, I bought a charcoal gray suit, I would need guidance to buy a shirt and tie, thank you ...

  28.   estevan said

    Hello, I have a dinner in a month and a half and I would like to wear a wine-colored shirt but with what suit should I combine? (or any dark shirt color) I would also like to wear a black suit with a vest, but wearing it with a white shirt is makes it very simple, what other shirt could I wear?

  29.   Jaime Vilchez said

    Hi, I need to combine a black suit with a gray shirt, what color would be better?

  30.   memo said

    I would like to combine a blue plaid shirt with a tie and a black vest. Could it be something formal?

  31.   Alexander Barrier said

    Hello, I have a black suit combined with a light blue shirt and pink tie? Thanks

  32.   Papu said

    I can wear a black suit with and a blue striped white shirt with a gray tie to a quinceañera

  33.   Manu said

    Hello I am desperate. Black suit with vertical striped highlighting and red vest. What shirt, tie and handkerchief should I wear?
    Thank you

  34.   EDISON said

    Well, I want an accession I have black pants and a light gray jacket I want to know what shirt and tie can fit me

  35.   Alejandro Aldana Heredia said

    Good morning, I would like to know how to combine a light tan suit in terms of shirt and tie, the suggestion regarding the lead suit I am taking, thank you very much, very kind



  37.   erik said

    good afternoon I wanted to know how to combine the following with ties:

    shirt came with black pants.
    white shirt with navy blue pants
    black shirt with black pants.
    sky blue shirt with navy blue pants
    cream shirt with black pants.
    France blue shirt with Navy blue pants

  38.   SEA... said

    Lords of hombresconestilo,
    I really liked your page and I think it has enough very important information so as not to "clash" on those great occasions;) This festive season I plan to give ties and handkerchiefs to the men of the house. The ties will be of a single color: red, blue, purple etc, etc with diagonal lines, also Could you give them completely white handkerchiefs to make the complete package? I wait for answers.

    Thank you,


  39.   yamileydis said

    My son graduates from Doctor. It is dark skinned. I don't know what costume for his graduation he should wear and the shoes. It's graduation in the morning. You must wear a jacket or just bleiser. Please help me?

  40.   yamileydis said

    My son graduates from a doctor. She is dark-skinned and I don't know what to wear to her graduation, which by the way is in the morning. should I wear a jacket ??? and the shoes….? help me please?

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    I'm going to wear a navy blue suit with a wine shirt, what type and color of tie would suit him?