3 common mistakes when dressing

Today we are going to talk about three common mistakes we make when choosing what to wear. Many times we do not pay attention to small bugs that can be solved with a little help.

1st Mistake: Buttons and more buttons

Do you usually button all the buttons on your jacket? There is a logical law, with the exception of shirts, (which usually go with a tie for the most part), the rest of garments such as polo shirts, jackets, cardigans, vests and blazers should be left with a button unbuttoned.

But…. Which one should we leave unbuckled? The best solution is to leave the bottom button of the clothes you are wearing, without fastening. For example, in a two-button jacket, just fasten the top button. If your jacket has three buttons, button the middle or the top two, unless the lapels are designed to button all the way.

On vests, cardigans, and the like, follow the basic rule of thumb to leave the bottom button undone. Also when wearing a blazer, loosen the jacket before sitting down.

2nd Mistake: Socks

If we take care of accessories such as pocket squares, ties or jewelry, Why don't we usually take such care of our socks?

There are some rules to be followed when wearing socks:

  • The white socks they are for the gym only.
  • If when we use mini-socksThe flesh of the skin is a little visible, these are too short. This also includes when we are sitting.
  • Keep your socks as short as you can when wearing shorts. You can also choose to wear invisible socks or mini socks.
  • When you go to sleep, don't forget to always take off your socks.

Give a different touch to your style with some funny socks, with colors, prints or creative. It is always advisable to also have a couple of pairs of neutral socks, especially when what you want is to give a more professional appearance.

3rd Mistake: The slogans on your clothes shouldn't be too big

We all like to wear signature blues, but when slogans and logos take up most of the clothing and draw all the attention of the clothing, it doesn't look good at all.

Good taste is often in discretion, and wearing a more basic and discreet style feels much better.

Here are the three most common mistakes when it comes to dressing. It is important to bear in mind that everything matters and that everything depends on each one of us.

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  1.   Didac Jorda said

    with all due respect ... do you notice all this when you go down the street? be careful, there are cars that go fast and are dangerous…. clothing is only a piece of cloth ... it fulfills a hygienic mission and if that .... what a shame that we are valued for a button….

    1.    thinner said

      I don't know what this comment looks like on a men's fashion blog, or did you think that the writer of this blog was going to see clothing as a piece of cloth? How absurd.

  2.   Silvana said

    Great !!

  3.   Turo Blandon said

    Excellent I loved it, and it is correct even in the socks we must look at

  4.   Mark said

    I disagree about the socks.

    David Delfín always wears white socks:


    I also confirm it because I have ever seen him in a well-known neighborhood with a bohemian atmosphere in Madrid. White clacetines and multi-colored sneakers.

  5.   Have class said

    Hi marcos! Of course, it all depends on the style of each person. In this case, David Delfín has his own style and if he opts for white socks, we see him as phenomenal. The important thing is to be comfortable and safe with what you wear 😛

    1.    Elena said

      Sorry to disagree. I like David Delfín, but whoever wears a white sock with a dark shoe is tacky, whether he is a great designer or not.
      I respect opinion with many things in fashion, but that's one that I can't.
      a greeting

  6.   Elena said

    Hello, I like this post, because no matter how many times it is repeated, there are always people who wear white briefs with dark shoes, and they always make the excuse that they had no others. (Well, you buy them).
    However, the subject of jackets does not convince me. Because these models have a perfect body and it fits them anyway, but my cousin got married who has a little belly, and he wore it like that because they had told him. Until I went and fastened the 2 buttons, the part of the jacket did not fit well as it opened too much. (He was very handsome in the photos). So as much as it takes, I think it depends on the type of each one with the Americans.
    a greeting